Aura Shurifon (アウラ・シュリフォン) is the Dark Elf Princess of the Shurifon Kingdom and a member of the Junrei Guard. While she initially shows a very serious and sober personality, it is later revealed that her personality shifts based on the time of day. At certain times - such as in the early morning - she has a much more innocent and girlish personality. She also has a very close relationship with her father, but her relationship with her mother is a little stranded. 


The reason for the change in her personality is because her kind were summoned by the Senshi Civilization to pilot the Seikijin, and her time of weakness shows that her people have not yet fully stabilized in this world. Initially she admires Kenshi's wilderness skills, but grows to develop a romantic interest in him, even to go as far as to kiss him (but he was unconscious and did not know he was kissed) and then confess her feelings to him (even her own father suggests she should marry him).

When not dealing with school-related tasks at the academy in the Holy land, she is nearly always accompanied by two male retainers and when she is piloting a Seikijin, she has two female Seikishi retainers for back-up. Her Seikijin is green and brown armed with a crossbow, and has the ability to generate the Dark Elf Field, a powerful force field that can repel any enemy that comes in range. However, using the field is extremely taxing on the user's body. She is also a very skilled fighter in and out of a Seikijin (when its not her time of weakness when her personality changes that is), fighting off bandits like Cordyline, Lan and barely winning a Seikijin battle with Doll thanks to her Dark Elf Field, but she thought it was pathetic of her to use the field to win.


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