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Azaka and Kamidake

Azaka and Kamidake OVA

Azaka (阿座化, Azaka) and Kamidake (火美猛, Kamidake) are the guardians of Ayeka Masaki Jurai, the Princess of the planet, Jurai. They look like 2 logs and usually get around by hovering. They are powerful as they are the bodyguards of Ayeka, though their powers pale in comparison to the power held by the Royal Trees of Jurai. Their names are written in Juraian script on their bodies, with Azaka being the blue marked and Kamidake the red marked Guardian.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

In the Tenchi Muyo! OVA, they can generate barriers that protect Ayeka from danger. At the end of the first OVA series they are seen stationary outside of the Masaki household. In the third OVA they are shown growing moss outside the house.

They seem to be the first versions of the Guardian Systems that would be further developed in the shows and novels more as "suits" that characters wear.

Tenchi Universe

Azaka and Kamidake2

Azaka and Kamidake Knights

Azaka and Kamidake play a major role in the Tenchi Universe. They continue being the floating logs that serve as guardians to Ayeka and Sasami; Azaka and Kamidake are also the names of 2 legendary Knights from Jurai. At the end of the series, Azaka and Kamidake are sacrificed in order to revive the Knights Azaka and Kamidake to help Tenchi infiltrate Jurai, fight Kagato, and save Ayeka.

At the epilogue the Azaka and Kamidake guardians are reactivated and the Azaka and Kamidake Knights become guardians to Sasami.

Tenchi In Tokyo

Azaka and Kamidake appear in Tenchi in Tokyo as Ayeka's guardians. They look the same as the other series, with the exception that they have lasers as offensive weapons.

Pretty Sammy

Azaka and Kamidake's log forms make a brief appearance in the final episode of Magical Project S (Pretty Sammy TV) as the barrier system that protects Romio's NT System. They were destroyed when Pretty Sammy used the energy from Washu's NT system for her Full Power, Pretty Attack.