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Beni Kinojyou is a main character in Ai Tenchi Muyo!.

Connection to Momotarō

New original characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo! are very loosely inspired by the popular Japanese folktale Momotarō. Beni represents an Ogre/Oni, one of the monsters that plague the village.


Beni is a taciturn but determined girl. As a bodyguard to Momo, she was immediately charmed by the baby put in her care and becomes a loving, loyal and fierce protector. In Junai Academy, she is determined to find what she feels she has lost.

While she seems tough and uncaring, she actually worries constantly that she could unintentionally hurt someone with her superhuman strength. Her strength rivals and possibly surpasses that of the space pirate Ryoko Hakubi, much to Ryoko's annoyance.



Beni and Momo flashback to Jurai.

The background and circumstances behind her journey are shrouded in mystery. On Jurai, she was a teen prisoner for an unknown crime but something about her tenacity impressed the royal family and they placed their baby daughter, the Princess Momo Kawanagare, in her protective custody. Her real name is Kurenai, "Beni" is the name that Momo started calling her, and it stuck. A few years after being charged with Momo's care, they are sent to perform an unknown mission. But as they approach their destination, a dangerous dimensional rift appears (unintentionally caused by an experiment performed by Washu) and causes their ship to crash and causes them to be stuck in times and places they didn't belong.

Beni and Momo eventually appear in the present day at the nearby girl's high school, Junai Academy, unaware of their true origins. She encounters and joins the school's Science Club. She has no great interest in science, but she has an insistent feeling that that something is missing and believes that the "treasure" that the club is looking for has something to do with it. The treasure is actually their ship, and Washu is secretly aiding the club in their search (more like tricking them in doing the work for her). She serves as a bodyguard for the club's only two members, Yuki Fuka and Rui Aoi.

Tenchi Masaki had been tasked by Washu to find and help the girls get back where they need to be. Beni is very suspicious of Tenchi, especially after she witnesses some of the true power he has but covers up. But just as their presence starts to cause tears in space-time that could destroy the galaxy, Tenchi succeeds in bringing them together with the ship.

After they return, her and Momo's presence is erased from the present. Apparently only Tenchi's group seems aware of what occurred. It is revealed that the far away land they were being sent to was Earth of several hundred years in the past. She and Momo settle in what will become the Masaki shrine.