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Chef of Iron is the eigth volume of the No Need For Tenchi! manga series, written and drawn by Hitoshi Okuda.

From the back cover of the Viz Graphic Novel:

Five strange stories! When Tenchi starts behaving oddly, it's time for covert surveillance courtesy of Washu, Inc. A laboratory mishap leaves Ryoko without her powers, and the newly human catgirl finds there are some problems that smashing through brick walls won't solve...but an escaped alien life form is not one of them! Master chef Sasami competes in "Ferrous Chef," a TV cooking contest where men are men and lettuce is salad! Finally, Washu's rival Yume returns for a trip to the hot springs! Plus see the Tenchi gang through the eyes of Yosho, Tenchi's grandfather!


In the English graphic novels, each chapter is numbered and preceded with the phrase "Tales of Tenchi." However, each volume restarts the numbering, replicating the number of each of the comic books as originally published by Viz.

Washu the Sleuth


A Shou'ou Thing

The Ferrous Chef

The Blame Game

Simple Joys

Petty Annoyance