Chiaia Furan (キャイア・フラン Kyaia Furan?)

Chiaia Furan is Lashara's personal escort and bodyguard, charged with protecting her life at all costs. She also attends Holy Land Academy (where her sister Mexiah works as a teacher) to complete her Seikishi training and officially becomes a Seikishi at the end of episode 2. She is very skilled at combat, being able to imitate Kenshi's unusual Seikijin fighting style after only seeing it once. She has a crush on her childhood friend Dagmeyr, which causes her to ignore clues regarding his schemes to control the Holy Land until it was too late. She frequently gets upset with both Kenshi (due to his cluelessness) and Lashara (due to her seemingly-reckless schemes), and Chiaia's temper is one of the few things that Lashara seems to be wary of. Her Seikijin is pink and red with a fox-like tail equipped with a longsword.
While not happy about it, she agrees to go along with Lashara's scheme to hide the fact that Kenshi is the Seikijin pilot that tried to kill her. Early on, however, she displays small hints that she feels a slight attraction towards Kenshi. The first instances of her having feelings for Kenshi occur when she blushes in response to a compliment from him, and when she seems to be a bit jealous of how close Wahanly gets to Kenshi. Later, she makes a new thread for his pendant (which she broke) but finds out later that, much to her chagrin, the red thread she used symbolizes love. However, her feelings for Kenshi are far out-shadowed by her crush on Dagmeyr and her annoyance with Kenshi's antics.
After the assault on the Holy Land, she is asked by Dagmeyr to kill Kenshi. However, she is unable to go through with it, confessing to Lashara that Kenshi apologizes to her in his sleep. Later, she tries to persuade Dagmeyr to stop what he is doing, to which he firmly refuses. This subsequently causes Chiaia to lose her crush on him after seeing the kind of person he really is. When she tries to talk to Kenshi afterward about her attempted assassination (he was unaware of her attempt to kill him as he was sleeping), she sees the thread she made and remembers what it symbolizes, and realizes she has feelings for him. Her demeanor towards him changes noticeably, as she acts more friendly and caring, as well as becoming more concerned for his safety and well-being. However, she still gets upset with him from time to time, mainly due to the fact that Kenshi continues to dig the Swan for crystals (which can permanently damage the ship).

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  • Chiaia's mother is a Seikijin pilot employed by a different faction than Lashara's, lead by Lashara's mother, and the two have a strong resemblance.
    • The two do not seem to be close, suggesting Chiaia was raised by her father, along with her adopted sister Mexiah.
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