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"Criminal Minds" is the second issue of the Tenchi Muyo! comic series.


Tenchi takes a walk through the forest and recollects how the past few months have gone by like a strange-yet-good breeze. However, he feels like there's still something missing that he either can't or isn't willing to reach. Ayeka greets him on his path and accepts his offer to accompany him. They continue discussing the beauty of the forest and are about to hold hands when Ryoko suddenly appears and intervenes. As they proceed to fight over him and pull his arms in opposite directions, he tells himself he'll need to choose between them one day.

Dante Mix, the criminal who previously stole Sasami's package from Rob, lands his ship in a hangar inside a large asteroid and swaps to a larger spaceship. He is determined to become famous and envisions becoming a "grand pair" with Ryoko, whom he now pursues. His ship's onboard computer, Destiny, asks what's inside the package he brought with him, and he says "success" and "destiny".

Meanwhile, Rob gets into his hunter's outfit and tells an eager Astroth that they will indeed be hunting again. His pet transforms into a ship and they fly into space.

The Yagami's alarms blare and force Kiyone to the bridge, and not only is she annoyed that she can't even have time for a lunch break, but she finds Mihoshi sleeping on the job! They spot a speeder darting across space and use a "web" to trap the vessel in place. This is the ship Dante is piloting, and he's not happy about being stopped. He tells Destiny to shut off the engines and power and pray that there aren't too many Galaxy Police officers boarding them.

Mihoshi and Kiyone board the ship and split up, but Dante ambushes Mihoshi and wraps her up with tape mummy-style, only for Kiyone to ambush Dante in turn and incapacitate him. After freeing Mihoshi, Kiyone finds Sasami's package and questions Dante about what he's doing with it, but Dante plays innocent and pretends to know nothing about it. She drags Dante to the center of the ship—which includes a raised, central pad—where he claims he doesn't know anything about it and merely took it out for a joyride. Kiyone believes his lie this time and now wonders how to turn the ship on.

Mihoshi presses a random button faster than Kiyone can stop her and a huge flash of light illuminates from the pad they're standing on. Dante opens his eyes and finds that the two officers have disgustingly morphed into a two-headed, four-armed body; Dante notes the device Mihoshi activated wasn't calibrated correctly for morphing the two of them. While Miho-Kiyo flairs around, Dante presses another button that successfully separates them. However, Kiyone isn't impressed and grabs him by his shirt, but Mihoshi's battle suit beeps an alert that another speeder is approaching twice as fast as Dante's.

The two officers decide to contain Dante inside a bubble prison while they return to the Yagami to pursue this new criminal, and Kiyone takes Sasami's package from Dante while she's at it. As they board the Yagami, the speeder has already passed their ship and forces them to pursue it. Now, Dante easily frees himself (as he could've done at any time) and reactivates his ship.

Sasami and Ryo-Ohki come across Ryoko and Ayeka still bickering while Tenchi merely watches from the sidelines. Sasami asks him if he's seen the mailman that's supposed to deliver a package to her, but he says no. She also reminds him that he's supposed to be training with his grandfather today, and Tenchi, having forgotten about that, runs off. Ryoko jokingly blames Ayeka for his leaving on account of her bad breath, which offends Ayeka and makes her leave to take a bath.

While Ryoko watches Sasami and Ryo-Ohki frolic nearby, the latter two come across Rob and Astroth as they lay in ambush in a bush. He suddenly causes an explosion and alerts Ryoko to his presence. While she gives him a warning, Rob says he simply wants the cabbit, not the girl, which provokes Ryoko into fighting him. However, Rob blasts Ryoko with an energy beam faster than she can attack and knocks her back. Ryoko gets up and charges back at him, but Rob is too fast and powerful for her to fight, and he slashes her with a dual-blade weapon attached to his arm and grabs her by her throat.