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Sir Dagmyer Mest is the hot-blooded son of Babalun Mest, nephew of Ulyte Mest, Chiaia's childhood friend, and a student of the Holy Land Academy.


Dagmyer once tried manipulating Kenshi into assassinating Lashara[1] and is also responsible for recruiting some of the Academy's male students like Cliff, Alan, and Neil for the invasion of the Holy Land and later bandits lead by Cordyline and her daughter Lan. His Seikijin is blue and gold with a sword that can fire energy blasts from the tip and hilt and a shield as its weapons.

He became traumatized after witnessing the berserker state of Kenshi's Seikijin and seeing one of his own comrades Cliff fall to his death in the process and Kenshi almost killed him too, but was saved by his servant Emera.[2] He eventually recovers[3], at the end, he finally acknowledges Kenshi's skill after he loses to him in a duel.

At the last scene of the series, Dagmyer is seen being in contact with Gaia's broken core, which slightly shines, harbingering a return.[4]


  • Dagmeyr's mother was Carmen Caluza, a bodyguard of Princess Lashara's mother, Gold Gwindel. The marriage of Babalun and Carmen was temporary and was strictly one of convenience and for gaining political and military power, to produce a child between two powerful Seikishi, improving the chances of the child being a powerful Seikijin operator as well. She paid certain fees to relinquish all motherly duties soon after his birth and presumably completely cut ties with her son.[5]


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