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For the character that goes by this name, See: Dark Washu

Dark Washu is the third volume of The All-New Tenchi Muyo! manga series, written and drawn by Hitoshi Okuda. The first chapter of the Dark Washu story arc appears in the previous volume, Doom Time.

From the back cover of the Viz Graphic Novel:

In the past, Tenchi and his pals have, through a combination of happenstance and crazy luck, successfully vanquished a lot of creepy villains. But this time, the cast of lovable goofballs must come face to face with their most perplexing challenge ever.

Washu Hakubi may be the smartest of the Tenchi gang, but sometimes her big brain gets her in big trouble. By inventing the Black Crystal five thousand years ago, the super genius was merely hoping to build the ultimate security device.

Little did she know that her creation, now answering to the name of Dark Washu, would one day travel to Earth and threaten the lives of all her friends.

How will the pint-sized brainiac outwit her own deadly creation? The galaxy is a big place. But it's only big enough for one super genius. Get ready, dear readers. It's time for Washu vs. Washu: the ultimate Tenchi Muyo! smackdown.


In the English graphic novels, each book restarts the chapter numbering from "Chapter One," rather than continuing chapter numbering from book to book as is standard in the Japanese release. Unlike earlier volumes of Tenchi Muyo! manga, Viz did not release this volume as separate comic book issues.

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