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Dream A Little Scheme is the sixth volume of the No Need For Tenchi! manga series, written and drawn by Hitoshi Okuda.

From the back cover of the Viz Graphic Novel:

With the Great Tree-Spaceship Bizen under her control, the evil super-genius Yume has all she needs to take over the cosmos. While Tenchi and friends race across outer space to stop the mad scientist's scheme, the Galaxy Police and the Jurai Royal Fleet are also caught up in the conflict. But Yume's master plan is personal. Does the fate of the galaxy rest on the outcome of a drinking bout 5,000 years ago? Can Tenchi and Gohgei defeat Yume's bio-engineered henchmen Hishima and Takashima? And where does Tsunami fit into it all? Believe it or not in the exciting climax of this storyline... where even Tenchi gets a speaking part!


In the English graphic novels, each chapter is numbered and preceded with the phrase "Tales of Tenchi." However, each volume restarts the numbering, replicating the number of each of the comic books as originally published by Viz.


Disturbing The Peace

A Pointed Encounter

First Strike

The Agony of Defeat

Peace At Last