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This is the Family Tree of the main Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Galaxy that include characters from all of the series. This will help in determining the families and cross intermarriages, political marriages, offspring, and connections to distant relatives.

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Horizontal Solid Line = sibling
Vertical Solid Line = child
Horizontal Dotted Line = marriage
Vertical Dotted Line = multiple generations

Juraian Royal Families

The family tree of Juraian Royal Houses and those living in Jurai.

Foundation of Jurai

The GXP novels indicate that the First Emperor was a Masaki, but does not reveal if the other houses were contemporaries or if the four houses split from his descendants. But is clear that the history of Jurai was made of a mix of the houses.

Amaki A
Kamiki B
Tatsuki C
House Masaki D
First Emperor of Jurai
Earth E
Emperor Amaki
Ushio Kamiki
Nishia Tatsuki
Amame Masaki

The Royal House Amaki Jurai(A)

The family of the emperor before Azusa, from House Amaki.

House Amaki
Emperor Amaki
Mitsuki's father
Mitsuki's mother
Kasen's father

*adopted (Airaian), broken engagement with Shuzan's daughter.

The Royal House Kamaki Jurai(B)

House Kamaki
Ushio Kamiki
Naja Akara
Azusa Masaki
Misaki D
Mashisu Makibi*F

**shared identity with Naja Akara
***shared identity with Female Kagato

The Royal House Tatsuki Jurai(C)

House Tatsuki is the largest Jurai Royal House but there are not many specific family relations described.

House Tatsuki
Nishia Tatsuki
Tatsuki Male
Racepshi Dancer
Palty's Mother
Ichigo +
8 siblings

*either from an affair, or artificially inseminated
**artificially inseminated by an "unknown" Jurai Prince. Most likely the same.

The Royal House Masaki Jurai(D)

Masaki Jurai
First Emperor of Jurai
/ House Masaki
Amame's Brother
Amame Masaki
Kazuki Yotsuga
Funaho E
Tsunami G
Airi H
Ayeka E
Funaho tree

*Shared identity with Tsunami

Earth Masaki Family(E)

The family tree of those living on Earth and are of Juraian descent.

Masaki Jurai
Azusa D
Katsuhito MasakiYosho D
Airi H
3 Children
see table
Ken Steinbeck
Dai Tennan**
Hiroshi Manada
see table
Seina Yamada J
Yoshiko Yamada J
Miki Steinbeck***
Tenchi's marriages
Tenchi & Possible Children (chronicled in "Tenchi IF" doujinshi)
Ryoko HakubiG 1 daughter, marries the son of Seina & Kiriko Masaki (with the daughter of Ayeka).
Ayeka Masaki JuraiD 1 daughter, marries the son of Seina & Kiriko Masaki (with the daughter of Ryoko).
Mihoshi KuramitsuF 1 daughter, marries the son of Seina & Ryoko Balta (with the daughter of Noike).
Noike Kamiki JuraiG_B 1 daughter, marries the son of Seina & Ryoko Balta (with the daughter of Mihoshi). Also produce a daughter between the two.
Ryo-OhkiG 3 daughters, all three marry the son of Seina & Amane Kaunaq
Washu HakubiG 1 son(?) a son of Tenchi's (assumedly with Washu) marries the revived Masaki Jurai. They have a daughter.
Sasami Masaki JuraiD

*artificial human, from alternate world, Geminar. Adopted the Masaki name before marriage, when found by Kiyone.
** Did not marry.
*** Created by Hiroshi, modeled after Tsukiko.

Masaki Village

Masaki Women's association

"The Masaki Ladies Assembly" apparently seated roughly by age. OVA 4

Masaki Village is made of Katsuhito Masaki / Yosho and those directly descended from him. For most of the Family there is not a detailed family tree, but generations can discerned.

Direct 4rd Generation: Mizune Masaki is the great-granddaughter of Katsuhito and Kasumi. Considering the longevity of even the Earth Masakis, she could have been born at most any point between the 15th through the 19th century (if she was the child and grandchild of Masaki family members who were in their 200's).

Other current Masaki Villagers seem to be less direct than Mizune and from later generations.

Masaki men's association

"The Masaki Men's Group."

Akie Masaki serves as the village elder and, again, because of the large range of fertile years of the Masaki clan, she could easily be older than Mizune despite technically being further separated in the generational line.

Kei Masaki treats Akie as an elder sister. There are two other Masaki women who seem to be her friends and contemporaries

Kiyone was born approximately in the mid-18th century.

Otoka, Fuka, and Nobuyuki seem to be around the same age, all having grown up in the 19th century.

The majority of the unnamed "Masaki Ladies Assembly" that met before Nobuyuki and Rea's wedding seem to from this generation or younger. That would definitely be the case if they were seated by age and generation.

Tennyo and Hakuryo are dating and seem to be around the same age.

Tsukiko seems to be the age that she appears, having had her children at the beginning of her Galaxy Police career.

Kasumi, mother of Taro, seems to to be the youngest of the adult women. Her husband is a pure-blooded Earthling and not allowed to be informed of her alien heritage at this time.

Kiriko, Tenchi, Kai, Taro, and Kenshi are seemingly the youngest in Masaki Village. It seems that, with so many unnamed Masaki women, there could definitely be more, but Tenchi's childhood is described as one with few children around his age.

Planet Seniwa Families(F)

Kuramatsu ouch my neck

The Seniwa Empire's government is a mix of Oligarchy and Representative Democracy. The Seniwa Council represents the various planets and regions of the empire but the Executive branch has been dominated by the Kuramitsu family for thousands of years. The family are the only residents of the planet of Seniwa but they are not strictly a monarchy. The immediate family of the ruler is favored to be the next ruler but can also be chosen by the merit of the most accomplished family member.

Unknown Kuramitsu
Misaka Kuramitsu
Washu HakubiG
Miyuki's Father
Minami's Wife
Mashisu Makibi B

*step-siblings who married
** took Kurumitsu name, previous surname unknown.

The Choushin(G)

In the beginning, the Chousin created the multiverse.


Washu Hakubi

The "Family Tree" of Washu Hakubi, Washu-Kami while descended to the Third Dimension.

At this point, Mikumo is the only traditionally born offspring of Washu. All of his descendants, as listed in the Seniwa section, could also be included here. The rest here are a combination of clones, creations, and birth through means of combination through Masu.

Most likely, Tenchi's future son, who marries a revived Masaki in the future, is probably Washu's natural offspring as well, but it is uncertain at this time.

Naja Akara

*an alien "mass" that Washu uses at the other half in her "created" children.
**A clone of Naja Akara, as created by Washu. Presumably also formed out of a proto-Ryoko.
**Kagato was originally a hermaphrodite who hated his female half and separated "her" from him and tried to kill her. This half was eventually became/merged with Noike. The broken line is intentional, to signify the unnatural relationship.


It would be impractical to attempt a normal family tree for Tsunami, but you could say that all of the Juraian royal trees are her "children."

See: Royal Tree.

You could almost include Kyoko and Honoka on Washu's tree as well, but they are more like partial "creations" made from Masu. Unlike Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki, and Fuku, they do not include any of Washu's genetic material.


As Tokimi has not yet descended to the third dimension, she has produced no offspring. Some might consider Z her "child", but he was more like someone she manipulated from the outside.


Lufin Family
1st Hierarch
2nd Heirarch
Keira Magma
Geira Magma
(3rd Heirarch)
Kasen Amaki*A
Minaho Masaki
Kiyone Masaki

*Adopted into Jurai'a House Amaki, failed to marry a daughter of Shuzan to connect Airai and Jurai.
**Ties severed with Airai. Airi would have been married to another of the Lufins to double the Airai/Jurai connection.

Yamada Family(J)

Yamada Family
Kai MasakiD
multiple marriages,
see table
see table
Seina's marriages
Seina & Possible Children (chronicled in "Tenchi IF" doujinshi)
Kiriko MasakiD 1 son, marries the daughters of Tenchi & Ryoko and Tenchi & Ayeka.
Amane Kaunaq 1 son, marries the three daughters of Tenchi and Ryo-Ohki
Ryoko BaltaM 1 son, marries the daughters of Tenchi & Noike and Tenchi & Mihoshi. Noike's daughter has a child with their husband, before they actually marry.
Neju Na Melmas
Jovia Jovis**

*Explained in a "skit" in OVA5, ep.3: Jovia describes herself as marrying Seina as a "plus-one" to a "great beauty." Considering the likely circumstances, the beauty is probably Airen (all were on the planet Barrium at the same time).


Informal, brief family relationships

Hirata Family(K)

Kanemitsu Hirata is a non-royal member of the Jurai Empire. His known relatives are his father, Kaneaki Hirata, his wife, Yuzaki, and his daughter, Mikage.

Shank Pirate Guild(L)

The Shank Pirate Guild expands tens of thousands of years but has few clear relations. Like many guilds, members often take the family name as a mark of inclusion or to honor the guild without any familial relation. Tarant Shank's only known family is his father, Radi Shank, and a brother (both of whom he killed). Hopefully he had no offspring. The novels insinuate he was a necropheliac and/or killed anyone he made love to, so it is unlikely.

Dird Shank has shared features to Tarrant, so there is at least a racial relationship, but no close one. Her parents are deceased, has no siblings, and her only known living relative is her great-great-great-great-uncle.

Balta Kingdom(M)

The Balta Pirate Guild has a long history, but not one comparable to the Shank Guild. They were originally a planet or non-royal family in the Jurai Empire that broke from them to create their own pirate guild and later a Kingdom that was first a protectorate of Jurai, and then a founding member of the Pirate Nation. Like many guilds, members often take the family name as a mark of inclusion or to honor the guild without any familial relation.

Ryoko Balta is a member of the Royal family, an orphan (whose parent's names are unknown), her only living elder relative is her Great-Grandfather, King Balta. She has married Seina YamadaJ in a political marriage, but loves her husband very much. A Doujinshi shows a possible future where her son marries the daughters of both NoikeB and MihoshiF.

Alea Balta has no known relation to the royal family, being from a family that took the name at some point to honor the guild. Her known relatives are her sister, Loretta, and her neice, Melissa. Her former brother-in-law was Alan.

A theory suggests that Jannis, from Spaceship Agga Ruter, is related to the Balta family. The reasoning being that Ryoko's transformation ability could have been an evolved form of Jannis' beastly form.

Family Tree image files

The old comprehensive trees are out of date and may contain inaccuracies. Even the new images (merely screenshots of the sections above) may not be updated as often as the sections above. They are merely provided for browsers that may not be able to show those sections correctly.


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