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Flora Nanadan (フローラ・ナナダン Furōra Nanadan?)

The Queen of Havoniwa, Maria's mother and Lashara's aunt.


While she may appear polite and modest at first glance, she is in reality a hedonistic woman. This causes Maria and Lashara to be frequently embarrassed by her antics. At one point, they attempted to get retribution by using Kenshi's hypnotized state on her, in which he gives massages that can cause intense orgasms, sometimes hours or days after they are delivered, causing the young girls deep embarrassment since even a slight touch after the massage will cause them to have more intense orgasms. But, to Lashara and Maria's shock, it backfired when they realized that the Queen liked it... a lot! Afterwards, Flora developed a large, although clingy, crush on Kenshi, mostly due to his massage.

Flora is also shown to be a great pilot when she tested Wahanly's Kikkoujin in the forest and she is also a champion of the Holy Tournament in the Holy Land. She later defends the Holy Land in the invasion plotted by Babalun, with a train equipped with two cannons in each cart and a giant cannon hidden in the engine. She had no idea that Kenshi was a Seikishi, but when she found out this only increased her interest Kenshi even more, so much so as to have some "one on one" time with him, to Lashara and Maria's dismay. She even decided to blow up the front cart when the Swan was passing by from enemies during the Holy Land's invasion to help with their escape attempt.


  • Flora and her daughter share their last name with the comical, but villainous, antagonist in Photon: The Idiot Adventures, Papacharino Nanadan.
    • As Photon is set thousands of years prior to War on Geminar, on the same planet, it's possible there is a distant familial relationship.


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