Four's a Crowd is the second episode of Tenchi in Tokyo .

It originally aired on April 8, 1997 in Japan, and on August 28, 2000 in North America.


After his first day alone in Tokyo, Tenchi encountered a fellow class (whose also the most popular girl in school) who began to fall for him the instant, so much that she asked the goddess of love to make Tenchi fall for her, who is summon thank to a certain force. Meanwhile after Ryoko and Ayeka attempts to have inter-dimensional tunnel install in their own rooms caused the portal to stick up on the ceiling, they use it to and sees Tenchi with the girl and plans to stop them getting together.



  • Tenchi Masaki = Masami Kikuchi (Japaneses) Matt K. Miller (English)
  • Nobuyuki Masaki = Takeshi Aono (Japaneses) Bob Papenbrook (English)
  • Katsuhito Masak = Takehito Koyasu (Japaneses) Richard Cansino (English)
  • Ryoko Hakubi = Ai Orikasa (Japaneses) Petrea Burchard (English)
  • Ayeka Masaki Jurai = Haruhi Nanao (Japaneses) Jennifer Darling (English)
  • Sasami Masaki Jurai = Chisa Yokoyama (Japaneses) Sherry Lynn (English)
  • Mihoshi Kuramitsu = Yuko Mizutani (Japaneses) Rebecca Forstadt (English)
  • Kiyone Makibi = Yuri Amano (Japaneses) Wendee Lee (English)
  • Washu Hakubi = Yuko Kobayashi (Japaneses) Kate T. Vogt (English)
  • Yugi = Akiko Yajima (Japaneses) Debi Derryberry (English)


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