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The Galaxy Police is an intergalactic law enforcement agency. Their duties pertain to giving criminals danger levels, as well as capturing said criminals. A primary duty of the GP is to protect and and facilitate commerce in the Galaxy Federation by protecting ships delivering commodities from roving space pirates.

Notable Members of Galaxy Police

Head of the GP - Mikami Kuramitsu (also Head of the GP Academy)

Head of Docking Maintence - Minami Kuramitsu (formerly Head of the GP)

Field Operatives - Mihoshi Kuramitsu, Kiyone Makibi (outside of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki), Seina Yamada, Noike Kamiki Jurai


Galaxy Police possess highly-advanced technology, dedicated to the capture of criminals.

Throughout the galaxy, Body Enhancement has become a commonplace practice to improve skills, functions, and to extend life thousands and tens of thousands of years. Every member must go through a body enhancement procedure meant to improve combat abilities during their training to better perform their duties, boosting strength and endurance to several times normal human level. The first level of enhancement is said to extend a person's normal lifespan to a about 2000 years. Further enhancements are also usually performed that can even further enhance these abilities and can be further specialized.

The most prominent outward technological advancement used in the GP would be the Guardian Systems. These usually take the form of energy based suits that serve as armor and can utilize powerful weaponry. These are essentially implanted in a person and remain dormant until they are needed.

Another notable example would be the Control Cube, used perhaps most prominently by Mihoshi in the original series. Operated by turning its sections much like a Rubiks cube, the Control Cube's functions, at least in the first continuity, seem to revolve around small warps in space, apparently to easily access equipment and ships. In other continuities (like Tenchi Universe), it doesn't get quite as much use as a vital tool, and has slightly different uses, including a tracking system.

Another example would be Mihoshi's ship, once again in the original series. According to some sources, that ship possesses an experimental design and the ability to evolve itself over time.

The two most powerful empires in the Galaxy Federation are those of Jurai and Seniwa, meaning that the police are heavily influenced by the two powers. This element remains in the Tenchi Universe and Tokyo continuities, but is left more ambiguous than in the original series and Tenchi Muyo! GXP. In the other series, the bureaucracy is not as widely explored and Mihoshi's family and the Seniwa Empire are not mentioned in them. In fact, throughout the second half of Universe, Tenchi and his family are actually chased by the Galaxy Police thanks to Kagato's coup of Planet Jurai, and because of their relationship to Yosho, they are vilified as outlaws.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP

In this spinoff continuation of the OVA series, a Galaxy Police detective, Amane Kaunaq, came to Earth in an effort to recruit Tenchi, but encountered and recruited Tenchi's close friend Seina Yamada instead (not realizing he was a "pure Earthling", not normally allowed to apply). On Earth, Seina seemed cursed with bad luck, However, Jurai and the Galaxy Police recognized how it could be used to their great benefit and he quickly rises from Cadet to Ship's Captain (while still in training).

In the show and the more in-depth novels, it is explained that the GP's main duty is to police space piracy and protect shipping lanes. The GP is also directly involved in the transport business itself. Because Seina's bad luck (explained to be an extremely high "biased probability" in the novels) attracts Space Pirates to him, he serves as an extremely effective decoy to capture the pirates. Over the course of the series and novels, Seina effectively destroys organized space piracy by breaking up all of the largest groups.

Seniwa and the Kuramitsu Family

The Seniwa Empire and the Kuramitsu Family are dominant in the Galaxy Police due to the fact that several of the G.P forces are actually derived from the personal forces of the Kuramitsu family. While there are Galaxy Police members from areas throughout the Federation, Galaxy Police leadership and the Federation's military branch are dominated by the family and members of the Seniwa Military. It is shown that Mikami Kuramitsu, is, in fact, very powerful in the GP because of this. After the attempt by the GP military arm to become more powerful, Mikami became the head of the Galaxy Police.


  • Galaxy Federation law states that people from underdeveloped planets cannot be accepted to the G.P. or even allowed intergalactic travel. Seina was accepted by accident. The Masaki family are exceptions, as they are seen as direct descendants of Jurai through Empress Funaho (The fact that they are also the more direct descendants of Yosho is covered up). This is the reason that Tenchi was being directly recruited.
  • After the events of Paradise War, Shou Kukoma and Miron Pham also become judged worthy of access to galactic travel. Shou ends up training at the GP Academy while Miron most likely just enrolls in the Academy's educational branches.