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Hachiko is a primary characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo!.

Connection to Folktales

New original characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo! are very loosely inspired by the popular Japanese folktale Momotarō. Hachiko represents the dog in the story, one of three animal friends that Momotarō gathers to fight the monsters plaguing their village. When Tenchi Masaki goes in the past, he meets her doppelganger from hundreds of years ago, Inukai Takeru, from the tale of Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto.


Hachiko is steely and serious when she is holding her wooden sword and can parry with the strongest opponents, such as the superhuman Beni Kinojyou. However, if she is disarmed, she instantly becomes a crybaby.


Nothing is known of Hachiko's past. She is the "Auditor" of the Junai Academy Student Council, but mostly serves as muscle for the group.

She is fiercely protective and loyal to the Student Council President, Momo Kawanagare. In the first episode, when she believes she is saving Momo from a net trap, she goes in for a kiss, only to find Tenchi instead.

When she first meets Tenchi, she is highly suspicious of him and his intentions towards Momo. She, Hana Saryu, and Touri Fueyama even contemplate torturing him on his first day. She starts to show mild feelings for Tenchi after he shows his chivalrous side and hidden strength when they are trapped in the school's warehouse.