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Hana Saryu is a primary characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo!.

Connection to Folktales

New original characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo! are very loosely inspired by the popular Japanese folktale Momotarō. Hana Saryu represents the monkey in the story, one of three animal friends that Momotarō gathers to fight the monsters plaguing their village. When Tenchi Masaki goes into the past, he meets her doppelganger from hundreds of years ago, Sasa Morihiko, from the tale of Kibitsuhiko no Mikoto.


Hana Saryu is playful and mischievous but very competent at her Vice Presidential duties.


Nothing is known of Hana's past. She is the Vice-President of the Junai Academy Student Council and often seems to be the one who gets things done.

She is very protective and loyal to the Student Council President, Momo Kawanagare.

When she first meets Tenchi, she is highly suspicious of him and his intentions towards Momo. She, Hachiko, and Touri Fueyama even contemplate torturing him on his first day. During the Culture Festival, Tenchi is forced to cross-dress and compete in a beauty contest. Ayeka and Sasami do such a good job of dressing him that he wins the contest and Hana becomes obsessed with the female Tenchi, even producing Yuri comics featuring the female version. Hana also insults Ayeka at one point and is harshly punished for it, but just seems to have turned a masochistic switch in her.

When she fights, she uses classroom implements as weapons.