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Haruna (ハルナ) is the antagonist of Tenchi Forever!. She was Yosho's lover before her death, and during the events of the film, she traps his grandson Tenchi in her alternate dimension and manipulates him into forgetting his life in the real world, thereby taking him for herself.


Haruna and Yosho left Jurai for the Earth to have a better life together (as Haruna was not royalty, they could not marry on Jurai. However, they were forbidden to love, so they ran away.) However, the journey was a difficult one, and as a result Haruna fell gravely ill. Tragically, she passed away just before they arrived on Earth.

Saddened over losing her, Yosho buried Haruna's body on the grounds of what would be near the Masaki Shrine, along with Haruna's camellia tree. He was surprised to see that the tree began to flourish there and subsequently took cutting from the tree, planting them around Japan to show Haruna the world they had planned to spend their lives together in.

However, on one of these journeys, he had met a girl named Itsuki and later married her. They then raised a daughter, Achika, who in turn had a son, Tenchi. Somehow, Haruna's spirit became disturbed that Yosho had found happiness without her as she felt betrayed that Yosho had married with a human girl and had a daughter.

However, after that, Tenchi forced Haruna to confront her past with Yosho.

Meanwhile, Yosho saw that the camellia tree was still blooming in fall and decided to destroy it, thereby allowing Haruna to rest. It was only then that Haruna acknowledged that she had been wrong about taking Tenchi away, and she finally let him go. After being persuaded by Ayeka, Ryoko went back to the dimension and rescued Tenchi right before it collapsed upon Haruna's departure.


  • The relationship between Yosho and Haruna on Jurai bears a resemblance to that of Romeo and Juliet, except Haruna was not royalty whereas Yosho was.
  • The name "Haruna" in Japanese means "Spring Flower", most likely indicating that Haruna was probably born in the spring.
  • Haruna's English voice actor, Debi Derryberry, is also the voice of Ryo-Ohki, Yugi, and Mitsuki. Her Japanese voice actor, Kikuko Inoue, is famous for several roles, including Belldandy in the anime adaptations of Oh My Goddess!, which happened to be produced by AIC.