Hitoshi Okuda (奥田 ひとし, Okuda Hitoshi) is a Japanese manga artist, most famous for his characterizations and stories set in the world of Tenchi Muyo!.

Okuda got his start as a doujinshi artist before debuting professionally, studying under Nobuteru Yūki and Yutaka Izubuchi.

His collection of Tenchi-related works spans eleven years, beginning with "No Need for Tenchi!" in 1994 before finishing its run as "The All-New Tenchi Muyō!" ("Shin Tenchi Muyō!") in late 2005. "Tenchi, Heaven Forbid! G...", a collection of seventy-four yonkoma comics drawn during the course of six years for Pioneer LDC's monthly fan club letter, was later released by VIZ Media as "Tenchi Muyō: Sasami Stories", bundled along with previously published material featuring the Sasami character.


  • The All-New Tenchi Muyō! (2000-2005)
  • Tenchi Muyō! Sasami Stories (2002)
  • Tenchi, Heaven Forbid! G... (1994-2000)
  • Detatoko Princess (1994-1999)
  • Little Dragon Restaurant
  • Radical Guardian
  • Ranto Mashoroku
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