Holy Land (聖地Seichi?)
An impregnable fortress made in the image of the Chousin goddesses. It is also home to the Holy Land Academy (聖地学院Seichi-gaku?), a special school where nobles and the wealthy train to become Seikishi.
The Holy Land also holds the Holy Tournament (聖武会Seibukai?), a tournament where Seikishi from all over Geminar compete (Aura once stated that Flora was one of the champions). In the Holy Arena, pillars and Ena's Draft are placed as challenging obstacles for the most skilled Seikishi, though Kenshi is able to maneuver through them with ease. According to Lashara, winning the Holy Tournament is the greatest achievement for a Seikishi. It was later invaded and conquered by Babalun, who was after the Shield of Gaia that was buried underneath an island in the middle of a small lake and the Seikishin Gaia itself in the arena, but was later reconquered following Babalun's defeat.
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