Hotsuma (秀眞) is one of three humanoid servants summoned by the warped antagonist Yugi in Tenchi in Tokyo. He is dressed as a scientist and has long blond hair. In the series, he tries to get the attention of Ryoko, to the point it could be said that he had a crush on her.

Tenchi in Tokyo

During Yugi's attack on the Masaki Shrine he and Tsugaru appeared and saved Ryoko from Yugi. After he and Tsugaru left it is later shown that Yugi planed the attack in order for Hotsuma and Tsugaru to win the girls trust. Later on he succeeds in bringing her back to her former life as a space pirate, following Ryoko's heartbreak after seeing Tenchi and Sakuya kiss on the school rooftops. Hotsuma's determination to keep Ryoko away from her old friends is where he has framed Mihoshi and Kiyone for tipping off the Galaxy Police when the two had infiltrated their gang, (even though it cost them most of their gang members to be captured by Galaxy police), and later reminding Ryoko that Tenchi has Sakuya, when Ryoko has started to miss the Earth.

Eventually when Ryoko starts to get bored with her life as a space pirate, she finds that she has been tricked after overhearing Hotsuma talking about her bad qualities during his conversation with Yugi. Thinking that at least she is honest with her flaws and never ever backstabs the other girls, she decides to leave and got ready to do so.

When Hotsuma notices Ryoko's presence, Yugi decides that he should just kill her and Hotsuma almost succeeds by blowing up their ship. Luckily, Ryoko notices that she forgot the pictures of her and Tenchi and leaves the ship in time which saved her life.

Ryoko then fights Hotsuma in a battle with Ryoko having the advantage against him. However Hotsuma soon transform into a monster (whether it is his true form or not remains unknown) which gives him an upperhand in his battle. In his new form he was able to move much faster despite his huge size, and was able to swat an energy ball away with his hand. Although even with his new power he still lost thanks to the gem Ryoko has from Tenchi as well as her feeling gave her the power to vaporize him.

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