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Jovia Jovis is a character in Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki and Tenchi Muyo! GXP. She is a powerful magician. She seems to have married Seina Yamada.


Jovia has long light brown hair and gray-colored eyes. She typically wears a revealing purple dress with a thorned rose motif in the center. She also wears a gold necklace and red gem attached to it, a navy blue cape with a crimson red interior. She describes herself as "forever 17," but it is likely not her real age.


Jovia doublepeace.jpg

A loud and ostentatious woman, Jovia is known to have a perverted side and can come off as an ill-tempered brat when things don't go her way.

Older characters in the Tenchi household comment that her demeanor is startlingly similar to that of Kiyone Masaki, Tenchi's deceased mother. Even Nobuyuki, her past husband, agrees. It is even pondered momentarily that Kiyone's dimensional research was actually a study in reincarnation, but the idea is quickly dismissed as preposterous.


Jovia's first chronological appearance happens on the planet where Seina Yamada was stranded for a time. She was the lead member of a magician's "Pharmacy Guild" and saves a man from a fast acting deadly curse, but does so with little care for the man. Seina's benefactor, Barigaru, seems to be considering her as a teacher for Seina.

At this point, Jovia's further background is a complete mystery. Where she comes from or why she chose to accompany Seina and his group after their time in Renza is unknown.

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In the main series she is often seen as a companion, and plaything, for Kenshi and Ryo-Ohki. She also seems to have struck a quick friendship with the similarly pompous Miron Pham from Paradise War. While on Banjo Island, the two of them don elaborate masks and play a role of "villains" who are there to "defeat" Kenshi. They usually just end up being thrown in the ocean by Fuku.

At one point, she pushes her way into a conversation about who, among Seina's wives and partners, can live in the new Earth home and later, in a bit of a comedy sketch with Miron, they describes her as a "bench-warmer wife" and a "plus-one in a package deal with a great beauty," confirming she is married to Seina but not all that welcome. As this was likely on her planet Barrium, the "great beauty" is probably Airen. In a 2019 doujinshi it is hinted that she was the very first woman to successfully wed Seina but is not part of a "foursome" like everyone else. It is quite likely she does not possess the astral pattern of one of the Dual girls.


  • Jovia's given name, "Jovia", derives from the word, 'Jovial', which aptly-describes her personality.
  • Jovia's magic seems to primarily involve summoning creatures, usually against Ryo-Ohki or Fuku, after which the creatures realize what they are going against, and decide to quit working for Jovia.