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Kain (禍因) is the villain of the first Tenchi Muyo! movie, Tenchi Muyo! in Love. He is an incredibly powerful entity who is considered a Super A-Class criminal by the Galaxy Police.


One hundred years ago, Kain was on the loose, destroying hundreds of starships and thousands of lives. It was only after a combined effort with the Galaxy Police and the supreme sacrifice of the Jurai emperor, that Kain was finally captured and locked away in the subspace room of Galaxy Police Headquarters

In the present, however, Kain broke out of the subspace room and subsequently destroyed GP Headquarters (but not before it could relay a warning to Kiyone and Mihoshi), and retreated twenty-six years in the past to 1970 in hopes of killing Achika Masaki, thereby retroactively erasing her son Tenchi from existence.


Despite being said to be immensely powerful, Kain was sealed up rather easily by one of Washu's creations in a sub-space reality. Though he dragged Achika and Nobuyuki in with him, he was forced to show his draconian face when Tenchi, Ryoko and Ayeka entered his prison-world to save Achika. Though Kain easily overpowered them, he was in turn destroyed when Achika awakened her Jurai powers and used the Tenchi-ken—which became a naginata—to bisect Kain and end his reign of terror. Kain's remains were destroyed by Kiyone with the Dimensional Cannon which destroyed the subspace that Kain was in after Achika barely broke away from Kain during their escape.

Powers and abilities

"No one can withstand the power of Kain"
- Kain
Tenchi (8)

Kain's Dragon Form

As a Super A-Class criminal, Kain's powers are far more reaching than any of the others abilities combined. He is virtually invulnerable as he is shown surviving the extremities of space, taking a Galaxy Police-issued plasma cannon head on and, as a minor touch, shrug off broken glass piercing his body. He also is capable of traveling through space/time with ease. He is also capable of launching energy blasts, breathing gouts of flame and also cold, elongating his body and absorbing people through a vortex in his body. As well, the black areas of his body seem to have a more acidic touch to them, as it showed some of Achika's school uniform disintegrate when she broke free. He also has a second, more dragon-like form which he engages the others in.

Kain's one weakness has been shown to be the Power of Jurai, though it's not exactly stated why it's a major weakness to him. This was shown more towards Achika and not Tenchi as he was more determined to kill her over him due to her power potential.

In Other Media

Kain appears in the seventh volume of the No Need For Tenchi! manga series, adapting the Tenchi Muyo! in Love movie. There, Kain is shown the same way he is the movie. However, he is only depicted in his primary form and is defeated by both Tenchi and Achika when Achika gathers the entirety of the Power of Jurai and fires it into Tenchi-ken, elongating the blade to pierce Kain's hand and through his head. He is still destroyed by the Dimensional Cannon.