Ken-Ohki (眷皇鬼, Kenōki) is a white cabbit, a half cat half rabbit, who looks very similar to Ryo-Ohki.

Tenchi Universe

Ken-Ohki is first introduced in episode 10 of Tenchi Universe and is the pet of Nagi, Ryoko's nemesis. Just like Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Universe, Ken-ohki can transform into a giant space ship and loves carrots.

Very early on Ken-Ohki and Ryo-Ohki are shown to be very friendly towards each other during their first meeting (which also, by surprising all characters, reveals Ryu-Ohki is a female). In one of the later episodes they go on a date on the beach.

Tenchi In Tokyo

Ken-ohki makes a minor cameo in one episode of Tenchi In Tokyo. He is shown physically to be very similar to his Tenchi Universe counter part with the exception his forehead jewel is red and round instead of a yellow diamond. Ken-ohki is also shown to be very friendly and affectionate towards Ryo-Ohki. Or so you would think, if you did not know that this cabbit was in fact Yu-Ohki instead.


Ken-Ohki's ship form

  • Ken-Ohki is the only cabbit that appers to have no unique special ability: Yu-Ohki can merge with other cabbits to transform into a giant one, Fuku can control Kamidake II and Ryo-Ohki has various unique special abilities in all diferent series;
  • He is also the only cabbit to have a different jewel on its forehead: all the others have red round gems.
  • Ken-Ohki's name means "Emperor of Good Spirits".
    • It is the opposite of Ryo-Ohki's name which means "Emperor of Bad Spirits".
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