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Ken-Ohki (眷皇鬼, Kenōki) is a white cabbit- a half-cat/half-rabbit hybrid similar to Ryo-Ohki, in Tenchi Universe.


Ken-Ohki is first introduced in episode 10 of Tenchi Universe and is the pet of Nagi, Ryoko's nemesis. Just like Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Universe, Ken-ohki can transform into a giant space ship and loves carrots.

Very early on, Ken-Ohki and Ryo-Ohki are shown to be very friendly towards each other during their first meeting (which also, by surprising all characters, reveals Ryo-Ohki is a female). In one of the later episodes they go on a date on the beach.


Ken-Ohki ship

Ken-Ohki's ship form

  • Ken-Ohki is the only cabbit that appers to have no unique special ability: Yu-Ohki can merge with other cabbits to transform into a giant one, Fuku can control Kamidake II and Ryo-Ohki has various unique special abilities in all diferent series;
  • He is also the only cabbit to have a different jewel on its forehead: all the others have red round gems.
  • Ken-Ohki's name means "Emperor of Good Spirits".
    • It is the opposite of Ryo-Ohki's name which means "Emperor of Bad Spirits".