Ken Sanada
Ken Sanada
Continuity Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Voice Actors (Japanese:) Ryūsuke Ōbayashi

(English:) Kirk Thornton

Age 49 years old
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Scientist, Commander of the Earth Defence Force (EDF)
Relatives Dual! series: Wife Ayuko Rara/Akane Yamano, Daughter Mitsuki Sanada, Adoptive Daughter Dee Sanada,

Ken Sanada is a character in "Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure." There are two Ken Sanadas, the eccentric scientist from world A and the world B's commander of the Earth Defense Force. Ken is the father of Mitsuki Sanada in world A, but is childless in world B.



Dr. Sanada hugging Kazuki

In World A, Ken Sanada is a scientist studying parallel universes. His daughter Mitsuki has taken care of him ever since his wife Ayuko left him and when she discovers that her classmate Kazuki Yotsuga sees visions of giant fighting robots, she brings him home to meet her father. In an accident with Ken's experiments, Kazuki and Mitsuki are sent into an alternate reality where there is a war going on between Kazuki's envisioned robots. 

In World B, Ken is the commander of the Earth Defense Force. While not as eccentric as his parallel counterpart, he is still a goof much to the chagrin of Akane Yamano, his advisor. Mitsuki isn't his daughter in this world but he allows her to live in his house and call him "dad." When Kazuki arrives, Ken makes arrangements for him to move into their house along with D, having Yayoi Schwael live right next door, and eventually allowing Mitsuki's parallel world counterpaart Mitsuki Rara to move in as well, effectively creating a crazy sort of family. 

Both Kens share a love for instant ramen, a slightly off-color sense of humor, and an understanding that Kazuki is special. Despite appearing to goof off on the job, Commander Sanada takes his job quite seriously. When the U.N. turns against the EDF, his subordinates remain loyal to him, proving his worth as a leader.

When Zinv is destroyed and the two worlds merge upon Kazuki's wish, Ken Sanada returns to being a scientist and is married to Akane. In the new world, Mitsuki Sanada is once again his daughter and D becomes Dee Sanada, his adopted daughter.


  • Doctor Sanada's relation to Kazuki in the combined reality is cause for question. Kazuki calls him "Uncle" but it is debated among fans whether they are actually related in the new world, or if he's just a family friend.