Kenshi Masaki (柾木 剣士, Masaki Kenshi) is the half-brother of Tenchi Masaki. His parents are Nobuyuki Masaki and his second wife Rea Masaki. Kenshi is the main protagonist of the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki spinoff Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari also known as Saint Knight's Tale and Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar.


Kenshi is the younger half-brother of Tenchi and can be classified as human, however, his father is a distant descendant of Juraian royalty and his mother is an artificial human from Geminar. He is first introduced in Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar as a hardworking 15-year-old boy from Earth, the main protagonist of the series. As part of his mother's mission, Kenshi is sent from his home on Earth to the alternate world of Geminar. It is only after that series that his back story is detailed in the later seasons of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki.

Early Life

Young Kenshi with Ryo-Ohki

Although his father's primary work and home was in the city, it was decided that he should make his home with the Masaki's home by the shrine to better facilitate his training. He played around the hills and fields with Ryo-Ohki. These were mainly high-level games of tag, though Ryo-Ohki would deactivate most of her advantages from being a starship in human form, she was still superhuman compared to Kenshi. Through grandpa Katsuhito's training and Washu's questionable energy drinks, Kenshi became strong as a beast. Washu would also teach Kenshi about Geminar, using information gathered by Tokimi. Sasami and Ryoko would also spar with Kenshi on a regular basis, training him in their own styles of combat, while his father, Nobuyuki, would train him in how to build and repair household items, Ayeka would teach him about matters of culture, and Sasami would teach him about how best to perform housework. Though Kenshi was given a great deal of physical training and preparation for his mission, Rea requested he not be given body augmentation, wanting him to only perform his mission with human abilities, rather than being a superhuman (though his abilities already are in the superhuman realm.) Throughout Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, Kenshi refers to the girls of Tenchi's house as sisters, never indicating if they are his brother's wives. It should be noted that it is common for people in Japan to refer to each other by familial names according to the closeness of their relationship and, throughout the fifth season of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Kenshi refers to almost every older woman and girl he knows with informal "onee-san" type honorifics.


In order to give Kenshi a happy childhood, he was never told that he was destined to be sent to Geminar and that he was secretly being trained to be able to handle a mission there. So when it was time to send him there, which would have to be a quick decision, he was surprised to be transported to a new world. It is explained in a Masaki Kajishima doujinshi that, upon transport, he was discovered by Babalun Mest and that, initially, he saw his potential strength and wished to use him. However, he put Kenshi in the care of his son, Dagmeyr Mest, who was jealous of his skills and rejected him, never even showing him his face under his mask. It is not revealed in the anime, but Kenshi actually spent a number of lonely months on Geminar with no one showing him any friendship, making him desperate to return home.

War on Geminar

Just like his brother, Kenshi's kindness, strength, and courage have led to most of the girls he befriends to become infatuated with him. He is an incredibly skilled swordsman (Mexiah claims that he's better than she is), master martial artist (capable of safely catching thrown knives in mid-flight), and is a one-man army inside of a Seikijin cockpit. He has also shown skills sufficient to pick the pocket of an experienced bandit and pickpocket without her realizing it.

It is revealed that Kenshi was hypnotized by Washu prior to his journey so that as a child he would not give away that they were aliens to strangers, and exhibits characteristics of Ryo-Ohki when startled. Kenshi has a habit of collecting strange crystals from the hull of the Swan, as it reminds him of the same crystal-like structure from Ryo-Ohki's spaceship form he remembers from when he was young. Kenshi even has a necklace made from the crystal given to him by Ryoko (until Chiaia accidentally breaks the string and replaces it with a red string, which symbolizes love much to her dismay). It may be possible that this crystal is not a crystal from the ship version of Ryo-Ohki, as he believes, but a "core crystal" that contains the battle experiences and past life experiences of his mother, Rea.


Later on, he becomes captain/ruler of the Swan and declares it an independent nation, though he is no longer allowed to dig in its hull for crystals out of a unanimous vote from the others much to his dismay. He later obtains the sword called Tenchi-ken, lit. "Heaven and Earth Sword"), the same name as the master key/sword owned by his brother, from Yukine's home village, which is made out a gigantic stone used to worship the Goddesses. Due to its heavy weight, a special weight-inhibiting ring was installed by Wahanly in order for him to wield it. His Seikijin's unique white color implies that he may be the legendary "Seikishi of Light" destined to save the world of Geminar. Throughout the anime, it is clear he has shown no clear signs of romantic interest to the women, although it is suggested he might have feelings for Yukine and/or Doll/Mexiah.

Part of the reason Kenshi may have been sent to Geminar is that on occasion while in his Seikijin, which unlike the others seems more organic, he sometimes goes into a berserker mode, causing his Seikijin to turn black and grow huge with more devastating power. It also matches a prophecy involving a white warrior and a black warrior who may save or destroy the world.  It is mentioned that the prophecy tells that the white warrior could cloak themselves in darkness, just as the black warrior could cloak themselves in light.  Kenshi's transformation clearly confirms the first.

Kenshi activating Light Hawk Wings

One can assume from the first and last scene of the series that the Chousin goddesses (Washu, Tokimi, and Tsunami), or someone even way more powerful, are the ones responsible for sending Kenshi to Geminar to deal with the threat of Gaia, or interfere with some actor that is behind Gaia. Although certain lines (the part saying a lioness needs to push her cub to be independent) suggests that the one making the decision is possibly his mother, Rea. This is possibly further supported by slightly enigmatic things Nezai says at the end of the last episode, that Kenshi can blame all this trouble on Rea. Comments from OVA 4 reveal that Tokimi would be the one to send Kenshi to Geminar.

In the end, when Kenshi defeated Gaia with a Light Hawk Wing, it was generated by way of him controlling the focus of Tenchi-ken's enormous light energy; it was not something Kenshi himself generated from scratch. If he were to try to generate a Light Hawk Wing again, he would likewise have to start from producing compressed matter that holds an enormous amount of energy. In conclusion, Kenshi's power is not like Tenchi's. Is a quote from the series creator regarding Kenshi's ability to create Light Hawk Wings.

His given name means "Swordsman", in reference to his sword-fighting preference while piloting his Seikijin.

Some fans have theorized that Kenshi could possibly be the reincarnation of Z, the only person other than Tenchi

Theory (Speculation Only)

who had the ability to create Light Hawk Wings by his own power. Tokimi, the Chousin goddess who brought about Z's great power, sent Z to be reincarnated to the "time and place where he would be most happy" at the end of the third OVA. Afterward, Tokimi takes up residence in the Masaki Shrine's resident kami section during Nobuyuki and Rea's wedding for a reason she claims is a secret; the reason could be that she was blessing them with Kenshi as a child. It could be possible that she remained at the Masaki home in order to watch over Kenshi, and could possibly also be the force that sent him to Geminar in the first place. And because she intended for Z to go "home," Geminar could also possibly be his home world. Though this is all theory, as mentioned before.


Kenshi, at the start of the series, was not treated well by those that discovered him. This made him a lonely, quiet boy who is desperate to return to Earth. His desperation seemed to lead him to ruthless behavior. Yet, at his darkest moment, when he was tasked to assassinate Lashara, he showed himself incapable of doing so and tried to capture her instead.

Once embraced by his new friends, it was revealed that he was a fairly obedient and carefree boy. He actually cares very much for his friends and companions and needs a supportive environment to truly shine. As soon as he has this group, he stops showing any desperation to return home and instead lets his innate curiosity lead him to explore his world whenever he can.

He is very willing to help others in need, whether it's household chores or actual combat. Neither faze him, nor hinder him in his courage.

He's fairly adhered to his values, as he refuses to look upon the forbidden parts of a female despite the fact that he's already reached the age of 15.

Because of his obedience, he's also fairly easy to manipulate. He has also shown not to doubt the words of other people. This has led to trouble on more than one occasion. 

Sometimes, he will disregard what other people tell him to do if they clash with his desires. For example, when he jumped out of the window of his room to explore the forest, even though he was told not to leave. 

He is fairly dense when it comes to the emotions of women. This comes from his strong adherence to values. However, he has accidentally gotten into a fairly erotic situation more than once. However, it only flusters him. He appears not to be tempted by such desires.

He appears to have some fear of sexual relations. During Episode 7 of War on Geminar, Kenshi said he'd seen his "sisters" make the same eyes as Mexiah was making, and he didn't like it.

Many have stated he reminds them of a cute creature. In the fifth season of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki they compare him to a cabbit and in the War on Geminar they state that he reminds them of a koro.


  • Tenchi's Girls - Kenshi has a good relationship with the girls at Tenchi's house calling them sisters and he is very close to Ryo-Ohki and plays with her all the time and Ryoko gave him a crystal necklace (but he also calls Washu a mad scientist because she possibly uses him like a lab rat).
  • Nobuyuki Masaki - Kenshi has a good relationship with his father. He calls him a weird old man, but he loves him and thinks he is very funny.
  • Katsuhito Masaki - Through his step-grandfather's training (as well as Washu's questionable energy drinks), he became as strong as a beast.
  • Chiaia Furan - When Kenshi first met her, he was her enemy and she almost killed him but Lashara stopped her. After that, she did not like him being Lashara's servant, but as time went on she became like an older sister to him.
  • Lashara Earth - Kenshi at first was her enemy but she saw he could be a powerful asset, so she stopped Chiaia from killing him. She later comes to be very dependent upon him, to the point that the thought of him leaving almost destroys her.
  • Aura Shurifon - Aura first met Kenshi when he jumped from a fly ship and she saved his life. She respects his wilderness skill but she also develops feelings for him.
  • Yukine Mare - Both she and Kenshi seem to have a little crush on each other.
  • Mexiah Furan/Doll - Mexiah at first seems to think of Kenshi as a pet or a toy, though later interactions show she has developed a deep love for him.

Abilities & Teachers

  • Physical Capability and Endurance: Kenshi is extraordinarily adept when it comes to physical feats such as running for long distances and lifting large loads for long periods of time. He is even capable of kicking a large metal cannon 45 degrees upwards with seemingly no trouble. Although Kenshi was not physically enhanced in any way, his mother was an artificial human with heightened abilities and he also carries the genes of the Masaki clan, also known for strength and endurance. Beyond that, he was specially trained and fed a diet that would bring the most out of his human abilities. The most significant contributor to the development of his physical abilities would be Ryo-Ohki, who challenged him daily in "games" that pushed him to new heights constantly.
  • Learning Capacity: Kenshi has a fair amount of experience with a lot of different things. Even so, he is extremely adept at doing things, even when he had just learned them. Kenshi had dozens of teachers and always seemed eager to learn.
  • Reflexes: Kenshi is capable of dodging high-speed mecha offensives, catching knives in mid-air and dodging bullets. Again, the core of these abilities came from his play with Ryo-Ohki, but in the final years of his training he was also taught by the finest Juraian warriors, such as the incomparable Misaki Masaki Jurai.
  • Survival Skills: Kenshi has great skill in hunting, fishing, and foraging - so much so that he does not need money to buy food for himself. Kenshi seems to have honed his skills her on two fronts, in the mountains and waters of his forested home and also on the tropical paradise, Tabletop Island where the locals often lived off the land. His resistance to using money may have come from the frightening lessons of Ringo Tatsuki, whose economic scoldings strike fear into the toughest warriors.

    Kenshi's mecha The White Seikijin

  • Piloting Skills: Even at the start of the anime, Kenshi has demonstrated powerful and intelligent tactical attacks and reflexes while piloting his personal white Seikishi. He has even used his tail in combat, something that does not appear to be used conventionally. Part of his abilities would come from abilities inherited from his mother, who was created to be a Seikijin pilot, but he would have also benefited from strategic and tactical training from Galaxy Police officers, existing mecha pilots like Seina Yamada and Kiriko Masaki and from the genius strategist Seto Kamiki Jurai who could be seen training him how to conceptualize the  building of virtual fighter  from the body to the weapons.
  • Sword Skill: Kenshi's skill with a sword is at a very high level. Kenshi learned his swordsmanship mainly from Katsuhito, a master swordsman with knowledge of secret techniques only taught to the most elite Juraian fighters. He also seems to have learned a slightly more forceful method from Katsuhito’s own grandmother, Amame Yotsuga, who was considered a “musclebound berserker” when she was a Juraian princess.
  • Hand to Hand: Kenshi is extremely well-trained in close combat. Easily dispatching entire groups of people. Possibly the greatest teacher for this prowess was his Aunt Minaho Masaki, an aikido master. Characters like Dird Shank are also expert and to hand combatants who could have taught him much.
  • Massaging: His massage is a little too good. It’s unlikely anyone at the Misaki household would have taught him massage directly,  but he would have been taught reflexology and medical knowledge he could use to make this effective from the likes of Washu. Washu’s hypnotism probably made him more easily susceptible to Mexiah’s own hypnotic suggestions.
  • Construction: Kenshi learned at the side of his father, an architect and builder. He may have also learned some basic mechanics from Kai Masaki, who possesses a natural expertise in fixing equipment which probably increased from the days he was fixing Seina’s seemingly destroyed bicycles.
  • Domestic Skills: Kenshi is a master chef, craftsman, aesthetician, and can quickly, expertly, and efficiently perform household chores. In the Masaki household Kenshi was exposed to multiple master level chefs including Sasami, Noike, Airi, and the one who inspired and taught them all, Seto.  Ayeka is a master seamstress, taught by Lady Funaho, who led the finest clothing craftsmen of Jurai. Aeka and others in the royal court would have also taught  him formal practices such flower arranging, tea service and etiquette. Sasami and Hakuren’s group (all trained as ladies-in-waiting to Seto, and acting maids for a time) would have naturally taught him all he needed to know to run a household’s chores.


  • In order to convince Tenchi and Ryo-Ohki to let Kenshi go to Geminar, Tokimi promised that, in the event of certain death, she would transport him home, though he would be forever banned from returning to that world.
  • He enjoys to dig out the crystals from the Swan because they remind him of Ryo-Ohki's ship.
  • He has about 3000 girls chasing after him for marriage by the end of the series, including the main female protagonists.
    • Masaki Kajishima actually devoted more than one doujinshi to the marriage process in Geminar. They describe more of a "studding" process (which are common among Seikishi) in which a talented male pilot would marry one of them, then after a time, marry another, only being married to one at a time. This should produce talented children capable of piloting as well.
  • Many of the girls at the Academy have requested Kenshi's massage the night before their wedding day.
  • Washu designed and built a mecha for Kenshi's use while on Geminar.
    • Kenshi's mother thought that it would be cheating, and banned the others from giving it to him.
    • It was named Yomotsuookami ("Charon Wolf" being a good fan translation) and was given to Kiriko Masaki, for use in the Renza Federation.
  • His mecha resemble a swordfish, given his name "Kenshi" means sword-bearer, fencer, or swordsmen.


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