Maria Nanadan (マリア・ナナダン?) is a character from War on Geminar.


Maria is the young princess from the country of Havoniwa who is currently attending Holy Land Academy in the Holy Land along with Lashara. She and Lashara are cousins, but they are not fond of each other and attempt to engage in constant one-upmanship. She is very close to her servant Yukine, and is rarely seen without her. Maria is the daughter of Flora, and along with Lashara is frequently embarrassed by her mother's antics. She supports Yukine into having Kenshi fall for her and has recently shown that she too has feelings for him, but she has not yet acted on those feelings and instead wants Kenshi to marry Yukine so that he can become her attendant. 

Her mother has also shown love for Kenshi, even to go as far as proposing to him alongside with Aura.


Maria and her mother share their last name with the comical, but villainous, antagonist in Photon: The Idiot Adventures, Sir Papacharino Nanadan.


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