Matori (真鳥) is one of three humanoid servants summoned by the warped antagonist Yugi in Tenchi in Tokyo. The one female of the trio, in contrast to Tsugaru and Hotsuma, Matori is also distinguished by her black hair and the red marks on her face. Her specialty is that she can create guardian spirits from inanimate objects.

Tenchi in Tokyo

Matori first created a spirit called Daidara Hoshi by tricking the girls, (minus Sasami and Washu) into constructing him. Matori then created a fake Nobuyuki to kidnap Sakuya and draw out the real Nobuyuki and Tenchi in order to bring Tenchi and Sakuya together. During Yugi's attack on the Masaki shrine, Matori severs the dimensional tunnel from Tenchi's side so the girls could not escape to Tokyo.

Near the end of the series, Yugi assigns Matori to kidnap Sasami to make her part of her kingdom. Despite her initial opinion of preferring to kill Sasami with the others, Matori carries out these orders, and with her guardian spirits she easily destroys Ayeka's defense system and almost kills Ayeka herself. Matori then kidnaps Sasami and takes her to Yugi.

When Tenchi breaks free from Yugi's illusionist dimension, Matori attacks him but is driven back when the Masaki clan appears in Yugi's dimension. Sasami then tries to convince Yugi to give up her mad scheme. After Matori suggests to Yugi that they should just kill all of them, in a fit of anger Yugi vaporizes Matori.

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