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Detectives Mihoshi and Kiyone.

In the Tenchi Universe continuity, like the other characters, Mihoshi's background and some of her characteristics are different from the OVAs. Galaxy Police detective Mihoshi is partnered with Kiyone Makibi, and together, they are known as "Miho-Kiyo" (a portmanteau of Mihoshi and Kiyone coined by Washu in the episode "No Need for Resident Officers").

Unlike her OVA counterpart, who is dedicated and competent despite her ditziness, Mihoshi is more of a comic relief and a "dumb blonde" whose constant bumbling and blunders would often cause trouble for the group (especially for Kiyone and Washu). She's extremely dependent on Kiyone for everything, which causes a lot of stress for the latter. She also doesn't exhibit her feelings for Tenchi like in the OVAs, but retains her show of gratitude for helping her and Kiyone.

Mihoshi is stranded on Earth after chasing the space pirate Ryoko to Tenchi Masaki's house in Okayama and getting into a fight with them. Unable to get home without her ship, Mihoshi sends a distress signal which reaches Jurai's Princess Ayeka who also crashes on Earth. Following Ayeka comes her sister Sasami and then the universe's greatest scientific mind, Washu.

Shortly after, Mihoshi's partner Kiyone is forced to come to look for her missing comrade. Kiyone was more than happy with letting Mihoshi stay lost or possibly dead, but is ordered to find her partner and patrol the Solar System. Though Mihoshi cares for Kiyone and considers them inseparable best friends, Kiyone is constantly frustrated with Mihoshi's incompetence which is the cause for the major roadblock in her career as a Galaxy Police officer.

In Tenchi Muyo! in Love, Mihoshi travels to the past with the other girls in order to keep watch over Tenchi's mom, Achika Masaki, when an escaped GP criminal wants to destroy their family line. After travelling back to 1970 Tokyo, she and Kiyone take jobs at Achika and Nobuyuki's school.

In Tenchi Forever!, Mihoshi and Kiyone infiltrate the Galactic Academy in order to steal their dimension stabilizing technology to bring back to Earth to aid in their search for the missing Tenchi.


  • The movie, Tenchi Muyo! Daughter of Darkness. and the series, Ai Tenchi Muyo!, both have tenuous connections to Tenchi Universe, but are their own distinct continuities and Mihoshi's depictions in each can be found in the Other Spin-offs tab.