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Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure (colloquially called the "Mihoshi Special") is a standalone OVA starring Mihoshi. In this story, Mihoshi decides to convince everyone that she is really is a top-class Galaxy Police officer by recounting an important case that she and her former partner Kiyone solved some years ago. To make it easier to follow, Mihoshi casts Tenchi and the girls as the characters of the "ultra energy" robbery—a tale that gets more farfetched with every passing sentence....

Released in-between the first and second seasons of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, the Mihoshi Special is the first animated spin-off in the Tenchi Muyo! series, as it's not canon to the OVA and was released just over a year before the premiere of Tenchi Universe in 1995. The special also notably debuts in animation both Kiyone, who first appeared in Naoko Hasegawa's light novel One Visitor After Another: Hexagram of Love, and Pretty Sammy, Sasami's magical girl alter-ego who first appeared in the CD voice drama Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki CD Special 1 (Creation of the Universe Journey Across Space-Time).

Full Recap

Inside a dream, Mihoshi and Ryo-Ohki frolic about a forest mixed with fairytales. She steps on Snow White's (Ryoko) body, waking her up after eating the poisoned apple; she has a brief run-in with Little Red Riding Hood (Sasami); she somehow survives tasting The Evil Queen's (Ayeka) apples while the Queen herself passes out; finally, she and Ryo-Ohki come across the evil witch's house of gingerbread and candy from Hansel and Gretel, eating the entire building down to the last piece of candy, which Mihoshi accidentally chokes on.

At the Masaki residence in real life, Mihoshi is acting out the choking she's experiencing in her dream. Ayeka wakes her up and berates her for napping while everyone else is working. She then questions if Mihoshi is really in the Galaxy Police. At this, Mihoshi insists that she's a "B1 level detective" that's solved a lot of difficult cases, including the "ultra-energy matter robber" case that she now tells the others.

As Mihoshi explains, the case happened at the peak of the "galaxy economic crisis", when a space pirate was stealing ultra-energy time after time. Ryoko, however, interrupts the story when Mihoshi casts her the space pirate as her for the sake of simplicity. She also asks what "ultra-energy matter" is, anyway, but Mihoshi simply says it's "a matter with incredible, ultra-energy".

Back to the story, Ryoko raids a vessel for its ultra-energy matter, only to be confronted by a Galaxy Police officer cast as Tenchi Masaki. Meanwhile, after causing a mess with a mail cart on Galaxy Police Headquarters, Mihoshi enters her office and greets her partner, Detective Kiyone. As she explains, they've been assigned to investigate the ultra-energy matter robberies and rescue Inspector Tenchi, who was captured by Ryoko. Just then, Tenchi's self-appointed fiancée, cast as Ayeka, enters, and after being treated to tea by an "apprentice-detective" cast as Sasami, personally demands that they rescue Tenchi and beat up Ryoko (with Ayeka providing onomatopoeia sound effects) as well.

After "all kinds of hardships" (which Mihoshi refuses to elaborate on at Ryoko's request), Mihoshi and Kiyone manage to locate Ryoko's hideout. Kiyone asks why Ayeka insisted on coming along with them, and Mihoshi replies that Tenchi is Ayeka's last chance to get married, considering she's an "old maid". In real life, Ayeka angrily interrupts Mihoshi's story for calling her old, but Mihoshi insists that "Ayeka" is just a name she's using.

Back to the story, Kiyone, Mihoshi, Ayeka, and Sasami sneak up to the front door to Ryoko's hideout, but while Kiyone attempts a stealthy approach, Mihoshi simply presses the doorbell, to her partner's fury. Thankfully, nobody answers.

Inside, Ryoko and Tenchi have already had plenty of sake to drink. Tenchi takes a look at the time and tries telling Ryoko he needs to leave, but Ryoko says the "best part" is just about to begin. Naturally, she means putting moves on him, but just as she pins him to the floor, Ayeka and the others barge into their room. Seeing her fiancé in a compromising position throws Ayeka into a rage, picking up the coffee table and wreaking havoc. Ryoko tries fighting back, but she slips on a sake bottle and gets captured.

A sweep of Ryoko's home uncovered no ultra-energy matter, but Kiyone speculates that Ryoko could've been collecting it for someone else. They then discover inside Ryoko's photo album a picture of her with none other than the galaxy's greatest mad scientist, Dr. Washu. Mihoshi notes that this is very fishy. Not only that, it actually smells like burning fish....

In real life, everyone realizes that the smell of burning fish is real and coming from inside! They find Washu in the kitchen burning fish on the stove, and she complains that the device is too primitive for her to use just before she causes a fire.

Back to the story, Mihoshi approaches Ryoko in her prison cell aboard headquarters and asks that she help them apprehend Washu. Mihoshi genuinely believes that Ryoko is a good person who can reform if she chose, and Ryoko plays into her naivete to get Mihoshi to release her from her cell. As a news report tells, Ryoko snatched Tenchi for herself again and managed to escape aboard a shuttlecraft.

Nevertheless, after more "hardships" that Mihoshi doesn't elaborate on, they found Washu's space fortress. Inside, Mihoshi instructs everyone to follow her down a corridor, but she, Kiyone, and Ayeka end up getting stuck inside what turns out to be a roach motel. Ryo-Ohki, accompanying Sasami, runs toward a plate of carrots, and both she and Sasami fall down a trap door.

Kiyone, Mihoshi, and Ayeka wake up affixed to crucifixes and are greeted by Dr. Washu, who says that her great invention, the "Galaxy Destroyer", is already complete. Meanwhile, Ryo-Ohki wakes up Sasami and, speaking for the first time, instructs her to transform into Pretty Sammy. Upon doing so, the magical girl finds Ryoko and knocks her out with her magical baton before she can seize a tied-up Tenchi's chastity.

Washu activates her Galaxy Destroyer, with a head shaped like a Moai statue and two comical mallet-wielding arms that proceed to literally "smash" away spacetime. Kiyone tries telling Washu that if she destroys the Galaxy, she'll die along with it, but Washu doesn't care and refuses to deactivate the machine. Thankfully, Pretty Sammy and Tenchi arrive on the scene, and Sammy's magic frees Kiyone, Mihoshi, and Ayeka.

Washu attempts to attack Sammy and the others with a swarm of miniature "Mecha-Ryoko"s, but Sammy's magic redirects their attention to Tenchi, who runs away. She then fires a magical projectile that knocks the device that controls the Galaxy Destroyer out of Washu's hands. Kiyone runs forward and seizes the controller, but just as she tries arresting Washu, Mihoshi, running up behind her, accidentally slips on a banana peel and collides with her, causing her to fall into a gorge of pure energy. This energy suddenly becomes unstable, and Pretty Sammy tells everyone to run. Just as they fly away from their ship, Washu's fortress explodes. Unaware of what happened, Mihoshi believes that Kiyone sacrificed herself to save the galaxy, an act for which she thanks her.

By the time Mihoshi finishes her story, only Ryo-Ohki is still awake to listen to her. Mihoshi again thanks Kiyone for saving everyone, but unbeknownst to her, her partner is still alive. Trapped and freezing among the debris of Washu's fortress, Kiyone swears that she will kill Mihoshi!

The end credits are accompanied by a short Pretty Sammy music video. It shows Sasami falling in love with a hardworking Tenchi after a few encounters. At a beach, however, she has to throw a bottle of lotion at the back of his head as punishment for looking at a bikini-clad Ryoko and Ayeka. Later in winter, just as they're about to kiss, they're interrupted by a woman resembling Kiyone but with black hair and wearing a dominatrix outfit. Try as she might, Sasami can't fight against "Evil Kiyone" and her two henchmen and they abduct Tenchi into their spaceship. Undeterred, Sasami transforms into Pretty Sammy, and when she battles the spaceship in an open field, she uses her magic to conjure a giant sword that cuts the ship in two and causes it to explode. Tenchi survives the ordeal, and he and Sammy share a kiss just as the camera shifts upward.