Mitoto Kuramitsu (九羅密美兎跳 Kuramitsu Mitoto) is a supporting character from Tenchi Muyo! GXP, as well as Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki.


Unfailingly cheerful, Mitoto Kuramitsu is the daughter of Minami, wife of Nakita (who took her name), as well as the mother of Mihoshi and Misao. Mitoto works as sanitation engineer (cleaning lady) for the Galaxy Police. Although she is usually perceived as an airhead, when faced with a crisis she can show hyper-competence as a ship's operator with intimate knowledge of computer programs and security systems.

She met Seina when he was first taken from Earth to the G.P. Academy, and was taken by Seina's hair, which she constantly pets. Since then, Mitoto would be occasionally popping into Seina’s life from time-to-time, often helping him out during certain events in the boy’s life (like the time Seiryo held up Seina’s body enhancements so that the boy could wash-out, where she supervised Seiryo in cleaning toilets).

Mitoto shares certain traits with her daughter Mihoshi, namely her odd luck and carefree, yet clueless attitude. Also, Mitoto seems to have the odd habit of appearing in places where you least expect her to be; sometimes on a G.P. battle cruiser or a pirate ship, where she would be cleaning away without a care in the world. In the GXP novels, it is suggested that Mitoto is obsessed with cleaning, to the point that if someone denies her the chance to do so, she'll almost fall into a depression, and her ability to pop up anywhere is some form of innate teleportation, possibly inherited from her great-grandfather.

After her husband, Nakita, was implicated in the plot by the Shadow GP Army (although merely following orders), he was forced to resign his military position. This has him living at home a lot more, spending more time with Mitoto. Mikami suggests he's not too upset about the situation and that Mihoshi and Misao may expect a new sibling sooner or later.

There is a running joke that she knows almost everyone in the galaxy because she cleans for them. She as even been in General Daluma's "secret" fortress, and remarked on the cleanliness of its floors.

Other than appearing in the GXP series, Mitoto also made a brief appearance in the final episode of the third Tenchi Muyo OVA series, when she approved of Misao's proposal to Mashisu and had convinced the Kuramitsu family council to approve of the wedding.


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