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Momo Kawanagare is a primary characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo!.

Connection to Momotarō

New original characters in Ai Tenchi Muyo! are very loosely inspired by the popular Japanese folktale Momotarō. Momo is the gender-swapped version of the titular "Peach Boy."


Momo is a bright and positive girl that values everyone she meets and wants to make peace with all. Her trusting and idealistic personality borders on naivete but she tends to charm all she meets and inspires intense loyalty to those that know her.


Momo Kawanagare was a Juraian Princess being tasked with a mysterious mission that is described as her destiny. Just as she and her her only companion, her bodyguard Kurenai (but called Beni by Momo) are approaching their destination, a dangerous dimensional rift appears (unintentionally caused by an experiment performed by Washu) and causes their ship to crash and causes them to be stuck in times and places they didn't belong.


Washu tasks Tenchi Masaki with going into the past to find them and to execute a program triggered through his smartphone meant to return them. But the program fails and they are instead bounced around through different periods over the next few hundred years before settling in the present and both appearing as teenagers at the nearby girl's high school, Junai Academy, unaware of their true origins.

At Junai, Momo is the popular school council president partnered with her friends and fellow members, Hachiko, Hana Saryu, and Touri Fueyama. As soon as Tenchi arrives as an assistant teacher she seems immediately drawn to him, possibly partially remembering his attempts to help her when she first crashed. During a reelection campaign, a scandal was manufactured in which an out-of-context photo of Tenchi holding her was released but rather than trying to argue that the picture was a misunderstanding, she successfully argued that there should be no issue for a natural developing attraction and admitted that she felt close to him.

As her and Beni's presence start to cause tears in space-time that could destroy the galaxy, it becomes important to send them back to their original time. She and Tenchi end up jumping around different time periods again trying to find each other. Eventually they find each other and she admits she wishes she could stay with him but knows she's hurting her past self and her friends. Before Tenchi is able to successfully send them back to their proper time and place she expresses her wish to reunite with him, even though she knows they will not remember this time they spent together.

After she returns, her and Beni's presence is erased from the present. Apparently only Tenchi's group seems aware of what occurred. It is revealed that the far away land Momo was being sent to was Earth of several hundred years in the past. She and Beni settle in what will become the Masaki shrine. It is also shown that the ship's key she owned was actually the Tenchi's sword and that her consciousness may remain within, fulfilling her wish to reunite with him.