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No Need For Tenchi! is the first volume of the No Need For Tenchi! manga series, written and drawn by Hitoshi Okuda, The first volume of the series having the same title of series as a whole.

From the back cover of the Viz Graphic Novel:

The hilarious TENCHI graphic novel picks up where the first six animation episodes left off. The trouble and fun began when high school student Tenchi inadvertently released the legendary demon Ryoko from his grandfather's shrine. Turned out Ryoko was actually a marooned space pirate! Since she has become Tenchi's unwanted house guest, she has made it her duty to tease the hapless youth whenever possible. And soon other alien women came to plague Tenchi: Ayeka, an alien princess; Sasami, her mischievous sister; and Washu, Ryoko's mad scientist "mother." Not to mention Ryo-Oh-Ki, that adorable little spaceship who looks like a cross between a cat and a rabbit.

Since their epic battle with kagato, things haven't quieted down in the least. Now Tenchi's troubles double in the form of Minagi, a dead ringer for Ryoko, who attacks our hapless friends and then conveniently develops amnesia. Turns out she's just a pawn of alien warrior Yakage, who arrives soon after in hopes of stealing Tenchi's miraculous sword and kidnapping beautiful princess Ayeka!


In the English graphic novels, each chapter is numbered and preceded with the phrase "Tales of Tenchi." However, each volume restarts the numbering, replicating the number of each of the comic books as originally published by Viz.

The Genius

Double Trouble

Under Observation


Practice Makes Perfect

A Good Scolding