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Paradise War is a canon spinoff in the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki universe from creator Masaki Kajishima. Paradise War consists of three novels, the last published May 30, 2014. It takes place between the events of Tenchi Muyo! GXP and the events of War on Geminar.


(This is based off a reading of a rough machine translation and sections may be incorrect)


A girl hides in the bushes outside Shou's camping area. She gets an urgent feeling and considers what to do.  She saw Shou go off to snorkel and fish with Dird... and there's that toilet Shou uses. It should be safe to use, so she hurries in.

Just moments later, the door opens quickly and she is staring eye to eye with Shou….. "Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!"

Episode 7: Paradise Big Trouble

The girl's name is Karutia Zokeru. Shou was the only one that did not know she was spying on him from the nearby bushes. She sees everything Shou does alone in his tent. Everything. She was a net idol in space but is actually super shy, and now considers herself a great spy.

At the campsite, she squeaks out "Will you take responsibility?" Shou panics and yells that NO, he can't take responsibility! All the girls then punch him at once, knocking him out. they drop him in his tent and continue talking.


The conversation turns to who likes Shou. Dird says she likes Shou but also says she likes everybody! Alea likewise dodges the question and unconvincingly says she likes him only as a friend. Apuesta turns beet red, which is taken as an answer. Palty mumbles incoherently about what is proper at this stage. The strongest reaction is actually from Miron who turns red, shakes, mumbles about having romantic feelings, and runs off screaming, saying she has work to do. Karutia then talks about how everything she has seen of him makes her think he is a wonderful person.

With everyone watching, Karutia then walks back to the bushes and hides again.


Elsewhere, Mike joins a group hiding in a cavern behind a waterfall. It is a secret place for all the lower 16 pirate guild representatives to meet, presumably away from Minamida's eyes. They are secretly planning to join together as one, even against the 4 girls. It seems Karutia was Mike’s agent but she is no longer being cooperative.  Not that Mike wants her to be a spy, he wants her to be an idol again. All the females there agree that Mike is a creepy pervert and they don't really want anything to do with him. Yet, they are forced to follow his plan.


Shou again goes to use the bathroom- remembering to knock now. Returning, he looks at the brush but still can’t see a thing. He calls out to Karutia and she pops right up. Shou asks if she was the person that saved him from drowning at the cove when he fell. She admits she did so and he breathes a sigh of relief at finally knowing, and thanks her heartily. She tries to apologize for spying on them but he shakes away her apology, he understands completely that there would be spying going on. They may all be friends but they are still all fighting a “war.”

Battles are still on hold while Shou's request is considered and a large shipment comes in from space for Apuesta to handle. There are even building supplies... but not to build Shou's house. Jurai has sent materials to build a small resort to utilize some hot springs that are popping up. Shou helps catalog the items and realizes items have been stolen. Minamida looks into it but cannot make a conclusion yet.

Alea goes into the forest and meets a man hiding there. It is Alan, Loretta's soon to be ex-husband, Melissa's father, and Seina's one-time worthless crew member. He snuck himself in the cargo in place of the missing items. Alea covered for him and even stole some money from Apuesta for him. This is not to say she is happy to see him, her biggest desire is for him to stay away from her sister, and only took the money because he swears he can make it back quickly, a sure thing. She is frightening in her anger and won't listen to a word about him saying that he wants to reunite with Loretta.

Minamida comes to camp with news that the thieves were not from the island. Loretta is with him and asks Shou, Dird, Palty, and Apuesta to look out for Alea, who she says is acting strangely. They spot Alea going into the forest alone with a plate of sashimi. Shou follows. She gives Alan the food and what she says is the last money she has and asks him to just go. He tells her of his stupid plan. He came to the island to sell his services as a former partner of Seina Yamada to defeat the other guilds. She calls him scum and turns to leave. Yet, while he may be scum, he's also a bio-enhanced former GP officer and grabs her and tells her that "it will work, he'll pay their debts, come back to Loretta and they'll all be a happy family again!" Shou jumps at him to save the day, but swiftly gets knocked down by Alan and badly shaken. Alan runs off and Alea lends the dazed Shou a shoulder. They meet Loretta on the path. Alea admits that Alan is hiding somewhere. Loretta hands Melissa to her and goes to track him herself.

Minamida finds Alan in the forest and reveals that he's Seina. Alan tries to convince Seina that he owes him for helping him out when Seina first arrived in space. In fact, he should give Alan some money, since he owes him so much. The disgusted Seina just tells him the GP has issued orders to take him into custody on sight. Alan quick draws a gun on him but before he can even say anything, the gun is knocked out of his hand by Loretta, who just arrived. Alan tries to ask her for help too. She points out that he abandoned her, without a word, and left her with their mountain of debt. He pulls another weapon and points it at Loretta. This "Loretta" actually blows up in flash of light, blinding him, and the real Loretta comes out of hiding a couple feet away and punches him in the stomach hard enough to bring up blood. She tells him that he really should remember that his ex-wife was a pirate. He collapses, swearing on the way down. He is taken in and prepared to be turned in to Galactic authorities.

Paradise 3 tease


While the group is having lunch and teasing Alea about being "saved" by Shou. Miron arrives and says Minamida needs to talk to Palty. Palty leaves to talk with him and surprises everyone by not returning. Karutia reports that Palty's mother has been arrested, but she did not hear why. Palty refuses to come out of her house over the next week and doesn't come to the summer school session. Miron refuses to break her confidence. Karutia comes up to Shou and tells him she knows a place where he can see Palty.

She leaves him at a secluded beach by Palty's house, largely hidden from the rest of the shore. Palty meets him there, leans against him and cries. They also hide when the other girls coincidentally wander nearby, on their own search for her.

At her house, Palty starts telling him her story. Her mother was arrested for human rights violations for using the procured sperm of a Juraian Royal, without his consent, for artificial insemination. She was also charged with murder, as she had systematically killed anyone who could reveal how she procured it and those involved in the insemination.

The investigation was spurred after she had such a drastic reaction to having the mud thrown in her face. Palty was so concerned that she asked for a deep psychological scan to be performed, which recovered repressed memories. She already knew she had been quarantined as a child, her mother said she had been sick, but it seems the real truth is that she found raising a child to be bothersome, so she fixed it so Palty's age would be accelerated and she would be given sleep learning. In her memory, she was in a box, apparently the aging device, she heard her mother arguing with a woman who then screamed. The woman came over to Palty with a blood-stained face and smiled at her. She then heard a gunshot and blood spewed out of the woman's mouth, all over Palty's face. With her last breaths she wiped the blood from Palty's eyes and smiled at her again. After the woman fell, she saw her mother, her face contorted with an evil grimace, close the box again. She cried in the darkness until she passed out.

When Palty cried to Shou that she was worried she might inherent her mother's cruelty, her ability to murder, and even the possibility that she too could hurt a child so horribly. Shou hotly protested, telling her clearly that she was gentle and kind... if maybe occasionally mischievous, and that he had no doubt she would be a wonderful mother. She thanked him with tears in her eyes.

Just as Shou thinks Minamida's kindness and understanding could help in this situation, he hears his voice from the hallway, saying he has somewhere to take Palty. Palty welcomes him and asks if he'll hear a question she has. They sit, and she ponders if the best thing for those that were hurt by her mother’s actions would be for her, Palty, to disappear. She asks Minamida, "if you, with your tremendous probability bias, were in my situation, what would you do?"

This stuns him for a moment, it's the first he's heard that they know his identity, but after thanking her for her confidentiality, he tells her that she must live and live well, if not just for her, for the woman who tried to save her. He tells her that the woman was a doctor in the Daluma guild. While taking care of Palty, she realized that her mother was using her daughter and she planned to send her to the family of the Juraian Royal (the father himself was dead).

Minamida suggests her pain comes from the fact that Palty, even now, is searching for a connection to her mother. What she needs to do is to completely abandon her, cut off all ties, and erase proof that they are even related. Shou is stunned at the idea of abandoning a mother, no matter how bad, but Minamida insists that Palty needs to find value in herself.

Seina tells them of the unhappy circumstances of his own early childhood. His parents, especially his mother, thought his bad luck could be a curse, and even tried consulting occultists and fringe religions for help. Seina was miserable too, everyone, including adults, avoided him. He was constantly being hurt, often secluded alone in a hospital and in constant pain. It got to the point that, even as a child, he thought it wouldn't be so bad to die. It wasn't until kindergarten, when met his first friends and was accepted by those in Masaki Village, that he started feeling accepted. So, Minamida's solution is to find those that accept you and to relish them.

He reveals that her Juraian father’s family would be eager to accept her and that she has a choice, she can stop being a pirate and join her royal Juraian family, or finish her work and stay with those she knows here. But she does not need to decide immediately. In the meantime, there are people who want to see her.

Palty asks Shou to go outside first as she gets ready. As Shou leaves, he realizes that Palty is not the crying girl he met on the beach, that she is getting her strength back.

Outside, Shou and Minamida talk about how the cabbits fix his probability bias. One always has to be very close, at his side if possible, and the others within half the distance of the island. When all four are away from him, such as when they are training Shou, he relaxes alone in his sparse living room so he doesn't affect others.

When Palty comes out, Minamida takes her and Shou to the campground and reveals it to be a party for Palty. The girls, Mike, Ichiro, Tomi, and everyone who was concerned about her have gathered to see her. Palty turns around to Minamida and confirms that she will be staying on the island.

Paradise 3 group bath

Episode 8: Paradise War Restart

One morning soon after things have settled, Miron takes the entire school body on an impromptu school field trip to the new hot springs resort and community center. Shou literally gets dragged into one of Mike's multiple attempts to peek on the girls and is trapped in the water while they come in to bathe. Karutia hides him while the girls talk about their feelings for him. While the girl’s backs are turned to respond to one of Mike's peeping attempts, Karutia pulls a faint Shou out and he escapes. Most of the guys end up badly beaten, especially an unrepentant Mike. Somehow, a sense of manly camaraderie is raised and Shou, possibly thankful for the distraction he provided, tells him he'll do what he can to get him a video from Apuesta's merchandise stock.

That evening, Miron treats everyone to a lavish buffet and they all end up drunk from the effects of a fruit from Imuim. Shou wakes up with a bunch of passed out guys in their communal room and finds graffiti written all over his upper body. Wanting to wash off, he finds only a single spring open, which he fails to notice is a nighttime mixed bath. Shou is first in but Miron comes right after. He tries to excuse himself, apologizing, but she pulls him in. Soon after, Dird, Alea, Palty, and Apuesta come in and discover them together. They start scolding him but the mood instantly lightens when Dird says she doesn't see what's wrong and jumps in, soaking everyone and their skimpy towels. The others laugh and realize that Shou is not the type to do what they are accusing him of doing. And even Palty admits, it is a mixed bath after all. Possibly due to them all being affected by the fruit, they end up having a pleasant, if hazy, night.


The next morning, Minamida arrives at the resort to tell Shou that a decision has been made. "In exchange for the banning of the sonic weapon, Shou gets to request the use of any specific weapon or rule change." Shou's proposition was accepted, but with a slight variation. The proxy war will resume the next day, and it will be based on Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) just as Shou requested. However, it will not be normal Janken, it will be Yakyūken (lit. “Baseball Fist”)... Strip Janken.  Mike applauds the method. The girls start wondering if maybe Shou isn't such a nice guy after all. Karutia is close to crying.

Not surprising Shou at all, this change was Miron's idea. But it was also a way to get certain male members of the deciding factions to agree. However, the guys are at a disadvantage because they normally wear less clothing layers. To get the most powerful guilds to agree, the main four girls also get to wear another 3 layers. Guys in the matches will have three items of clothes, girls will have five, and the top guilds will add 3, making 8 layers. But in the end, as all are minors, the removal of the final piece of clothing will be obstructed digitally by a special optical field. The girls breathe a sigh of relief at this last revelation, Mike cries a wail of frustration.

Some attempt to train, Mike tries to figure out how to fool the obstructing field, Shou feels a little nervousness. Dird, Alea, Palty and Apuesta go to Tomi's store to shop for panties.


MC Miron

The competition is at the new ballroom of the resort, a stage has been prepared, Miron is set as the MC of the event, food is served, referees are set, a big drum is set to play along to the shamisen music. Mike is up first and loses to his own creepiness. He gets punched in the face (while trying to "help" take his opponent’s clothes off) and Karutia takes his place because he can't stand. When Karutia loses her third piece, Mike jumps up to see, but because he can stand, he has to come back and play in his own place. But since Karutia lost three pieces, that means he must too, and has lost. No one wants to see that, and everyone moans and turns from the stage. Karutia gets to keep from stripping completely.

Shou ends up going against each girl in each round without losing a single toss. As a girl moves their arm from their chest and takes off her bottoms, big black bars appear over their breasts and crotch. Each girl loses in their own fashion. Shou does lose one piece of clothing when he gets distracted by Dird’s underwear and forgets to throw a sign (actually done by pressing a button). Dird loses with good nature. Apuesta is shy and Shou actually gets irritated at the guys when they cheer her loss and his win. Palty wins with dignity and grace, refusing the jacket Shou offers her and shaming the onlookers as she passes. Alea stays obstinate and sure she’ll win until the end.

Before Palty’s match, Ichiro (who conceded without a match) and Mike (face swollen from multiple beatings) talk about how things are “going according to plan.” At one point, the scene cuts to annoyed pirates watching the proceeding and calling it a farce but one declares, "Let them play, at the end, we will show our power."


Shou is cheered by all at a celebration event. Oddly, Miron, the MC, seems depressed and wanders off.

Minamida congratulates Shou, he takes his glasses off and shows him his real face to say how much he reminded him of his younger self and that he will welcome him to space.

The girls ask Minamida if he knows what the meaning was of a strange number was that displayed on a monitors during the matches. Shou types on a communication portal and finds an answer. When he tells them, they all scream.

Shou, (missing that conversation) leaves his own ceremony early to find Miron back at her house. She is drinking and despondent. She tells Shou that she’s actually a virgin. She really was hoping that Minamida would attack her and take responsibility. But he didn’t, and now that she’s a regular human whose job is finished, her memory will be erased. That was the deal.  She ends up crying on him.  Shou can’t help but think of her as cute, like an abandoned kitten. He slowly tells her how Minamida explained that, as a minor, he’ll need an adult legal guardian when he goes into space, but he knows his parents can’t do the job. And while it’s supposed to be a reliable person, and he’s not sure she fits that description, would she like to take the position and come to space with him?

A delighted Miron switches tactics and starts teasing Shou, calling his offer a proposal and describing how scandalous it is, he’s a minor, she’s a teacher, but if Shou is going to be rough with her… BANG!, the door slams open to reveal five livid girls (including Karutia) yelling at Shou.

The figure on the monitor showed viewership numbers, unbeknownst to them, the entire thing was broadcast across the galaxy! They also turn on Miron, who they know had to know it was being shown to the outside groups connected to the battle, so maybe she knows how it spread to Galaxy wide broadcasters? It seems the simple fact is that the entire galaxy was an interested party. Who wins the stakes of the proxy war was important to everyone. But to the girls, the blame has to come back to Shou. He was the one that decided on Janken, he was the one that beat them and stripped them down for the galaxy to see.

“Take Responsibility!” is the cry heard from five screaming girls.


Suddenly an alarm lights up in Miron's cabin and a monitor appears in the room. “A fleet of pirates is approaching Earth. Return to Base!"

Episode 9: The Final Episode of Paradise

(as this chapter has a discoverable fan translation, this will be a briefer synopsis. For this chapter, "Minamida" will be referred to as Seina)

From the base Shou used to train, they have all gathered to hear a message from a huge pirate fleet to surrender Banjo Island to them, they will be the rulers of the new country.

According to Seina and a broadcast from the island's previous owner [not named, but presumably Lady Seto], they are on their own, they have to defend the island themselves. Seina gives Shou the literal "keys to the island." When Shou inserts and turns them, it reveals a tremendous volume of controls and the lights in the base's dark interior, revealing a giant tree and a stream flowing throughout the deck. The girls recognize it as a ship's bridge and Seina confirms it, Banjo Island is actually a 4th generation Royal Juraian Tree Ship.

Mike and Ichiro arrive and reveal that Karutia raised the alarm around the island and everyone is ready to help.

Shou gives the official announcement to lift off but Seina gives further instructions to the cabbits who jump to their stations, put the ship in stealth mode and make a short hyperspace jump to the other side of the moon.

Karutia, the well-known idol, announces to the Federation, via the network that broadcast the matches, that they are being invaded but refuse to give in to the illegal infraction.

Paradise Banjo Island ship

Banjo actually has enough power to destroy the entire fleet from afar, but they want to show a coordinated attack and refrain from destroying ships that will rightfully belong to their new nation. A plan is made to send Dird, Alea, Palty and Apuesta to the command ship in their Guardians and capture it. Seina takes D with him and takes off in Zinv to project a field over Earth to obscure the coming battle from the surface. M, F, and K stay with Shou to help operate the ship.

The pirates are readying to attack the island when Banjo Island disappears from their sensors and they find that they are suddenly under attack themselves. Banjo doesn't mean to deal great damage with this act, it is mainly a cover so the girl's Guardians can get close enough to the command ship.

However, the pirates predicted the infiltration tactic and when the girls rush into the command deck to ambush the commander, they find themselves surrounded by pirates with rifles drawn and willing to fire. The commander hails Shou to tell him to surrender, or the girls die. M notices a weakness and the cabbits remotely set a command to the girl's Guardians. Shou shouts, "Sensors off!" The girls immediately know what he means. The moment they turn off their outer sensors, the Guardians emit Shou's sonic attack, the sound of nails on a blackboard, or to space-travellers, the sound of a ship's hull breaking. The pirates there and those on other ships listening in collapse in instinctual terror, many become sick and vomit. The girls immediately attack, knocking out some, plastering others to the walls with gel.

As this happens, Banjo's guns attack the fleet's engines, disabling them and making it impossible to escape.

Having suffered the sonic attack, the commander and everyone else in the fleet, have no will to resist when Shou commands them to surrender.


(a lot of the conclusions presented here have been retconned in OVA 5)

They return to Earth and park Banjo as an island once more and celebrate. They all recognize their team effort and know it could only have been pulled off because of their experiences in the proxy battles, knowing how to turn their sensors off for such an attack.

The former owner of the island broadcasts a message to them declaring that the formation of the new nation has been approved by the Galaxy Federation and Shou has been declared Pirate Nation's representative. Seina tells them that their first mission will be to take Banjo and travel to Federation headquarters to be recognized as such.

Shou reaffirms to Miron that he wants her to come with her but emphasizes that it is in no way a marriage proposal. She makes little evidence of believing that last part.

The other girls then remember their humiliation in the galactic broadcast and once again ask how Shou is going to "take responsibility" for it. As he gets backed into a corner, he activates his Guardian and flies away. The girls activate their own and speed off in pursuit as the islanders laugh joyously.


Paradise 3 group