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This is a list of planets, empires and organizations featured in the Tenchi Series

The Galaxy Federation

The Galaxy Federation, Galactic Federation, or Galactic Union, was formed with the alliance of its two largest nations/empires, Jurai and Seniwa. Creating multiple institutions within. Smaller empires and planets with intergalactic travel capability soon followed. It is now the largest alliance of nations in the galaxy. Its governmental arm can also be called the Galactic Union.


The planet Jurai is the home planet of The Jurai Empire. The empire is the largest galactic empire in territory but, being closer to the edge of the galaxy, has less stars and planets. See main article for more detail.


The planet Seniwa is the home planet of the Seniwa empire. Their galactic empire contains the most stars and planets, consisting of 943 planets.

The home planet is the home world of all members of the Kuramitsu Family. Once upon a time it was an active hub of the empire's business but was eventually declared a nature sanctuary where only the ruling family and their support staff can live. The climate where the family resides features extreme winters.

The empire was, for a long period of time, in a cold war with Jurai, and the consequences of this lead to Washu losing her husband and child. When the Galactic Federation was formed, Seniwa had the largest military presence in the galaxy, which means that the Galaxy Army and Galaxy Police is still made up of more Seniwans than any other nation. Seniwa has a representative government but the Kuramitsu Family has ruled in an executive capacity for tens of thousands of years, the Galaxy Police was created directly from the personal army of the Kuramitsu leader. See main article for more detail.

Galaxy Academy

Though it is called an academy, it is actually the size of an entire solar system. It functions as a center of learning, not just at the collegiate level, but also in the high school and junior high school level. Yosho, Airi , Washu, Dr.Clay, Naja Akara, and many others are alumni of the Academy. Airi works as the Chairwoman of the Academy, so she is assumed to be in charge of all of it. In the past, it was the Imperial Academy, under Juraian control. However, tensions between Jurai and Seniwa led to negative consequences for certain people, which led to a movement, led by Washu, to make it independent, which succeeded. The core institution predates the Galaxy Federation, when it was known as the Juraian Imperial Academy or Jurai Royal Academy.

Galaxy Police Academy

A portion of the Galaxy Academy, it is used to train future Galaxy Police officers. Seina, Kiriko, Amane, Mihoshi, and Noike are all alumni of this academy. Mikami Kuramitsu was in charge of this part of the Academy, prior to her promotion to head of the entire GP.


Airi (Magma) Masaki's planet of origin. Many ancient artifacts of the Great Prehistoric Civilization were found here, giving them a head start on advanced technology and giving them figures to base their religion on, based on the Choushin. The planet and empire were a galactic power, a theocracy at the center of the most dominant religion in the galaxy, until they were led to ruin almost over night. The serial killer Widow inspired a psychosis in the populace that led to much of the populace killing each other or committing mass suicide. See main article for more detail.


The home world of Neju. Melmas is a theocracy ostensibly headed by a High Priestess with a high council serving underneath her. However, at some point the council covertly usurped most of the power and devised ways to control the high priestess, leaving her merely a powerful figurehead. The Melmas high priestess is a person with extremely powerful psychic powers that the council controls by freezing her age before reaching full maturity and potential. A high priestess rules for an unknown amount of years before appointing a successor and retiring to the secular life, at which point they are usually forbidden to ever leave the planet again. Political intrigue seems to be common, as Seto and Neju explain how former high priestesses face the possibilities of imprisonment, banishment or assassination after leaving office. Following Neju's retirement, the planet is ruled by her successor, Ciel na Melmas. Neju was able to escape her planetary seclusion by gaining the support of Jurai and enrolling in the Galaxy Academy and serving as a GP officer, eventually gaining permanent security by marrying Seina Yamada.


The planet Washu appeared on as a toddler at the door of an orphanage with no memories and only her gems in her possession. Kanamitsu, at the time, was an important agricultural planet with fertile lands and wide oceans well suited for fishing. It was on the edge of Juraian territory and especially susceptible to pirate raids looting their products. A third generation Juraian Royal Ship was stationed at the planet but it still suffered raids as a single ship, no matter how powerful, could not effectively defend an entire planet. It is unknown how the planet may have changed in the next 20,000 years.


Officially named "Jurai Resource Planet No. 17," Imuim is a mostly aquatic planet that is also a popular vacation destination. Giant trees evolved from seaweed form the center of small tropical beach islands and convert salt water to fresh water. A possible side effect of the process is the production of pheromones in the air that remove the inhibitions from the visitors (similar to alcohol), up to an extent. Seina visited the planet for a two week vacation accompanied by Kiriko's group and the Renza girls, as well as (Mirror) Seto (acting as Seto), Ringo, and Mikami.

Pirate Nation

A new smaller independent nation state or independent federation(?) made up of pirate guilds and former pirate guilds. It may or may not be a part of the larger Galactic Federation. Formed during the events of Paradise War, it is made up mainly of former Jurai territory and the pirates have been given jurisdiction of the planets within. Its leader is now, technically, Earth. But it could maybe be considered more of a neutral state that organizes the rest.

The Pirate Nation foundation bears an interesting similarity to the founding of the Jurai Empire. Jurai was made of former pirates and is now led by four houses. Presumably, the four houses of Jurai were originally four pirate guilds that united and formed their new nation.

Balta Kingdom

Formerly the Balta Pirate Guild, it seems it was originally part of Jurai, but became autonomous and broke off to form an independent kingdom. Its commander than became its king, King Balta. Ryoko Balta is the princess of the kingdom, and was intended as the heiress, but declined so that she could stay with Seina. There was a plan to unite the shattered factions of Pirate Guilds and assimilate them into The Balta Kingdom, but it failed and the proxy war was created to resolve the issue instead. In the proxy war to determine the leaders of the new nation, Alea Balta was its representative.

Jurai Star Pirate Guild

A group of Juraians that split with Jurai to stay or return to piracy (Those that formed Jurai were formerly pirates).[1] In the proxy war to determine the leaders of the nation, Palty Jurai was its representative.

Daluma Pirate Guild

After the capture of General Daluma and his ship, the Great Daruma, the guild is only made of scattered remnants. In the proxy war to determine the leaders of the nation, Apuesta Daluma was its representative.

Shank Pirate Guild

The remnants of the Shank Guild after the defeat of Tarant Shank. In the proxy war to determine the leaders of the nation, Dird Shank was its representative.


The Earth is an odd case, entered into the proxy war as a neutral country, its representative, Shou Kukoma, won the war. It is also protected by Jurai and has a significant secret faction of Juraian representatives within. Because of its status as a developing world without interstellar travel capability, its inhabitants are not allowed to know of its place in its galactic alliance. There is, however, a faction that does know of the existence of the aliens on the planet and of its stature. The new head of its governmental branch in the pirate nation, Miron Pham, previously answered to this group and still keeps them informed.

The Renza Federation Planets

Associated article: Renza Federation

The home of Gyokuren, Hakuren, Suiren, and Karen, not much is known is about it except that it was not in the Galactic Federation. It already had a significant space piracy problem but it became even worse after the shattering of the Daluma Pirate Guild when it was also overrun with pirates fleeing Galactic Federation space. The four girls went under cover to find help with the original problem, which they found in Seina.


A rarely visited frontier planet of magical species and creatures. Seina becomes stranded here while looking for Airen and a safe haven to repair the damaged Zinv. Science cannot function anywhere where there are plants (the major source of magic flowing through an area). There is one spaceport on the planet, home to a small federation military base. In order for spaceships to land there and still function, it is located in a barren and dry desert that has no magical plants.


A planet where, 30,000 years ago, five 3rd Generation Royal Seed giant mecha were found, along with a treasure trove of other robotic and general advanced technology left by the Great Prehistoric Civilization. The five "legendary heroes" that claimed the five "Godly Knights" formed the planets and empires that formed their federation. The planet is now considered sacred and it's surface is kept in a pristine natural state. There is an underground bunker where representatives of the federation come for formal governmental meetings. This underground location is also the center of the federation's own academic institution.



A planet in another dimension. During the events of Photon, The Idiot Adventures, it was merely known as "Sandy Planet," and was not technologically advanced, however it secretly housed the "Anti-Ahou Generator" which could serve as a check on the out of control "Ahou Energy" in its galaxy or could rewrite the entire universe in the desired form of the operator. After its activation the planet became a green planet (shown to have identical continents to the Earth). After 10,000 years it became to be known as Geminar and eventually developed advanced technology on the cusp of interstellar travel capability. Unfortunately a war born from out of control Mechanoid creatures wrecked most of civilization and regressed it to one that did not fully understand the advances of the previous civilization. This led to the events of War on Geminar, in which Kenshi Masaki was sent to Geminar to battle the revived threat of the earlier civilization that could again cause the world's complete destruction..

There is a theory that the effect of the Anti-Ahou Generator was the cause of the dimensions splitting.

Earth (Dual)

The Earth(s) of Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure. This Earth first existed in parallel universes created by the event in Dual and then merged together again by the end of the series. This Earth existed a billion years before the present one and became the progenitor of a Great Prehistoric Civilization that was so skilled at seeding their human genome and culture that the present Earth and even the entire Solar System it inhabits appeared identical to the previous one. When Seina goes on his impromptu mission to save Fuku from Tarrant Shank's clutches, he realizes that the solar system he is flying through is practically identical to his own. The only difference is that the third planet is barren and dead, while the smaller fourth planet is the only habitable planet. It is later explained that for a planet to achieve interstellar space travel, it would invariably lead to the home planet's resources being completely depleted in the process.[2]

Mars (Dual)

If the third planet of the solar system Seina travels to is the dead Earth, that would make the planet he actually lands on the ancient Mars of its solar system, terraformed at some point. This is the planet inhabited by refugee Wau of unknown origin and used as a base for Tarrant Shank, where the guild's scientists analyze the captured Kamidake and perform cloning experiments on Fuku. It is also where Zinv is discovered sleeping in a cave with an astral copy of D.


  1. The name comes from "101 Tenchi Facts"(1994) by Yousuke Kuroda with notes from Kajishima. It may be a very obsolete name now, but no other formal name for the guild name could be found.
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