Play Date is the sixth episode of Tenchi in Tokyo .

It originally aired on May 6, 1997 in Japan, and on September 1, 2000 in North America.


Sasami ran away from home to stay with Tenchi for a while when Ryoko, Ayeka, Mihoshi and Kiyone tried to steal the money that she earned from the previous episode . While sight seeing Sasami entered a store, there she meet up with a girl and both became good friends, However the owner of the store trapped Sasami and her friend into a mirror world and has no intention to let them leave. Meanwhile with Sasami gone, The girls tried to cook their own breakfast.



  • Tenchi Masaki = Masami Kikuchi (Japaneses) Matt K. Miller (English)
  • Nobuyuki Masaki = Takeshi Aono (Japaneses) Bob Papenbrook (English)
  • Katsuhito Masak = Takehito Koyasu (Japaneses) Richard Cansino (English)
  • Ryoko Hakubi = Ai Orikasa (Japaneses) Petrea Burchard (English)
  • Ayeka Masaki Jurai = Haruhi Nanao (Japaneses) Jennifer Darling (English)
  • Sasami Masaki Jurai = Chisa Yokoyama (Japaneses) Sherry Lynn (English)
  • Mihoshi Kuramitsu = Yuko Mizutani (Japaneses) Rebecca Forstadt (English)
  • Kiyone Makibi = Yuri Amano (Japaneses) Wendee Lee (English)
  • Washu Hakubi = Yuko Kobayashi (Japaneses) Kate T. Vogt (English)
  • Yugi = Akiko Yajima (Japaneses) Debi Derryberry (English)



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