Sadako Ikarinu (イカリーヌ 定子, Ikarīnu Sadako) is a character in the Tenchi In Tokyo series.

She was created by Yugi to prevent anyone from interfering in the relationship between Tenchi and Sakuya until she was defeated by Katuhiko Amagasaki.


Sadako Ikarinu was known as a great wrestling fighter who attended school years ago, leaving nothing behind besides her mask, found by some students preparing the school festival.

His first appearance was in episode 15, during the preparation of the school festival. Trying to find a way to keep Tenchi and Sakuya entertained and uninterrupted, Yugi used her power in the lost mask to give life to a copy of the fighter Sadako Ikarinu, who appeared every time someone tried to stay between Tenchi and Sakuya, and in this case, it was Amagasaki, who was always thrown away without realizing who was doing it.

By the late afternoon, Ikarinu had pondered never having achieved a worthy opponent who could win it, but was impressed by Amagasaki's determination to always return. Amagasaki found her on the school terrace ready to face her. Despite suffering from a disadvantage at the start, Amagasaki envisioned Tenchi, Sakuya and his friends supporting him and cheering for his victory, giving him enough strength and courage to face Ikarinu, who was defeated by a counterattack. Even falling, Ikarinu was happy to have finally found an opponent of value, disappearing soon after, remaining only his mask, later was found by Amagasaki, who vibrated with joy to know that his opponent was Sadako Ikarinu


Ikarinu is a beautiful woman with short brown hair with a great physical development. She wears a wrestling swimsuit with the word IKA (short for her surname), with black and yellow boots, knee pads, an elbow on her right arm and bracelets. His face is always covered with a mask with a kanji


She is portrayed as a strong and determined woman, who does not retreat in the face of a challenge, but frustrated by never finding a rival in her height, until finding Amagasaki, who won it honorably, which made her very happy. It is worth remembering that it is a copy created by Yugi, which probably reflected the personality of the real Ikarinu, whose current whereabouts is unknown.

Powers and skills

Sadako Ikarinu possesses strength and agility similar to that of a woman of his age and physical who practices exercises regularly, these possibly amplified by the power of Yugi, so much that its eyes shine every time that it fights. Uses a series of consecutive strikes used in wrestling.

This character (or at least her name) was inspired by Ikari Sadako, the first professional wrestler, famous in the late 1940s and early 1950s.


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