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Seniwa is a planet and nation in the Tenchi Muyo! series. It is second only to Jurai in influence in the Galaxy, in some ways it is as powerful. The Kuramitsu family have been the rulers of Seniwa for tens of thousands of years.

The capital planet Seniwa is the original homeland of the Seniwan people. It eventually became the exclusive residence of the Kuramitsu family and support staff are the only people apart from the family allowed to live there.The planet is covered in snow and ice for much of the year.

The appearance of Seniwans mostly exhibit dark complexions, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Unlike in other humanoid races these are extremely dominant traits and even if they intermarry with people from other planets the children rarely show other features.

Before the formation of the Galaxy Federation, Seniwa was considered as powerful as Jurai. Their relationship at  this time could best be called one of a constant Cold War.

Around 20,000 years ago, when Washu Hakubi was just starting her career as a Philosopher at The Juraian Imperial Academy (as it was known then) there was disagreement among Seniwa's powers. Some wanted to move forward and open a better relationship with Jurai and others wanted to retreat further into their borders.

A tentative step forward was enrolling the planet’s young prince, Mikamo Kuramitsu, into the Science Academy under an identity secret to the public. He was a student under Washu, got to know her, and they fell in love. They married and had a child, Mikumo.

Kuramitsu Goodbye baby

Representation of Mikamo taking Mikumo away from Washu

At this time, Mikamo's grandfather held the most power and it was he that wanted to open a friendly relationship with Jurai. But his son was challenging him and when he died Mikamo’s father ordered his son to return. Mikamo stole away with Mikumo and returned to a planet and empire completely closed off from communication to the rest of the galaxy. Washu ended up trying to take her son back later but was informed how Mikamo’s plans to reopen their borders hinged on Mikumo taking up his cause. Having also seen that her son had made a home there she retreated.

Washu’s genetics also influenced later generations, with some descendants inheriting her and Mikumo’s lighter complexion and occasionally their green eyes.

Mikumo worked in the background for a long time, but he developed a private army that forced even higher officials to bow to his wishes. With such influence he  was named the next head of the  family and governmental body, becoming the charismatic and forward-thinking leader they needed. Gifted with long life by his mother, he stayed in power for over 10,000 years. Below him were also an Elder Men’s Association and an Elder Women’s Association that represented the family and shared power.

He opened their borders and formed an alliance with Jurai, creating the Galaxy Federation. The Jurai Imperial Academy became the Galaxy Academy and Mikumo's private army became the core of The Galaxy Police and Galaxy Army,.

Soon after the reappearance of Washu, Mikumo contacted her and she aided him in faking his death. Finally being able to escape the bonds of power and attempt a more normal life under a new identity.

Under the pretense of his apparent critical condition, Mikumo withdrew from politics and this led to the rise of other interests. The key figure of this was a member of another line of the family named Taima Kuramitsu. He was  secretly leading a plot to wrest power away from the Galaxy Police and the entire Federation and remake Seniwa into the military state it was before Mikumo. He  also believed Mikumo would name him as the next head of family, thanks to Mikumo's own children and grandchildren being thought of as unsuitable (Mitoto, Mihoshi, Misao) or confrontational (Mikami). Mikumo's second child, Minami, was considered the leading contender until his involvement in the Chobimaru incident (authorizing its use against the Earth).

When Mikumo was on his apparent deathbed and the family gathered together to be near, and also to hear his will, the family was surprised by the appearance of Washu, who was still considered lost for the past 5000 years. After witnessing his "death" alone with his nurse (his soon to be wife) Washu returned to confirm she was his mother and read the will. Mikumo named Minami the next family head, surprising Minami and stunning Taima. Taima and Mikami retained control of the Elder Associations.

Taima's other scheme to take control via the Galaxy Army also failed as Mikami and Seto revealed the plot and Seina Yamada disrupted his and Tarant Shank's attempt to seize and replicate the Kamidake II and Fuku. Taima and all co-conspirators were forced to quietly retire. At this point Mikami being the only person in charge of the Associations.

Kuramatsu ouch my neck

The Kuramitsu Family, ruling family of Seniwa. Mitoto, Nakita, Minami, Mikami, Misao, and Mihoshi.