Tenchi Muyo OVA3 Cover

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki is a twenty four episode collection of OVAs produced by AIC, initially released in Japan in 1992. The first two OVA series were later licensed and distributed in North America by Pioneer LDC (later Geneon), with FUNimation Entertainment taking over the rights for the third (and latest) series (FUNimation later rescued the rights to OVAs 1 and 2).

The distribution of the first OVA series was originally started in September 1992, and released six episodes that lasted until 1993. The first series was so successful that a seventh special episode was released in January 1994, followed by a second OVA series with six additional episodes that begun distribution in September 1994, and lasted for one year until September 1995. However, the second OVA series ended on a cliffhanger, and it wasn't until nearly eight years later in 2003 that a third OVA series was distributed in Japan. The third OVA series ended the Tenchi Muyo! OVA storyline with six episodes, followed by a special episode released in September 2005 that concluded the storyline. A fourth OVA series began to be released during Fall 2016.[1][2]


  • In the DC Comic book series Kingdom Come, the Japanese Tenchi Muyo logo appears as graffiti on a wall. It is known that the Painters have added this logo in the final draft.
  • The Light Hawk Wings have made appearances in several works done by Masaki Kajishima, one of the co-creators of Tenchi Muyo.
  • The Toonami version of the ending uses a 47-second version of the opening.


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