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Tenchi in Love is the seventh volume of the No Need For Tenchi! manga series, written and drawn by Hitoshi Okuda. The second half of the book is an abbreviated adaptation of the movie Tenchi Muyo! in Love and is not part of the continuing story of the manga series.

From the back cover of the Viz Graphic Novel:

In the official adaptation of TENCHI THE MOVIE, Tenchi & Co. must travel back in time to 1970s Tokyo to save Tenchi's parents! Was Tenchi's father actually young once? And what was it about Tenchi's mother, a Tokyo schoolgirl, that attracted the wrath of galactic villain Kain? Plus four original stories! A strange headband seems to make Tenchi more amorous than usual, much to the interest of both Ryoko and Ayeka; Washu builds a super-science phone-screening device to cut down on calls by telemarketers, only to attract extraterrestrial solicitors; a TV film crew descends into the madness of the Tenchi house; and Mihoshi takes her annual competency test with the Intergalactic Police Academy, only to be interrupted by... space bikers!


In the English graphic novels, each chapter is numbered and preceded with the phrase "Tales of Tenchi." However, each volume restarts the numbering, replicating the number of each of the comic books as originally published by Viz.

Puppet on a String

Phone Discipline

This Old House


Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi in Love