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"The Postman Always 'Shoots' Twice" is the first issue of the Tenchi Muyo! comic series.


A dressed-up man with large glasses lands his spaceship on a planet and goes to the front door of an alien's woman's home. When she answers and asks who he is, he introduces himself as a "hunter" and immediately attacks her with a laser blast. She survives, but her attempt to fight back with a gun doesn't work, and she gets blasted outside her home. She calls to her cabbit Tetin and makes her transform into a spaceship to go into the air, but the hunter also has his own ship named Astroth. Tetin fires a shot at Astroth, but it's deflected, and the alien woman has Tetin issue a distress call to all Galaxy Police in the area. However, Astroth attacks Tetin and sends it careening to the planet's surface.

On the ground, the hunter sends his animal to hunt down Tetin, and the wounded woman asks the hunter why he is doing this. He answers that everyone man needs a hobby before he stamps something on her forehead.

Inside the Masaki Residence, Sasami wakes up from a nightmare thanks to Ayeka chasing Ryoko around the house. She finds Tenchi cleaning a mess downstairs, and he tells her that Ayeka had gotten enraged after Ryoko spilled cake batter on her head while Ayeka was baking. Sasami then asks Tenchi if there's anything in the mail; when asked, she tells him that it's a surprise.

Meanwhile, an alien named Rob—who is the same "hunter" from earlier— is tasked by his boss to deliver a special package from planet Jurai to sector fifty-seven, a very remote part of space. He is told to deliver this package to Sasami, on Earth. After he boards his space "truck" to travel to Earth, a man named Dante trails him in his own spaceship and, styling himself as an up-and-coming criminal genius, decides to rob this ship to impress his girlfriend. Teleporting between ships, he comes across the Astroth—a large alien dog/rabbit hybrid—who is thankfully chained up, and steals Sasami's parcel.

Upon returning, Dante tosses away the package under the impression it's worthless and he tells his girlfriend that he has a business "date" with a woman named Ryoko, though he can't remember her name. He tells her he wants to take down Ryoko—a big-shot space pirate—a peg or two to further his career. He kisses her and has her depart on a small craft that happens to pass by the Galaxy Police cruiser Yagami.

Aboard the Yagami, Washu fixes a mechanical problem Kiyone and Mihoshi are having with their ship, though she's annoyed that they called out here and interrupted her research instead of calling for a mechanic. Mihoshi asks Washu what she's researching, and she tells them that she's looking into dimensional rifts and parallel dimensions, hoping to find a dimension of "negative matter" she can set free and use to destroy the universe.

Washu returns home through a dimensional door just as Kiyone and Mihoshi respond to an alert. They find a spaceship going at half the speed of light—far above the speed limit—but Kiyone abruptly stops pursuing it upon learning that it's a mail ship. As she explains to Mihoshi, the Galaxy Police operates the mail service, and whatever fine the mail service receives is essentially a bill the Galaxy Police must pay to itself. In other words, it's a waste of time and resources and a no-win situation for everyone involved.

Rob lands on Earth but gets frustrated when he learns that he lost the package he must deliver, believing that he probably left it back at the depot. He is met by Katsuhito and he tells him about his predicament. Katsuhito invites him inside the Masaki Residence for some tea before he returns to space. Inside, he is greeted by Sasami, Nobuyuki, and Ryo-Ohki, though he immediately becomes fixated on Ryo-Ohki. Katsuhito asks Rob if something is wrong, but he denies anything and gets up to leave. Outside, Sasami asks Rob if he'll be coming back, to which he answers he will certainly come back, with an evil-looking grin on his face.