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To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP light novel series. The very first volume in the series was written by Masaki Kajishima after the airing of the GP anime itself, and has built a steady readership in Japan.

This first novel updates and makes additions to material originally presented in episodes 1-4 of the anime, with some of episode 4's content being included in the next book.


Chapter 1

Seina Yamada is an unlucky boy, such an unlucky boy. Everywhere he goes he causes misfortune and constant accidents causing him injury. When he's around, anything that can go wrong, will. Most people avoid him, but today he is happy because his favorite person is visiting.

In anticipation, Seina is taking a slightly more dangerous but quicker bike route to go see this girl, Kiriko Masaki, visiting from Tokyo (or so he thinks). As he passes the land of his friend Tenchi, Kiriko's distant relative, his bike gets a flat tire. He uses the water in the lake by Tenchi's house to check for the hole. Something enormous then crashes into the middle of the lake, creating a huge wave that engulfs Seina and sweeps him into its depths.

He nearly drowns but receives CPR and is revived by a strange blonde woman in a bodysuit, Amane Kaunaq. She straightens out his garb, and asks if he would be interested in joining the "GP" and hands him an application before quickly excusing herself and suddenly vanishing.

Seina moves on to visiting Kiriko and her brother (his best friend, Kai) and causes her to laugh and misunderstand what happened when she sees Amane's lipstick on his lips. He wants to show her the pamphlet to prove his story but discovers he dropped it on the path. After having a slightly uncomfortable snack with them he returns to the path, picks the pamphlet up again, planning to show it to Kiriko the next day, and heads home.

When he shows it to his family, they all debate what it could be, but no matter what it is his mother, father and sister think the fact that someone wants him has to be a good thing. While also daydreaming what it could be, Seina absentmindedly fills out the application and then his mother and sister force him to put his thumbprint on it as a signature. Afterwards he retires for the evening, thinking of Kiriko.

When Seina wakes he finds a stranger watching over him in bed, Mitoto Kuramitsu, the mother of Mihoshi. She calls in the ship's captain, Onnainin, and Seina accuses them of kidnapping him. They show him his filled out and signed forms and even show him a video of his family saying it has to be for the best as they can now make more money at their store and won't have to worry about how his teachers are saying they won't help him move onto high school. Seina, mad about the situation, says he's leaving, he'll take the bus or train or what ever transportation to get back home. This is when he finally learns that "GP" stands for "Galaxy Police" (he and his family thought it was an amusement park) and that he is in space.

Chapter 2

Seina is given a brief tour, landing him on the bridge of a GP transport vessel. Mitoto accompanies him, constantly petting his crewcut. Seina is still convinced that this is an elaborate hoax. To prove it is not, they disengage the ship's gravity and Seina flails about before finally accepting that he is indeed in outer space and that he is among aliens.

He asks Mitoto about her rank in this organization and she clarifies that she is just there to clean things. Seina cannot help but notice how dirty the ship's bridge actually is and that it's odd that she is being kept from actually cleaning.

Seina learns how to work the ship's communications (which resembles an old rotary phone, but gives a video display of the person on the other side), and calls Kiriko's house with hopes to explain everything and maybe impress her. Instead he gets Kai, who tells him that Kiriko isn't home. All he accomplishes is teasing Kai about him being able to see him while Kai looks in increasingly unlikely places for him to hide. Kai thinks he's crazy when Seina tells him he's in space.

He's about to try his parent's store phone number to see if Kiriko's there but Onnainin tells him to come to the bridge for the hyperspace jump. Seina straps himself to a chair and eagerly prepares for a big "warp-speed" jolt and is disappointed when nothing happens. He leaves his chair and they suddenly almost collide with a ship in hyperspace, an almost impossible thing to happen. Seina is thrown across the room and lands uncomfortably but avoids injury. They have to drop out of hyperspace and find they are in a territory with heavy space pirate activity. Unknown to everyone, back when gravity was turned back on, Seina accidentally fell on some ship's controls and opened the ship's hailing channel. Nearby pirates misheard a bit about "important baggage" (Seina and Mitoto, their passengers) and decide to attack.

Not knowing this, Onnainin sends Seina back to his room while they perform repairs. Seina tries his call home again. It connects but he is bounced around between family members. They find her an he is finally about to talk to her when the call disconnects. It can't go through because the pirates are attacking. Seina returns to the bridge. It turn's out it wasn't only one ship that heard, dozens have arrived and converge on the ship. They try a random hyperspace jump but the pirates are able to follow thanks to their random jump program being predictable.

Mitoto comes up with the idea that the most random jump would be one imputed by Seina, who has no idea what he's doing. Instead, Seina's bad luck not only allows the present ones to follow, but with each of Seina's subsequent jumps he gathers more and more pirates, who all join the chase, until there are entire fleets on their tail, including the cowardly but dangerous Radi Shank, the head of the Shank Pirate Guild.

As the engine gives up due to overuse and everything seems hopeless, rescue comes in the form of the pirate hunting fleet of Seto Kamiki Jurai, the "Devil Princess of Jurai" and her imposing ship, the Mikagami. She broadcasts the "Surrender or Die" ZZZ command to all around. Knowing her reputation, the experienced captains turn off all power and broadcast around that anyone who wants to live should do the same. In all, over 489,000 ships are seized, the largest capture in known history. The only pirate ship that realized something was wrong and withdrew at the last moment was the ship of Ryoko Balta, who assesses the aftermath from a safe distance. The fleet does notice her but Seto dismisses her as "that Idol Pirate" and says to let her be.

Chapter 3

Seto's second in command, Minaho, contacts the ship and Hakuren, Gyokuren, Karen, and Suiren escort Seina, Onnainin, and Mitoto to the Mikagami and they discover firsthand the ornate layout and fantastic capabilities of a Juraian Royal Treeship. Minaho is put in charge of repairs to the transport ship.

Seina discovers that the Mikagami's interior is within subspace, detached from normal space, allowing adequate room for an entire planetary scale environment. It is unquestionably vast for something serving as living quarters for the Mikagami's minimal crew.

While aboard the Mikagami, Seina is shown to a guesthouse. Its dimensions approach half a football field in any direction, allowing for more furnishings than a visiting guest would know what to do with. He soon takes the opportunity to make another attempt to call Kiriko but gets no answer. At the same time, a person the book keeps secret is talking over the communicator with Seto, asking her to return Seina to Earth, as he is from a developing world and not allowed to travel in space.

Instead of taking this advice, Seto tells Seina of the restriction but tells him she will give the needed permission to stay in space if he promises to work hard as a member of the Galaxy Police. Seina expresses his extreme thanks and declares his eternal gratitude for this chance. Minaho and the commander of the supporting fleet, Kanemitsu Hirata, recognize this for what it really is, a trick to make Seina feel indebted to her.

Seto then hails Ryoko Balta's ship in the distance and beckons her crew to come meet Seina.

When the transport vessel is repaired and makes its next jump to the academy, once again they immediately get a pirate warning. They identify it as Ryoko's ship. Unlike the previous pirate encounter, the support staff, led by Alan, Barry, and Cohen, cheer wildly, restrain Onnainin, and welcome her aboard. It seems she really is an "Idol Pirate," a pirate whose coolness and beauty has created a rabid fanbase all over the Galaxy Federation. Ryoko offers Seina a spot on his ship, even saying he can be captain, but he refuses because he made Seto his promise and honestly he thinks being a pirate is not a good thing to be. She is surprised by the kind of person Seina is. She obviously finds the fawning crew distasteful and their treatment of their captain disgraceful but agrees to take some photos with them, happily claiming one of the photos with her and Seina for herself. She then lets them go on to the Academy. Alan, Barry, and Cohen then use these pictures, the first really high quality photos of her, to create a new fan club, charging exorbitant prices to share their stash.

Chapter 4

Upon arrival at the spaceport, Seina meets Mitoto's father, Minami, who is handling maintenance and Seina causes a series of accidents, even causing the final destruction of Onnainin's ship. One of these accidents sends Seina to the hospital and he awakes to find Amane at his bedside. She flirts with him and remarks how happy she is to see him, which Seina disregards as teasing.

He reunites with Onnainin who escorts him to the academy's immigration office. While his thoughts dwell on the promise he made to Seto, he is amazed to find Kiriko working behind the desk. It was her that was speaking to Seto about sending Seina back and she insists that Seina voluntarily return home. It bothers him to disagree with her but he remains steadfast in his decision to stay in space. She dismisses Onnainin, informing him that she is now Seina's guardian, and Amane barges in instead to argue. Kiriko is outraged that he was whisked into GP training due to Amane's mishandling, while Amane is pleased to see her account replenished with the completed referral. After continued arguing that spilled into the street, causing a scene, Mikami arrives, scolds the girls and sends them all to see Airi.

Airi Masaki is chief of the entire Academy and Mikami, Mitoto's aunt, is an older woman with a sweet disposition who is the principal of the Police Academy. Together they settle the argument, Seto gave permission and Seina wants to stay, so he stays. Amane is demoted from a Detective 2nd Class and told to be a GP Academy instructor. Kiriko, who broke a number of rules in her pursuit of sending Seina back, is also assigned to be an instructor.

Seina then meets with a number of aliens that work for Airi, including Erma, an alien of the Wau race, with soft fur and an animalistic face, who Seina has the odd feeling he's met before. Seiryo Tennan, another instructor, also introduces himself and tries to intimidate him, Airi explains how he has a prejudice against Earthlings that came from his duel with Tenchi. Seeing that he is confused, she informs him of Yosho/ Katsuhito's status and Tenchi's lineage, even that she is Yosho's wife. She doesn't appreciate when he accurately describes her as "Tenchi's Grandmother." Seina then goes with Airi to get his uniform and is finally dropped off at his dorm.

Key Differences

This light novel covers the content from episodes 1 through most of episode 4, but there are key differences between it and the anime.

  • Seina encounters a member of the Shank clan. This is earlier than in the anime.
  • Kiriko is tracking Seina's whereabouts and hacks the system in order to be posted at immigration when he arrives.
  • Hakuren, Gyokuren, Karen, and Suiren encounter Seina much sooner, receiving more attention and fleshed out personalities.
  • Seto has a short conversation with Mirror Seto, who is treated as an especially mysterious being. It is not clear how they are speaking or what is going on, just that Mirror Seto is telling Seto that she has met Seina before and Seto finds it strange that she does not remember it.