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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. Volume 10 was written by Masaki Kajishima to augment the events of episodes 18 and 19 in the anime. It is unavailable outside of Japan.


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During Seina's vacation on Earth, Jurai and the Galaxy Police are having pirate problems. Pirate raids are increasing and even when caught in the act, they are able to get away, even from the Mikagami. This is due to General Daluma's new plan to counter Seina's "bad luck" by loading his ships with lucky items, and sure enough, luck is always on their side. Reluctantly, the GP have to call Seina out of his vacation to deal with them. Sure enough, Seina immediately runs into them and his bad luck completely overpowers their good luck and he defeats their fleet.

In thanks for taking care of the problem and in apology for cutting the vacation short, Seina is given a week off on the pleasure planet, Imuim. Kiriko, Amane, Ryoko, Neju, Hakuren, Gyokuren, Karen, and Suirn naturally all come along, but Seto, Ringo, and Mikami also accompany them.

Knowing that Airi would also hear about this vacation and would try to invite herself too, becoming a nuisance, Washu helps the group by running interference. She abducts Airi to Earth and reverts the ages of her and Yosho to that of when they first met. At first, they both complain, but soon remember the feelings they had for each other around those ages and go off on their own- having their own special vacation together.

The Imuim vacation ends up having another purpose other than just just rest and relaxation. It has become apparent to all the girls that Seina has developed a serious complex about women. Seina believes that the danger that surrounds him makes it too dangerous to be around most people and that women especially couldn't ever have genuine romantic interest in him. So, during the vacation, each girl takes time with Seina trying to convince him that he is worthy of them and they may all have genuine feelings for him.

Meanwhile, General Daluma decides to alter his plan. Instead of spreading generic good luck items throughout the fleet, he decides to build one ship (based on the design of the Daidalos) that will contain the luckiest items available and have it captained by the luckiest captain he can find. To help in this task, he contracts the Tennan commerce group to gather and produce lucky items for the ship. Seriyo Tennan, who has been in a luxurious "prison" since being captured by Kyo Komachi, is released in order to help the Tennan group. He ends up in the tournament for command of the new ship, defeating Tarrant Shank in a duel. Temporarily, he loses command to Alan, Barry, and Cohen (in a game of Janken) but gains it again when they waste all of the new ship's budget and give command back to Seriyo.

Sure enough, when Seina comes against the new ship, the Unko, the Kamidake loses and has to run away. The do a little better when Seto performs the experiment of having the Kamidake and the Mikagami merge together- but the strain of the exercise hurts Fuku, and they have to run away again.

While Fuku recovers, Amane is asked to help the Galaxy Police in a presentation/fashion show for the Officer's new uniforms, designed by her family's fashion house. She's reluctant at first, but wants to show Seina what she was like as a model. She also has to deal with an old model rival, Vega, while Kiriko and Ryoko spy on them.