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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. Volume eleven was written by Masaki Kajishima to augment the second half of the anime. It is unavailable outside of Japan.


***Marked for revision, summary expanded, but still needs a more thorough rewrite.

The current head of the Kuramitsu family, Mikumo Kuramitsu, is in bad health. Apparently on his death bed. Members of the Kurumistsu family dynasty, immediate and extended, are standing vigil outside the hall to his room as his personal nurse cares for him.

Mikumo has reigned at the top of Seniwa’s government for more than 10,000 years but, until now, has not written a will or declared who will succeed him. Many in attendance care less for his health than for who he may announce as a successor from his deathbed. Taima Kurumitsu, a member of a branch family, is one of those that feels confident that he could named successor. Normally, a child or grandchild could be named, but he feels they have disqualified themselves. Mikami may seem respectable, but was a wild child in her youth that many felt embarrassed the family name. Minami recently was caught up in the Chobimaru scandal, No one would consider Mitoto, Mihoshi is still recovering from a mental injury and Misao is too young. Taima is accomplished and feels that his mixed heritage should endear himself to Mikumo, who is also of mixed heritage- both having atypical green eyes- a trait not found naturally in Seniwans.

Mihoshi is among the group and possibly the most confused to discover the source of the footsteps everyone hears coming from Mikumo’s room, Washu Hakubi. This is the first time Washu has made a public appearance since disappearing centuries ago. When she enters the room, she stuns everyone with the truth- Mikumo is her son. It seems impossible, but her green eyes show the truth of her words. She announces that Mikumo has died and has given her his instructions. Minami will serve as heir apparent until he can be confirmed as the rightful next ruler by the Seniwan council, below him, there are usually two family associations, the Men’s association, headed by Taima, and the women’s association, headed by Mikami, but Mikumo wants to combine the two, with Mikami and the women’s association taking precedence over the men’s association until they can be reconciled. Taima objects, but Washu scolds him like a child until he submits to his and her son’s will.

Just hearing the news of Mikumo’s passing, Seriyo and much of the Daluma Guild are gathered on the ancient planetary class entertainment vessel, Racepschi. General Daluma has contracted the Racepshi to orbit The Big Daruma and entertain his guild and his guests. It is also a show of his power, as only the obscenely wealthy could afford to do such a thing. Normally, the ship functions as its own independent nation, completely neutral in the affairs of other nations, federations, or criminal groups. What happens on Racepshi, really does stay on Racepshi. As proof of this neutrality, also visiting the ship is Minaho Masaki and, fresh from her trip to Seniwa, Washu. While the pirates are hosted by the formal leader of the ship, Ekushito, Minaho and Washu are meeting with his wife, the coordinator of entertainment, Makahi. Makahi is having the girls inspect the secret power source for the ship, a royal tree at its center. Washu also informs them of her discovery of the attributes of Seina’s companions, how different girl’s seem to correspond with astral patterns that form a group of four that alters his bad luck. Makahi is also insistent on meeting Seina for the express purpose of him having a child with a member of her family, if not her, than one of her daughters. She believes that his unique qualities with result in a “talented” offspring that could be beneficial to the Racepshi.

On Jurai, a new plan is devised. Seto saw that the melding of the Mikagami and the Kamidake produced a powerful result but that Mikagami was a poor match for Fuku. So, it is decided that Kiriko should be formally made a princess and granted a tree selection, with the hopes that her new young tree will be a better match for the immature Fuku. As Kiriko’s natural lineage to the Masaki family is a secret until Yosho reveals his survival, she needs to be “adopted” into a royal family. Usually, Seto would do this, but her recent adoptions of Noike and Mashishu would make another adoption seem improper. So, instead, the emperor’s house itself will adopt her (which is fitting, as she is already a member of the family).

While Kiriko is prepared for the ceremony, the rest of the crew is left to fend for themselves. The girls mainly want to have fun with Seina, but Yuzaki has other plans. She devises a trap that teleports all of the other girls in the crew to the base of a giant tree. At the base of the tree is Kanemitsu, who sets upon helping the girls take a days long trek climbing up the tree.

Yuzaki then corners Seina (with Fuku) in her home and hands her baby daughter, Mikage, over to him. She then says that she needs to leave “for a moment,” but the truth is that this is a separate trap, a plan to force Seina to accept his betrothal to MIkage. It is a loose rule in Jurai that only a husband can see the naked body of a Jurai princess, no matter their age, so she is trying to force Seina to need to change her diaper. So she has locked the doors to the house from the outside and cut off communication to it, so Seina can’t call for help. What Yuzaki didn’t count on was that Ringo has found herself also wanting to get to know Seina better, and while Seina can’t get out of the house, Ringo was free to get in, and trap herself together with the two. Seina is very thankful for this, as he was worried that Mikage would get caught up in his bad luck if he stayed with her alone. The three actually end up acting a little like a newlywed family together and Seina starts to see what a good woman Ringo is.

Kiriko is accompanied on her tree selection with Funaho, Seto, and a surprisingly mellowed out Shuzan Amaki, one-time tormentor of House Masaki, especially of Funaho. Shuzan has never actually been allowed into the Royal Tree Hall before, he had to settle for a 4th generation Treeship and was denied access by the royal trees in accompanying others before. The process involves the person being paired with a tree, greeting each tree until one responds to that person. The tree chooses the person. No 3rd generation trees responded, so they moved onto the area of the 2nd generation trees. At first it seemed as if none there were going to greet them either, but as they were going to seek entrance to the 1st generation trees, Kiriko could hear a very quiet voice. A very young tree there was trying to talk to her, but it was too shy to raise its voice. So, this became Kiriko’s tree, which she named Mizuki.

On the Racepshi, Makahi talks with her daughters about who might be a match for Seina and Washu checks to see if any of them match a corresponding astral pattern. The one that does match is a middle-ranked dancer named Maya. The crew of the Unko also makes contact with Makahi and Alan, Barry, and Cohen take the chance to see if they could request asylum on Racepshi. Makahi’s son, Maito, has a special ability to recognize the possible potential of those he observes for even a moment, if he sees any talent in them, they will agree to take them on. None of them pass Maito’s discerning eye, they have no talent. However, he spies Kyo Komachi behind them and declares that she would be a tremendous asset and hold an incredible talent. He is too young to know that Kyo is actually his runaway older sister.

When Amane and the other girls finally climb up the tree, it takes the interjection of Funaho and the announcement of Kiriko receiving her royal tree to keep them from attacking Yuzaki.