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To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. Volume 16 was written by Masaki Kajishima, and has yet to be published outside of the main readership in Japan.


Seina is stranded on the planet Barrium, in the old capital city of Nakbar, and is instructed in the basics of magic. On Racepshi, Kiriko is gifted Washu's created Seikijin and battles the corrupt and complacent Renza aristocracy.

Chapter 1: In Another World

GXPNovel16-color1-image0019606 Barigaru Gyokuren

Continuing where GXP 15 left off, Seina has recovered from a long sickness and finds himself in the care of the Dwarf mage, Barigaru. Seina is first shown a vista of Nakbar, the city where he now resides, which features ancient looking stone buildings with a vaguely Middle Eastern architectural style, inhabited by fantasy creatures and demi-humans. The buildings are entwined in vines, making the entire area look like a large garden. The denizens of the city wear clothes that vary in style from Middle Ages attire up to modern looking clothes, but often accentuated with leather and metal armor.

He learns from Barigaru, who has spent some time traveling in space, that magic, which is spread by the magical plants that grow everywhere, is incompatible with science and when scientific technology is brought to a magical world it breaks down and is rendered unusable. This worries Seina, as he left ZINV hidden in a lake; but he realizes that he can't do anything about it at this moment. Brigaru also tells Seina that any living thing, like plants and pets, can develop magic organs. This implies that ZINV, as a living being, will also probably adapt to magic.

He is told that there is a Renza military base on the planet (the place Seina was searching for), but they have to diligently keep magical plants from growing there to keep their technology working there.

According to Barigaru, no one knows the origins of magic but it is understood that magic is an element unto itself in the universe. With magic, you can't change one thing into another, but you can change magic into a substance you want. Barigaru shows Seina how he can create a levitating ball of water, seemingly out of nowhere.

Similarly to what the unknown voice said when Seina was unconscious, Barigaru tells him that magic works according to the imagination and personal perception of the magician. Magic also exists in different states. External magic is the magic element that is in the atmosphere, spread by the plants. Internal magic is the magic stored within a person's magical organ. The larger a person's magical organ, the greater capacity for stored magic.

Chapter 2: Magical System

GXPNovel16-01-00005 Barigaru

The conversation continues and Barigaru explains how he had to pay a high amount of money to his Adventurer's party in order to protect Seina and to keep him from being put in the custody of the authorities (who would have had serious questions about an outsider showing up in their territory). Seina's long magical fever also usually necessitates notifying the authorities, because it signals a strong wizard that they would normally want to control- but Barigaru is keeping it all secret. Costs continue to compound and, in short, Seina owes him a small fortune. Luckily, Barigaru doesn't seem too worried that Seina will pay him back. While he doesn't voice his suspicions, it's clear that he is very excited about Seina's prospective abilities and seems to know he's making a safe bet on him.

Seina could probably pay him instantly if he could contact Kiriko, but he remains hesitant to tell Barigaru about his true identity and is determined to clear this debt without outside help. He is also honestly excited to live the life of an adventurer in a fantasy world.

It is explained that their world is ultimately in the control of Gyokuren's Masui family, a group very interested in magical ability, even delving into demonic magic.

In their conversation, they find that they have the same opinion of magic, as compared to technology. To them, while technology has greater potential over time, magic is immediately usable and convenient for a seemingly comfortable life. According to Barigaru , it also tends to make magical worlds a bit complacent, content in what they have.

GXPNovel16-02-00007 Barigaru goblins

However, for all the magical ability Seina's magical organ will give him, apparently magical organs disappear when the person leaves a magical environment, only reappearing when they return.

But it may be possible to do any number of things currently thought to be impossible if one's magical capacity was high enough. If you were really powerful, it might be possible to contain magic plants to provide constant magic, or to do things like mint metals currently only available via high technology.

Seina is told how magic can spread through meteor impacts, which then transforms planets with primitive life into magical planets. Within a span of just a few thousand years, planets can change from proto-planets inhabited only by microorganisms to ones containing magical creatures like goblins, magic humans, and elves. Barigaru reveals that magic also has spatial transportation abilities and, to Seina's great surprise, dimensional transportation abilities. In fact, with magic, dimensional travel is easier than transportation travel over long distances.

Chapter 3: Elemental Magic

One aspect of magic that Seina is a little disappointed in is the “Magic Crystal,” a crystal filled with magic that allows just about anyone to use magic for daily tasks no matter their personal capacity for magic. It's a handy tool, but Seina feels that it's a bit of a cheat. Barigaru reassures him that, while they are handy, there is plenty that they can't do and in general, you need powerful wizards just to make them for others.

GXPNovel16-03-00009 Dryads

The subject of crystals used as weapons brings up the subject of how much you can earn by defeating and capturing different monsters, like the chimera Seina accidentally helped take down. Barigaru admits you can make money as an adventurer fighting monsters but recommends that Seina join the Magical Pharmacy Guild, which contains the most powerful magicians and deals with making cures and combating things like curses. He says he is friends with their most powerful mage, the guild's leader, a girl who is professional and polite while on the job but is also a tremendously perverted weirdo almost all the rest of the time.

Worried about how much this girl's description reminds him of Airi, Seina's first instinct is to stay away from her, but he's happy to learn he will be able to join both the Adventurers Guild and the Pharmacy Guild to give him more options. Barigaru seems disappointed that Seina wants to be an adventurer, but Seina is most interested in getting some freedom, learning the area, and hoping to check in on ZINV.

While speaking about the reward due to Seina for his part in capturing the chimera (a good amount, but far from being able to pay off his debt), a new person surprises Seina with their arrival. Arriving with the words, “Master, please excuse me for being late,” a perfect doppelganger of Seina walks into the house.

Chapter 4: A Feast For Those Left Behind

GXPNovel16-04-00010 Kiriko all

Back on the Racepshi, Kiriko, Amane, Ryoko, Neju, and MIki are participating in a meeting with members of the Renza Federation in a great hall. Makihi is overseeing the proceedings but it quickly devolves into members of the Renza Federation airing unreasonable grievances about Zinv battling Himc. Even though Seina had no choice but participate in order to protect the Racepshi, and it was the fault of Renza for not being able to stop HImc and the rogue knights in the first place, they pile insult upon insult on Kiriko, the Jurian Empire, and the Galaxy Federation. Kiriko finally loses her temper when they insist they relinquish Zinv and the Kamidake to them, and that executions should be conducted. Kiriko slams her fist on the conference table and splits it in half, destroying a grand wooden table that should have been stronger than steel.

Amane, Ryoko, and Neju retreat, and Kiriko actually becomes embarrassed by her actions, leaving MIki to take up the slack. MIki instantly returns their continuing insults and yells at them all to shut up. She proceeds to dismantle all of their feeble accusations of violating their space and doubles down that it was all their fault for not being able to control the situation in their own space, not to mention that ZInv and the Kamidake, both personally owned by Seina, have permission to operate in Renza.

MIki then turns it around and tells them that they will accept the practices of Renza and they are willing to settle things with a duel between Kiriko’s newly arrived new “knight” and as many knights of Renza as they want to send against Kiriko’s knight. But the stakes will not be the ones Renza set, turning over Zinv, Kamidake, and admittance of violating Renza space, as Racepshi has recorded proof that all of their claims are unfounded. Instead, If Kiriko loses, it will prove Renza’s superiority and they will voluntarily reveal the interior of the Kamidake. If Kiriko wins, Renza will simply apologize for their insults and grant them full rights to operate in Renza, even supporting them with military assistance and some funds to aid their mission.

Renza, confident of their skills, agree to the duel. They feel that a foreigner could never defeat them, especially as she has allowed them such a seemingly disproportionate numerical advantage. The duel is set for the very next day.


Elsewhere on the Racepshi, we see that Dr. Clay is present, watching the televised proceedings of the meeting, admitting that Miki is being very sly with her wager, as he knows full well that even if Renza was given full access to the Kamidake, there would be no chance to understand it.

Clay is sharing these observations with a hooded man wearing a kabuki mask. He is evidently part of the leadership of the pirate or covert group that commands Himc. Clay is actually on a deck in Recepshi performing repairs on Himc.

The two trade insults about how impossible it would be to understand Washu’s Kamidake and the man becomes enraged when Clay tells him he has absolutely no loyalty to him and has only traded the information on the attack they used against Zinv and his help fixing Himc, because they are paying him. But when the man tries to pull a sword out to attack Clay, Clay paralyzes him, telling him the effect will wear off in five hours.


GXPNovel16-05-00011 Lazanna Kuis

Clay takes a transfer gate to a different and opulent area of the station, where the surrounding look like the jungle and you can see flowing waterfalls. He is greeted by a beautiful woman in a fur collar and bunny suit named Lazanna. She is a Racepshi hostess contracted to be Clay’s loyal servant while on the station, day and night.  

She takes him to a lounge to eat and introduces “a customer,” Kuis Panta, who has arrived in her own bunny outfit. She has come for a discrete interview with Clay to determine what he’s up to. She confirms that Clay sold the information on the attack Himc used against Zinv and that he and that group have no idea where Seina escaped to. Clay informs her that his current clients are idiots but that there are plenty of other clients eager for the Shank technology information he got from Miki. She presses Clay as to whether or not he wants revenge against Washu. He insists that he wants nothing to do with the “devil women,” Washu and Naja, who he refuses to believe is dead. Unfamiliar with their true relationship, Clay compares Naja to Seto, saying Naja is a more childish version of Seto. (The text here indicates that he might normally make the logical connection of who Seto is, but unconsciously stops himself- because he truthfully wants nothing to do with Naja).


Not far from Clay’s lounge, a group of Renza royalty and aristocrats are also meeting. These are younger brothers in the families that will fight Kiriko in the duel.

The Suire KIngdom’s 3rd prince, Sansui Suire (one of Suiren’s brothers), The Kasen Kingdom's 10th prince, and 6th prince Jitsuki Ren Kasen and Rokubi Ayeno Kesen , (two of Karen’s brothers) are laughing and having fun together. But they have serious business to discuss as well. Sansui is being tasked with setting up a base of operations on Racepshi. His success may affect his chances to succeed to the crown of Suire, but his elder brothers stands in his way. The Kasen brothers explain that they empathize, even though they have withdrawn their names from the line of succession of the Kasem Kingdom.

They further talk about how their fiancées are being decided and who their preferred partners would be. It seems Sansui is already in a relationship with Jistuki’s maid and tutor, Komekitsune, something their family is already quite aware of, even though it’s supposed to be a secret. She’s actually a hyper-competent individual, but is a younger daughter of lower nobility who would be destined to never be married, as it could prove difficult for all involved. So being a beloved mistress of Sansui is actually a good position for her.

They also discuss how Himc and the group they call the “Maiden Knights” were seemingly rash for attacking Seina when they did and wonder why the group felt it necessary, and wonder if it's a pirate group, or maybe a different secret organization.

Komekitsune then arrives, she is also wearing a butler/bunny outfit, but is very uncomfortable in it. She apparently has the blood of dwarves and beast men in her, but looks rather normal, only having slightly odd body proportions. She informs them of the time of the duel, that Jitsuki is being asked to investigate Kiriko’s groups defenses and that she has coordinated meetings with Karen and or Hakuren (unclear who) for them. She also informs them all that Gyokuren (who she calls by her formal name “Ms. Mayoku”) is preparing to accept her position as queen and is requesting to meet with all of them. Sansui and the others are a bit taken aback by this request. Sansui declares he’s not even afraid of his brother, but “The Witch Queen” is a different thing entirely.

Chapter 5: The Meeting

GXPNovel16-05-00013 Gyokuren Prince Komekitsune

The request of the future queen is not one to be ignored however, and Komekitsune immediately escorts the three of them to meet Gyokuren in an area reserved for the highest royalty.

She receives them all cordially, as a royal person should. It’s a talkative manner those in Seto’s and Seina’s company would be unfamiliar with, but she is truthfully trying to fill her role as a future queen and wants to become better acquainted with the others. But she realizes they are as uncomfortable with their overly formal behavior and invites them to refer to her as Gyokuren if it makes them more relaxed.

The Kasen brothers slyly force Sansui and Komekitsune to sit together. Their bashful behavior clues Gyokuren into understanding their relationship.  

The princes ask Gyokuren if she’s willing to divulge any information about Kiriko and her knight. She admits that she’s Kiriko’s friend, but stuns them by explaining she can’t talk about the knight because it’s so new that Kiriko hasn’t even unpacked it yet. (A short scene here shows that, at this very moment, Kiriko is breaking the seal on the crate containing it).

Gyokuren assures them that Kiriko is skilled and the entire group is used to extreme situations, and that Washu really is as talented as Hakuren has told them. Still, they are ecstatic that the opponent has never seen their own knight and in fact has never before piloted one of any kind.

Nonetheless, Gyokuren vehemently emphasizes that their brothers should consider The Galaxy Academy’s technology as advanced as they can imagine, that Kiriko, a princess of the federation's greatest military strength, should be considered a master martial artist, and an expert pilot even in a ship she’s never been in, and that Washu’s work in particular should be feared.  Kiriko should be considered a great threat who will show no mercy, especially if they insult Seina. It would be especially foolish to attempt to battle her using automated programs.

Chapter Six: The Night Before the Duel

GXPNovel16-07-00014 Maimu

Maimu, one of Makihi's daughters, works herself into the the receiving port where Kiriko's new knight is being opened and convinces them to let her record the unveiling for a public broadcast. She describes herself as a failed dancer that wants to be a reporter and behaves like all the worst tabloid show presenters wrapped into one. Her broadcast allows the princes who will be facing Kiriko, a curious Dr. Clay, and all other interested parties, a chance to see the new machine.

While Maimu acts as a pest to the increasingly irritated Kiriko, the container is opened, revealing a crystalline structure with Washu's symbol on it. Kiriko snaps at Maimu's behavior and puts her in a headlock just as a chibi version of Washu, “Petit Washu,” pops out of the container and overrules Kiriko's objections, saying Maimu is allowed to continue to record.

Washu teases Kiriko during the procedure, forcing her to take a Magical Girl Wand and a Pendant that she says are necessary. In fact, it just causes her normal clothes to transform in a typical Geminari skintight pilot outfit. In a fit of embarrassment and anger, Kiriko destroys all of the hovering camera drones- only to have Maimu summon a group of replacement ones.

GXPNovel16-color2-image0019607 Maimu Makihi chibiWashu

Washu explains that while, in Renza, such machines are called knights or armored cavalry, hers is modeled after what is called a Sacred Mechalord. Maimu makes the connection that Washu seems to be claiming that it compares to one of their Godly Knights, which Renza only has a few of.

Washu also insists that a dance ritual needs to be held to summon the Mechalord out of its container. She asks Maimu to dance with her to traditional Bon dance routines and a surprising thing happens. Maimu goes into a sort of trance and starts dancing so perfectly that it calms the watchers. A quick message is sent to Makihi and she responds that Maimu is actually their most talented dancer but can only find fault in her own performances.

As Maimu dances, the crystal starts to pulse and glow, finally shattering, revealing what everyone can only see as a giant egg. Washu explains that it's not an egg, but a cocoon, and all Kiriko has to do is touch it and register it as her own. When Kiriko places her hand on the cocoon a voice in her head confirms that Kiriko is its master (It reminds Kiriko simultaneously of Mizuki and Fuku) and it reveals the skeletal frame of the machine inside. It causes the onlookers to be skeptical of its strength. But Washu explains that it it is completely customizable and will only truly form when Kiriko enters it, adapting itself to the needs of the pilot.

GXPNovel16-08-00015 Yomotsuookami cocoon

As Washu continues to explain that it has the same type of power source as the Kamidake but has limiters set, because its meant for close combat, Kiriko starts to realize how truly irresponsible it would have been to seen this along with Kenshi to Geminar (Washu's initial intent).

Washu then tells Kiriko that it can no longer be returned, it is now hers and she asks Kiriko to please take care of “Fuku's little sister.” This seems like overkill to her, as she already has Mizuki and their group already has the Kamidake and Zinv as well. But Washu says she's already gotten Tsunami to agree to the situation and that Mizuki has already been notified. Kiriko telepathically asks Mizuki about this and is told, yes, she was told that she needs to get along with “Yomi-chan.”  

...It’s name is Yomotsuookami. A name all in attendance realize as ludicrous and excessively intimidating. Washu says she chose the name because it made Seto laugh.

[In short, the name means something like “a wolf (or god) of Charon, the ferryman of Hades”- the fan translator decides to call it “Charon Wolf," which this summary will also use]


After the broadcast, the “Next of Crown” Kasen prince is still confident of their impending victory but is also intent on improving their knights for the duel and leaves to see if he can “speed things up.”

A confusing sequence of the novel seems to show that the Next to Crown is transported, possibly unwillingly, to the operations base where HIMC and the rogue Maiden Knights are docked to view a confrontation between the kabuki masked robed man from the secret organization and Dr. Clay. The masked man was apparently trying to break into Dr. Clay's secret information. Instead, he fell into a similar trap as the one that paralyzed him earlier. Instead, Clay is now forcing to dance the same bon dance that Maimu was performing earlier.

(It may be possible that the prince and this man are the same- it doesn't explicitly say so-but it is odd how the prince is trying to improve his knights and is then transported to a location where such information could be found.)

After taunting the man in the robe, Clay contemplates that, while the real leader of the group seems intelligent, the rest of the group are idiots destined to fail and that he should probably stop working with them.

Chapter Seven: Behind the Scenes

GXPNovel16-09-00016 chibi-Washu Fuku

Fuku rushes to meet Petit Washu as she and the others board, and Washu feeds her two candy-like pieces of food. Soon enough they discover the reason. The two candies represent two new subspace areas Washu has added to the Kamidake. Miki, D, and Kirche also immediately recognize the addition. One is still developing in accelerated time, which Washu calls a "sort of recruiting area," the other area is one they immediately visit, a new command center where the Charon Wolf can be stored and other armored cavalry can also be stored and maintained. It seems to be the same place Washu built the Charon Wolf, now transferred from her lab to the Kamidake.

Their Racepshi assistant, Marci Diplos, introduces Kiriko and the others to Hakuren's allies, the leaders of the "anti-pirate team" consisting of the elf Souren, the ogre Kaguya, the Dryad Saiju, and the cat fairies, who serve as staff. Although she tries to disguise her interest, Kiriko, who grew up as a fan of fantasy literature, is excited to meet these fantastical people.


Two mysterious people meet in a seedy seeming bar/theater in Racepshi. One is a hooded woman, the other is a floor boss of the establishment who specializes in playing obscure plays and productions that aren't expensive to show. They are familiar with each other but have never met face-to-face before. He tries to get the woman interested in the new show he's playing- which she isn't initially interested in, but then he explains it's a show Washu added to the Racepshi library, and she is fascinated when she realizes it is a Mecha show from Earth.

Chapter Eight: Duel Without Honor, Preliminaries

Overnight, Hakuren, with help from Ryoko- or rather, Erma, has led the transfer of their operations from their Racepshi location to the new base on the Kamidake. She is astounded with the ease of operations at the new base and declares that they can never go back. They speak again about how the system is the same centralized one Washu created thousands of years ago but never revealed and they only discovered by accident when Seina accidentally destroyed the other computer system. Washu still hasn't explained why she made it and why she kept it a secret. Erma admits that she's afraid to ask.

Souren, Kaguya, and Sajyu talk about how they feel intimidated by Kiriko and how they've each felt her gaze on them while they were working. They are all unaware that she is excited and fascinated by them and bears no hostility at all, only curiosity.


GXPNovel16-10-00016 Kiriko Kaguya Souren

Kiriko, accompanied by Souren and Kaguya, meets with Renza's "Battle Ethics Committee," ready to play her diplomatic role. However, the experience immediately sours her impression of the group, as they promote themselves as being ostentatiously gaudy and luxurious only for the purpose to intimidate and impress. Kiriko is unimpressed, being used to far more effortlessly impressive ships and accommodations (including her own Mizuki and the Kamidake).

A Kasem Kingdom Count greets her and decides to act insulted that she, "an ambassador," does not know who he is. As instructed to do by Seto, Funaho, and other Jurian royalty, Kiriko responds with higher indignation, proclaiming truthfully that SHE is a princess of the governing house of Jurai and is insulted by his behavior.

Without even trying to be particularly intimidating, Kiriko's battle aura emanates out and terrifies the nearby staff and even the noble's guard. It amazes Kiriko to realize how unskilled they seem to be. Souren and a Renza butler implore her to calm herself, but the butler also makes the mistake of telling her that she should "careful" as they have now moved into Renza territory. Kiriko frankly explains the deep disrespect she is feeling and enters a true intimidation mode.

Informing them that removing her from Racepshi space represents a kidnapping of a Jurian Royal, she informs them that she alone could take over the ship but, as a show of her seriousness, she has dozens of her personal guardians materialize around them.

As the count protests her behavior, she announces that she will not stand idly for the continued insult, that she is only going through with the duel to humor them but she will hold them to their agreements for free transport in Renza once she wins. That is unless he wants to change the agreement and satisfy their arguments more personally. She also correctly intuits that this Count is not a true royal of the Kingdom and isn't even qualified to make the threats he is making.

Being threatened with the revelation of his deepest secret, he agrees to all of Kiriko's demands and lets her and the others leave immediately.

On the way back in their escort vehicle, Kiriko tries to ease the tension, sighing and expressing her discontent. Still, Souren can't help but express how impressed he was with the many Guardians she summoned. To which Kiriko casually says again that they were mainly for show, and reaffirms that she didn't need any of them to take over the ship.

Chapter Nine: Duel Without Honor, Farce

Sansui, Jitsuki, Rokubi and Komekitsune's staff watch Racepshi's coverage of the duel in a relaxed area of the station.

Separately, (in another confusing sequence in the novel) Komekitsune is secretly manning a Racepshi monitoring station where she can better observe the technical information of the battle. While this should not be the same operations station where Clay trapped the robed and masked man in a Kabuki dance, the sequence says that she has also been caught in the trap. Apparently many other people have been caught in it too. However, the very serious Komekitsune is determined to continue her monitoring task, even as she's forced through the dance moves.

The broadcast continues, giving introductions to the Renza knights being piloted by the princes' brothers.

The first knight, in armor that resembled Earth's western design, is introduced as "Lord Tsugiol's 'Calvary Thunder'" armed with a replica of the Sun Sword relic weapon, made of the magically created metal orichalcum.

Next, the largest of the knights, slightly resembling a long armed gorilla, is "Lord Tugisui's 'Rough Seas'" armed with an axe shaped relic replica, the Great Earthquake.

Third is the speedy "Dark Butterfly" ridden by Lord Sanma, carrying the mysterious relic replica, the Morita, whose power is unknown. The knight has little armor but has a "cloak" made of an energy field.

Lastly, ridden by The Lord of the Next Kasen, is "Fire Star Rain," an artillery model armed with the Dragon Roar relic replica, a canon said to fire planet destroying shots. Its base model is the smallest, but the additions of its weapons make it look like a flying fortress.

GXPNovel16-color3-image0019608 Kiriko Yomotsuookami

Kiriko, wearing a more modest, but still form-fitting, outfit than the one Washu had her transform into, enters the Charon Wolf like any Geminar pilot would, by being absorbed from the outside and moving into the control gel cockpit in the middle. Its body is formed around the skeletal form, muscular with black accents and white and rainbow-colored hair/gown. Kiriko then opens her hand and a simple spear materializes there as her weapon, the spear being twice as long as the Charon Wolf itself.

Before the the fight, the four princes, confident in their numbers and seemingly superior weaponry, taunt Kiriko, tell her to get out immediately and surrender, insult her as an inferior woman, and possibly worst of all, insults Seina as unworthy of Zinv, saying they will take it from him.

Kiriko simply responds, "Shut up, let's get started."

Chapter Ten: The Couch Potato Appreciation Party

The duel is being watched by Seto and the Royal family, gathered on the Mikagami, hovering over a sea of Jurai while Seto's pet sea serpents swim around (usually protected in the Mikagami as an endangered protected species). Before the duel, they talk of what has gone on before. Asuza is surprised that anyone survived a duel with Seina and Zinv. Misaki dismisses Asuza's concern over his missing status, saying that she's sure that he's just "busy." The others agree that, knowing him, he's fine.


As they continue to disregard all of Gyokuren's warnings, the princes set all of their knights to automatic battle mode.

Starting with "Great Rainstorm" attack, an artillery barage rains down as they surround the Charon Wolf. The energy of the blast mainly succeeds in disabling the sensors of all of their cavalry units and they foolishly believe they disintegrated Kiriko, ship and all. Operating blindly, they can only act with surprise as the Charon Wolf thrusts at them with its spear, immediately piercing three of the knight's limbs. In the next moment, Kiriko seizes the Sun Sword from "Calvary Thunder," and has Charon Wolf cut its head off with its own weapon.

This was according to Kiriko's strategy of humiliating the knights to the greatest degree. According to Kaguya, taking their prized weapons and severing the knight's head as a trophy would be the worst thing she could do to them.

Kiriko then makes quick work of the Rough Seas and and Dark Butterfly, with the Rough Seas accidentally disabling itself with its own Earthquake attack and the Butterfly's speed being nothing in comparison to the Charon Wolf's. Leaving them decapacitated and disarmed, Only the Next Kasen's knight remains. While screaming in terror, he fires wildly and once again thinks he hit his target and won. But when the haze clears he finds the Charon Wolf directly in front of him as if nothing happened. Kiriko then rips the cannons away from the Fire Rain Star and, like the others, rips its head off. Leaving all four princes alive but helpless in the cockpits of their worthless machines.

Kiriko then broadcasts a challenge to any of the remaining support knights that may want revenge for their princes to come at her and she will take on all challengers simultaneously. Many take on this challenge and are quickly turned into cannon fodder.

The final tally being 12 destroyed Heavenly Knights and 16 Aquius Knights. A record of defeats in a day by any knight. In one fight, Kiriko became ranked as one of the strongest pilots of all time. The broadcast from Racepshi proudly declares the feat as being "the birth of a new legend."


Back on the Mikigami, Asuza actually despairs at the declaration. Instead focusing on the profound ignorance of the opponents for underestimating Kiriko, flying in automatic mode, and not even understanding how their own weapons work. According to his estimation, the support cavalry actually fared better than the overconfident and complacent princes.

But they all do agree that Kiriko mastered the Charon Wolf splendidly, and, in the least, got some good practice out of the exercise.

Afterword: Postcard Theater Part 13

After the battle, one group is not yet satisfied of their safety. The Cat Faeries are on high alert for the "magic beast."

They quietly sneak through the Kamidake, trying to make their way to the command base. They decide to perform a roll call to make sure all are safe and present.

"One nya."

"Two nya."

"Three nya"

"Four nya"...

"Miaa, miaa?"

And so Fuku, attacks. Playing a "game" in which she jumps from one floating faerie to the next, spinning them around in circles. If they can get to the base, they are safe, because they need to work there. Until they get there though, Fuku is allowed her fun.

The cat faeries have yet to catch on that it doesn't matter where they hide in the Kamidake. It's not going to help.