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To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. Volume 17 was written by Masaki Kajishima, and has yet to be published outside of the main readership in Japan.


***Revision in progress, some details after chapter 3 may be slightly inaccurate.

Kiriko and the Kamidake crew deal with the aftermath of the duel and combine forces with Hakuren's anti-pirate group. Seina, on the planet Barrium, learns how to use magic as he prepares to be an adventurer in his fantasy world, the only way he can figure out how to get off the planet and back to the others (plus, it sounds really fun).

Chapter One: Choices for Those Left Behind

Kiriko Masaki's Charaon Wolf (Yomotsuookami) being piloted by Kaguya Ravel, and Kaguya's armored knight, Moonlit Night, piloted by Kiriko, are having a mock duel in Kamidake's subspace. Yomotsuookami is armed with two replica “sacred relic” weapons while Moonlit Night, armed only with a standard thin katana sword, is able to deflect the stronger machine with its stronger weapons. Kiriko sneaks in close and finishes the fight with a quick jab at Charon Wolf's center chest plate.

Upon returning to headquarters, Kaguya is a mess of emotions and ended up sobbing. She was thrilled to pilot the “Godly Knight” but frustrated that she lost and embarrassed to know that Kiriko could fly her own machine so much better than she could. Souren and Sajyu felt powerless to comfort their friend, but Amane reassures her that all Juraians are known to be battle experts and Kiriko is a military specialist who has already mastered multiple weapons- there really is no shame losing to her in such a test.

Kiriko comes in, compliments Kaguya, and starts a conversation about wanting to further study the inner workings of the knights, using one of the captured units from her duel. Kaguya, Souren and Sajyu inform her that no one has the knowledge to do such a thing. The unit is a “black box” that only three locations in all of Renza can work on them, and they've been ordered to return the captured unit.

Petit Washu floats in and announces that she's done it, she has opened the black box, has analyzed the contents and can now reveal what she has found out.After bragging a bit bout how easy it was to open all 28 units that were captured and being unimpressed with the manufacturing- but admiring that she couldn't understand parts that operated on “magic crystals,” Washu transforms into her fully adult form to impart some sensitive information. What she has discovered involves top secret information relating to Royal Trees, but she feels all present should know. Not only Kiriko and the Kamidake crew, but Kaguya, Souren, and Sajyu as well. As it's sensitive information that could put everyone in danger, especially the Renza trio, they are given the chance to be kept in the dark, but all agree that it's best for the mission and for Seina to know everything they can.

So, Washu transforms back to Petit Washu and dons a professor outfit to give everyone a lesson. Renza have been able to produce so many robots, despite a limited amount of seeds, by cloning or twining the seeds. They are physically cut and separated and the separated piece is grown into a new twin seed. This can only be done a limited amount of times to each seed and the copies are weaker and do not have a will, but may retain some emotions. This infuriates Kiriko especially as it hurts the sacred seeds and they are being used merely as tools. Miki calms Kiriko's rage by pointing out that Renza have no reason to think of them as anything but tools, as they are of such a low generation they have shown no evidence of sentience.

Kiriko decides that they can't stop Renza doing what they're already doing, but if any seeds fall into their care, such as the 26 they captured from the duel, they will not return them. And they get some assurance from Washu that she can do some maintenance on the knights, bypassing the need to get help from them.

Chapter Two: Their Respective Agendas

In a meeting of the Robot maintenance conglomerate there is discussion of Kiriko's dominating fight, why the Renza girls are suddenly turning down their offers of maintenance (they are too confident in the superiority of their systems to consider that anyone could open and analyze them, let alone able to do their own repairs ) and how to gain battle information on Charon Wolf. They end up blaming the outcome of the duel on the ineptitude of the fighters- continuing the habit of underestimating Kiriko. They settle on eventually send a couple new Heavenly Knights to get info on Kiriko.

Once the main meeting is over, the primary body of manufacturing group continue to discuss other issues. A person posing as a beautiful female secretary was actually Takuma Rensa Makyouku, a prince and one of Gyokuren's brothers who was disguising himself to monitor the meeting. He too is a part of the company, largely in charge of their budget, and he is upset with the stupidity of the group. He has realized that the units must have been opened and he has no plan to ignore Kiriko, rather, his first order of business is to at least ask her if they can inspect the captured units. Takuma also wants to talk personally to the other princes on Racepshi who have met with Gyokuren, hoping to gauge Kiriko by how Gyokuren sees her. Takuma also shows recognition that Seina could be someone special and that it's not only Zinv to consider.


An informal seeming meeting of five influential members of the royal family are having a picnic in a flowery field. One of the group is Ickika Kasen, Karen's father and the former crown prince who embarrassed himself in the duel with Kiriko, probably losing his place in succession. The head of the meeting is Issui Renka Suirei, a brother of Suiren's, he surprises the group by saying he would welcome Seina into the group as well. Ichika says he mainly wants his daughter to be happy, and if she finds happiness with Seina, he'll be happy for her. They also discuss the pirate's surprising power, how they seem to be working with the Maiden Knights and a secret faction in Renza, but believe they can find the pirates by following the manufacturers, who need to service the pirate's knights.


In a domed hall big enough for thousands, a group of ten people are gathered to watch battle recordings of Seina, Kiriko and others. A group of disguised Renza noblemen are sitting off to a side, a butler, and a shaggy pair of mercenaries sitting on a sofa. They are Nagiun Yotsora, a "Sword God," and his daughter, Shunka. They are asked if they can defeat those they see and Shunka enthusiastically says she can. Nagiun repeatedly kicks his daughter around the room to counter her over-confidence (as she isn't even a knight pilot) but this is normal behavior for the pair, she is barely fazed. The two leading noblewomen, relatives of those defeated by Kiriko, insult the pair for their rudeness and Nagiun suddenly strikes the butler, who was actually a bioroid, and it is blown into multiple pieces. Shunka then battles a host of entering guardian droids as her father intimidates the cowering but still indignant nobles. These two are officially as disgraced as the pilots and the psychotic Nagiun is about to kill them when Clay's hidden code in the video catches the noblewomen, causing them to dance uncontrollably. This causes Nagiun such mirth that he reverses his tactic, and agrees to their job aslong as they have the money- but leaves a video drone to record and broadcast their dance onto public networks.

The two odd mercenaries then sell stolen items from the hall to a pawn shop and indulge their extreme love for sweets by visiting an exclusive bakery. As they walk and eat whatevr they find in front of them, Nagiun explains Seina's extreme probability bias, which excites Shunka into bloodlust against him. When they contemplate Kiriko's skill at her age, they realized she was taught by others even stronger. The prospect of so many skilled people to fight in the Galactic Federation excite them even more.

Chapter Three: The Will of the Wise

Returning to where the previous novel last left Seina, a doppelganger of Seina enters the room where Seina and Barigaru are talking. This is Nana, a kun kobold demon and Barigaru's familiar. He transforms back to his natural appearance, a short, sleek white fox looking humanoid boy. Nana had been appearing in town as Seina so people wouldn't be suspicious of his conspicuous absence. A kobold is usually a simple and unintelligent creature but Barigaru has enhanced Nana with an auxiliary brain that grants more intelligence and carries the memories of Barigaru's previous familiars. Each have their own personalities but Barigaru treats them well, so they like being with him. Nana (which means “seven) is his seventh familiar in twenty-five years, with previous versions having shorter lived creatures as their base. Barigaru also calls this auxiliary brain a “philosophers stone.” When Barigaru says this, Seina's own Philosophers Stone speaks up, offended, inside Seina's head.

Once alone, Seina started speaking telepathically with his Philosophers Stone (being careful not to make much noise and worrying Nana- whose room is next to his). He discovers that, while asleep, she has developed a personality. She no longer has a mechanical and clerical sounding voice, she has what Seina thinks of as a familiar, expressive, and lustrous voice. Reading his thoughts, she reveals that she is using Tsukiko Masaki's voice. She is also now calling Seina “my beloved husband.” It's probable that she has gained an astral, she is self aware, is upset about being named like Nana, and soon decides she wants a proper “appearance.”

The changes are very likely due to the effect of magic. The effects of the planet have also halted her access to outside technological abilities. She's lost location abilities, and can't connect to Washu's network at all.

Sending information directly to Seina's visual cortex, she appears before Seina in order to develop her appearance. At first, she looks and sounds like Tsukiko but eventually takes a form that is more of a combination of Souren and an adult Washu in a very thin draped cloth. She is quite beautiful and, as Seina thinks to himself that he's glad that she isn't “real,” she reads his mind and, to his great surprise, seductively takes his hand brings it up to her chest to feel a beating heart. As she is part of him, she can easily replicate touch between the two of them.

Her personality continued to be mischievous, apparently a result of Washu's programming. It could be best described as a combo of Washu and Naja Akara, but to Seina she reminded him of the troublesome Airi. Seina argues with her about her why she is the way she is. Why is she a woman? Why does she insist that she loves him? Why is she so forceful towards him? But she suddenly starts crying and tells him that, if she's really bothering him, she can self-destruct her current self, leaving only the Philosopher's Stone basic functions. This final guilts Seina into accepting her as she is, as he couldn't bear for an AI with an astral to effectively kill itself.

What is definitely obvious is that she is completely devoted to him and wants nothing more than to help him.

To help things be clearer, he gives her the name Nayuta. A name that has a passing resemblance to “ Nana”, but while Nana means “seven,” Nayuta means of “an extremely great number.” . This delights her and her happiness reminds Seina of Fuku's simple joy. Reminding him that, while she has the maturity of an adult, she' is still literally a childr.


Their conversation turns to that of the voice Seina heard when he was passing out after fighting with the Chimera. It turns out that this voice is the consciousness, the “essence” of magic in the universe. It is more than ancient but hasn't been recognized as a conscious being for uncounted millennia and has been stuck in near endless loneliness since. But for some unknown reason, it was able to connect with and communicate with Seina and, therefore, Nayuta. After its own civilization had long died, it was discovered in a moss on a satellite moon of distant icy planet. A scientist retrieved some and from then on the moss spread as that scientist's civilization traveled throughout the galaxy. Seeding the history of “magic” all over. At this point, however, magic has stagnated and only exists on remote isolated planets. This being, originally a surveillance program, wishes Seina to help it spread magic more. It's also possible to make it so magic mana is no longer incompatible with technology- as it was only started as a defense mechanism when a scientist in the past tried to clean up some magic material with technological means and it reacted against it. If magic can be “reprogrammed” to accept technology, the problem can be eliminated.

Once Seina decides that he is willing to help, but far in the future maybe, he and Nayuta decide to focus on the present and how Seina can learn magic. Once he came up with a theory for how he could visualize magic, presenting to himself as misty orbs and “spirit threads” connecting objects, he quickly started to figure things out.

One of the first major thing he does is to send out magic orbs that he and Nayuta can use to see outside the house. In this way they discover that one of Barigaru's former hunting partners, Kicha is hiding outside nearby, observing their house. From eavesdropping on him and his partner it becomes evident that he is scheming up a way to use Seina's questionable appearance to blackmail Barigaru in a scheme to get access to space and figure out a way to rule the planet. He seems to be rather stupid, but has powerful connections.

Through trial and error, and with support from the magic being (who Nayuta talks to) Seina figures out how to produce water, fire (which burns his hand), and how to teleport across the room. Through this he and Nayuta realize that he can teleport anything anywhere, as log as he has been to that place before and has a spirit thread attached. And he realizes that his magical orbs have the ability of infinite storage. The two of them have great fun experimenting with ways to use the powers and coming up with ways to manage everything. Because Seina's magic organ was still developing, it limited how much he could do and he discovered using large amounts of magic quickly tired him, but the recovery time improved as he did more.

(This Recap/ summary is in the process of being revised)

Chapter Four: On Each Thought

Enten talks with his wife about his daughter, Karen and how things are going after his failed duel with Kiriko.

Chapter Five: Crime Isn't Worth It

After creating a body double in his room, Seina and Nana sneak out to experiment more with the extent of Seina's powers. One experiment multiplies Seina's power greatly and seems to finish the development of his magic organ.

Chapter Six: Seina's Daily Life, A Little Future

Seina, allowed limited time outside during the day, performs some chores and observes the residents.

Chapter Seven: What About the Bird in the Cage?

Once he gets over his sickness Nana shows him around town and brings him to a gigantic museum and library building where he can study magical herbs and other skills he needs to learn to become an adventurer- gaining access to the outside world and the opportunity to find Zinv, possibly to escape. Although it also seems obvious that he means to repay the tremendous debt he owes Barigaru and is is excited to be a magical adventurer. He has a small confrontation with Kicha in the library's dining room.

Chapter Eight: Back to Normal Again

His first step is to join a group that hunts the local burrowing beasts that serve as the world's main source of meat. He is part of a hunting group of three with two children (most of the groups are made of children- because that is when most gain their magic abilities), a kind girl named Gushuka and a sullen boy named Chito. Chito's father is an abusive drunk that takes the money he makes. On his first day, Seina's probability bias attracts the beasts and they capture many. Chito ends up being trapped in a trap with a horned version. Seina kills it and saves Chito. They are told it is a rare Queen that, unlike the others, has a valuable magical property. Seina also discovers rare and valuable magical plants in the area, which attracted the queen.

Chapter Nine: The First Step of Half a Man's Half a Man

Chapter Ten: The Aftermath of Half a Man

Chapter Eleven: Conspiracy of Fools

Eventually Chito's father gathers a group and tries to ambush Seina. Seina runs and intentionally triggers his bad luck, causing a cave in in the forest floor that slows them down (Seina, knowing it's coming, is able to escape it). Nana finds Seina and leads him away as Barigaru and a group of his own confront the group. One of the group, full of resentment, casts a deadly curse on Chito's father. One of Barigaru's group is a wild and extremely powerful young magician, and incidentally a giant pervert, who is the only one able to break the curse, first by making it worse and almost burning the man to a crisp. Barigaru seems to be considering her as a teacher for Seina. This woman is Jovia Jovis.

Chapter Twelve: All is not as it seems

Barigaru then gathers Seina, Gushuka, and Chito together. They talk about how Chito's father will be imprisoned but how Chito will be better off with his mother now. The two children are also being invited to join another group. Barigaru also reveals the extensive monetary rewards each get for capturing the queen and the sale of her magical organs, finding the plants, and the rewards for capturing so many beasts.

Barigaru tells Seina he is now ready to train to be an adventurer.

Afterword – Postcard Theater #14