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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. Volume 17 was written by Masaki Kajishima, and has yet to be published outside of the main readership in Japan.


Washu informs the girls, not only the Kamidake crew but also Souren and Kaguya, highly classified information about the nature of the Juraian seeds used in the Renza robots, as they need to know. Renza have been able to produce so many robots despite a limited amount of seeds by cloning or twining the seeds. They are physically cut and separated and the separated piece is grown into a new twin seed. This can only be done a limited amount of times to each seed and the copies are weaker and do not have a will, but may retain some emotions. This infuriates Kiriko especially as it hurts the sacred seeds and they are being used merely as tools. Miki calms Kiriko's rage by pointing out that Renza have no reason to think of them as anything but tools, as they are of such a low generation they have shown no evidence of sentience.

In a meeting of the Robot maintenance conglomerate there is discussion of Kiriko's dominating fight, why the Renza girls are suddenly turning down their offers of maintenance (they do not know that Washu has examined them herself and is able to do it instead), and what to do with Seina. Karen's father, the King of Kasen, contemplates making Seina the next king. Another group, presumably at the same location, hire a mercenary named Yagiri and his evidently psychotic daughter to assassinate Seina. The daughter claims that, if she went against her, she could defeat Kiriko.

On Barrium, the magic planet that Seina is trapped, Barigaru introduces Seina to his assistant, a magical creature with a humanoid feline appearance that he has gifted human intelligence to. As the beasts he uses for assistants often do not have long lifespans, Barigaru actually passes their intelligence on to each new one. This is his 9th assistant and is named Nana (meaning "nine"). Seina, while alone, also discovers that his Philosopher's Stone, the NB type digital assistant that Washu implanted into Seina, has (possibly due to the magic environment) gained a personality and maybe an astral of its own. She identifies as a woman and is able to appear before Seina. He watches as she creates an appearance and asks for a name. He calls her Natori. She is cut off from most of her outside technology but can still aid Seina. She considers Washu to be her creator, not Seina, and is also very interested in being physical with Seina, which she can surprisingly replicate. She believes that she too will eventually become one of his wives.

Seina and Natori start experimenting with his constantly growing monumental magical capacity. He can create water, burns himself creating fire, and heals himself (possibly helped by his body enhancement). He also learns how to project his vision outside to a limited degree, which alerts him that a man named Kicha, who was previously part of Barigaru's guild, is trying to spy on him. While still recovering from his magic sickness he also creates a magical subspace where he can store anything he wants, but has to expend magic to access it. He also experiments making a body double.

Once he gets over his sickness Nana shows him around town and brings him to a gigantic museum and library building where he can study magical herbs and other skills he needs to learn to become an adventurer- gaining access to the outside world and the opportunity to find Zinv, possibly to escape. Although it also seems obvious that he means to repay the tremendous debt he owes Barigaru and is is excited to be a magical adventurer.

His first step is to join a group that hunts the local burrowing beasts that serve as the world's main source of meat. He is part of a hunting group of three with two children (most of the groups are made of children- because that is when most gain their magic abilities), a kind girl named Gushuka and a sullen boy named Chito. Chito's father is an abusive drunk that takes the money he makes. On his first day, Seina's probability bias attracts the beasts and they capture many. Chito ends up being trapped in a trap with a horned version. Seina kills it and saves Chito. They are told it is a rare Queen that, unlike the others, has a valuable magical property. Seina also discovers rare and valuable magical plants in the area, which attracted the queen.

Eventually Chito's father gathers a group and tries to ambush Seina. Seina runs and intentionally triggers his bad luck, causing a cave in in the forest floor that slows them down (Seina, knowing it's coming, is able to escape it). Nana finds Seina and leads him away as Barigaru and a group of his own confront the group. One of the group, full of resentment, casts a deadly curse on Chito's father. One of Barigaru's group is a wild and extremely powerful young magician, and incidentally a giant pervert, who is the only one able to break the curse, first by making it worse and almost burning the man to a crisp. Barigaru seems to be considering her as a teacher for Seina. This woman is Jovia Jovis.

Barigaru then gathers Seina, Gushuka, and Chito together. They talk about how Chito's father will be imprisoned but how Chito will be better off with his mother now. The two children are also being invited to join another group. Barigaru also reveals the extensive monetary rewards each get for capturing the queen and the sale of her magical organs, finding the plants, and the rewards for capturing so many beasts.

Barigaru tells Seina he is now ready to train to be an adventurer.