For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. The second volume in the series was written by Masaki Kajishima and revisits some of the events starting in episode 4 of the GP anime itself. This volume is only available in Japan.


While Seina familiarizes himself with the GXP Academy grounds, Kiriko gets into discussing with Seto his reward bounty for helping intercept the scores of pirates earlier. Seto ultimately wires over an exorbitant sum, shocking Kiriko senseless.

Seina meets some of the fellow academy students, several of them introduced as dorm mates. Antics ensue, while Seina is hounded for an interview as to how he knows Amane and Kiriko. Airi interrupts the exchange while in the middle of her bath to urgently tell him not to discuss any classified topics.

A little while later, the evening inspection occurs, and Seina along with his dorm mates must stand in glowing circles for an uncomfortable span. Then, once the halls quiet down closer to curfew, they make a plan for sneaking around undetected.

Kiriko makes a call to Seina's new dorm, only to discover the boys have left stuffed decoys in their beds. An alarm goes out, and security drones buzz around marking the students out of bed. Kiriko however gains access to the security mainframe and redirects drones away from her friend Seina, who gets out of the ordeal mostly intact.

In the aftermath, while Seina's dorm mates wear bags over their heads to cover up fresh markings, Kiriko must contend with a report of headhunters on the grounds.

Seina continues leading his dorm mates on an excursion, now milling about in the city surroundings. Seiryo is rebuffed by Amane's fanboys, and in his rage decides to track the boys down, bringing his family's prized battleship into low orbit over their last known location. Amane covers for Seina to some extent, and someone reports the incident, causing the GXP to deploy a massive force to stop the battleship from causing any damage.

Mass murderer Widow is at large, and intercepts Seina's reconnoiter of the surface streets having caught up to Seina and his dorm mates while they are recollecting themselves in a luxurious hotel.

The hotel balcony collapses on them while Seina and Widow are talking, and Seina selflessly shields her from the brunt of the fall. In doing so this Widow to turn herself in, and she spends the downtime while the GXP process her arrest having tea with Mikami. Amane finds Seiryo and knocks him unconscious.

Seina's escapade winds down as Erma gives his group a ride back to the dormitory. Kiriko gives up on trying to find Seina when she learns things have been taken care of. She returns back home and remembers the incident that caused her to first find out about her alien heritage.

Key Differences

There exist a handful of key differences between this light novel and the anime.

  • Widow, the mass murderess, singlehandedly collapsed Airi's place of birth.
  • When Seina encounters Widow it is through his selfless acts that she alters her motive.
  • Seina collects bounties and other loot from Widow's capture, in which she is complicit.
  • Widow plays a larger role after this, encouraging Mikami to pursue Seina romantically.
  • Seiryo brought a lot of firepower to tracking down Seina in this volume, wreaking havoc.
  • Before the official introduction ceremony, Kiriko is able to remove the drone markings.
  • Kiriko and Amane share drinks, only to get knocked out by nano probes in the sake.
  • More Kiriko backstory details, such as her earliest encounter with the Shank Guild.
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