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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. The second volume in the series was written by Masaki Kajishima and revisits some of the events starting in episode 4 of the GP anime itself. This volume is only available in Japan.


Chapter 1

Continuing from where the previous book left off, Seina walks alone to his dorm and is immediately run down by stampeding animals who drag him away. He has to escape them and a poacher before he can get to his door to meet his roommates, the human alien, Kenneth Barl, and the Wau, Rajau Ga Waura.

In his room, Seina is shown the futuristic features of his dorm room (which tend to malfunction drastically when he uses them) and also receives his NB unit, which Kenneth and Rajau recognize as an advanced model that can transform into various realistic humanoid appearances, a function popularly used in pornography.

Seina is also hounded by fellow students for information about his relationship with Amane and Kiriko because, within the Academy, the male students form "idol" factions that follow beautiful women known in the Federation and it seems Amane and Kiriko's groups are two of the largest.

Chapter 2

Airi is informed by Mikami that the Kuramitsu information network has confirmed that the serial murderer Widow was able to infiltrate Academy territory. Airi contemplates Widow's crimes, particularly her primary influence in the collapse of the planet and surrounding theocracy of Airai, Airi's birth planet, once led by her family.

Widow, by instilling a mass psychosis in the populace of Airai, caused their entire form of government to collapse and led to uncountable deaths, including of Airi's father, the leader of the nation, who tried to quell the planetary rebellion. Airi and Minaho were also targeted but kept safe by her aunt. Even after finding asylum in the Galaxy Academy, the surviving remnants of the planet's powers irrationally held Airi responsible for their collapse and they were both in continuing danger of attack. The threat only lessened once Airi became a philosopher, which gives a person a measure of extreme power to take action against those that oppose you.

Airi has since sworn to bring Widow in and have her answer for her crimes.

To distract herself from the news, Airi takes a bath, and then sends a video call to Seina. When he averts his eyes, she transmits herself bathing straight into his visual cortex. There is a point other than sexual harassment however, as she informs him of how important it is to keep details of Kiriko and Amane secret, as many details of their lives and jobs are classified and/or Juraian secrets.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Kiriko deals with Funaho and Minaho, handling Seina's money by buying Earth based produce that Funaho cultivates in Jurai and can secretly shipped to and sold on Earth, which produces Earth currency that Seina's family can use. Minaho also contemplates how Jurai's accountants are mainly made of beautiful women, precisely so men they deal with are easier to manipulate. It occurs to Kiriko that these women could be a threat to Seina and Kiriko forcefully demands that Minaho reminds the accountants that Seina is a minor and not to mess with him. Kiriko's dark miasma actually greatly frightens Minaho.

That same night, Seina is ready for bed but his new friends inform him that they're breaking out, as it is a tradition for students to attempt an escape to the nearby city on the night before the entrance ceremony.

Kiriko leaves her negotiations and visits Seina's room in person, only to discover the boys have used Seina's NB to create decoys in their beds. An alarm goes out, and security drones are deployed, marking any students out of bed with a "disgusting" symbol (the drones are shaped like octopi and it is implied the symbol is the symbol of Doctor Clay). Kiriko gains access to the security mainframe and leads the defense, hoping to keep Seina from escaping into the dangers of being in the city. However, due to Seina's ability to dodge the worst of the bad luck he causes, he avoids getting shot while Rajau and Kenneth are pelted straight in the face, resulting in their decision to wear bags over their faces as cover.

Chapter 4

The city is in a perpetual festival state, as there is always some holiday that can be celebrated by some member planet of the Galaxy Federation, but on this night the GXP is also dealing with reports of the arrival of Widow, and (as often occurs with her arrival) an influx of assassins and “human hunters” who are setting their sites on Seina. To make things worse, Seiryo has been spurned by Amane once again (as Amane goes on her own mission to find and protect the missing Seina) and he decides to hunt down Seina himself, whom he blames him for the insult, and brings a heavily armed warship into the city to do the job.  

Chapter 5

The goal of Kenneth and Rajau was to attend a party promoting the pleasure planet, Imuium, with tickets they procured. Unfortunately, they discover the tickets are counterfeit. While Kenneth and Rajau glumly retreat to an attached restaurant, Seina wanders to a balcony to view the commotion occurring in the city. There he meets and talks with a woman, who is actually Widow, contemplating how she should capture and torment him.

However, Seiryo’s battleship collides with the building they are in as it is brought down by GXP forces. Their balcony plummets a couple stories while Seina and Widow are talking. Seina grabs and shields her from the brunt of the fall (while using his unique abilities to lessen their potential injury). When he explains his selfless action and how his greatest fear is not being hurt himself, but causing injury to others, it suddenly causes a complete change of heart in Widow, causing her to reevaluate the murderous course of her life.

Widow falls in love Seina and decides to dedicate herself to helping him in any way she can. But she realizes that she can only be worthy of him if she turns herself in for her crimes. After taking some short detours to slaughter several assassins that were getting ready to kill Seina, she walks straight into GXP headquarters to confess her history of crimes and declares that Seina Yamada has captured her and that all bounties should go to him.  

By this time, Kiriko and Amane are both looking for Seina while battling other Human Hunters or bad actors they meet. In Amane's case, this also means shooting Seiryo and sending him floating down an underground river.

Hakuren, Gyokuren, Karen, and Suiren also arrive as a force to monitor and protect Seina covertly.

Chapter 6

Seina reunites with Kenneth and Rajau and meet Erma, disguised as Amane. She takes them to a booth in a restaurant that seems to be a romantic destination but is really a front where she can capture them and bring them to her own band of Human Hunters. Erma reveals herself (disappointing Kenneth but instantly sending Rajau into love at first site). Luckily, her group is only interested in harmlessly copying the personal data of their subjects.

Unluckily, for Erma’s group, Seina’s copied data, acts unpredictably, breaching gaps in GXP’s security and spreading like a virus, collapsing computer systems not only in the city but throughout the massively huge Academy system. Kiriko and the GXP raid their location as things start to fall apart all around them. Erma is able to take the boys away and drives them back to the dorm.

Letting their guard down, they leisurely walk back onto campus, forgetting that the security drones are still patrolling. Seina gets a mark right on his forehead. Back in their room, Seina fruitlessly tries to wash it off. When he returns to the common room, he finds Kenneth and Rajau on a video call with Kiriko. When she sees Seina with the mark on his head, she gives him a disapproving look and disconnects.

Chapter 7

Back in her room, Kiriko contemplates her actions lately, her relationship with Seina and remembers an important event in her early life: Kiriko learned about her Juraian heritage earlier than usual, by accident as a child. She overheard a visiting Minaho discussing a biological weapon released on Earth by space pirates, a parasitic symbiote that attaches itself to a host and passes onto new hosts, killing the previous one. Convinced that Seina's bad luck would attract such a monster, she rushes to his house to protect him. In an attempt to save him, she struggles with the symbiote and it attaches itself to her, infecting and painfully mutating her arm while it taunts her from inside her head. Minaho arrives and completely severs Kiriko's arm, apparently killing the parasite. Coming out of the memory though, she ponders how she thinks she can occasionally still hear her regrown arm speak to her.

She opens the dorm room’s surveillance program and sees Seina sleeping fretfully. She releases calming nanomachines into his room and also uses Seina’s new wealth to purchase and use an expensive program to remove the mark from his head.

Amane surprises Kiriko with a visit and a bottle of sake gifted by Airi (being told she should get to know Kiriko better). They speak about Seina and Amane confesses to Kiriko how she met him and gave him the lipstick mark that bothered Kiriko so much. They pass out, thanks to nanomachines hidden in the sake. Seto and Washu observe them from afar. Washu detects and removes the last dormant remains of the symbiote in Kiriko.

Key Differences

There exist a handful of key differences between this light novel and the anime.

  • The introduction of the mass-murderer, Widow.
    • Like Seina, she has a biased probability, but it in her case she causes bad luck for others and can cause mass psychosis in tightly connected groups.
      • In this way, she single-handedly collapsed Airai, Airi's planet of birth, driving the religious population to mass suicides and civil war.
    • Seina collects a new fortune from bounties and other loot from Widow's capture.
  • Unlike the anime, Kiriko removes the drone marking from Seina.
  • The first appearances of Ringo Tatsuki, Accountant to Seto and Jurai. She first arrives to express her thanks to Seina for the financial windfall his actions have created (and has to be reminded that Seina is a minor and that sexual thanks are inappropriate). She is then a witness to Widow's arrest and interrogation .
  • The first brief appearances of Raireza, who visits Amane.
  • Hakuren, Gyokuren, Karen, and Suiren begin their more active role in the story, having been assigned by Seto as covert guards for Seina.