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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. Volume 3 was written by Masaki Kajishima to augment the events of episode 6 in the anime. It is unavailable outside of Japan.


***Marked for revision, not all details are reliable.

In a display of behavior reminiscent to the opening of OVA 4, Ryo-Ohki is going about the upstairs waking up the family.

Meanwhile, Tarant Shank attends a meeting via holo-image. Before him is a large gathering of pirates sharing news that the illustrious Science Academy defense capabilities are compromised, prompting him to plan a raid on the academy without the guild's permission.

Seina wakes up to start the day as he and his dorm mates get ready to attend the entrance ceremony for said Academy. On TV, a robotic greeter known as Kirche provides a unique welcome to the foot traffic thanks to an intelligence imbued with an astral. After the ceremony, Seina meets Miki Steinbeck, a popular upperclassman who takes a liking to him.

Tsukiko, having begged Seto to send Seina back to Earth, brings up the matter with her daughter Kiriko and reveals her plans for marriage with Seina.

The hunt for Seina the previous night caused enough chaos that Seina cannot immediately undergo his scheduled bio-enhancement. He instead has to attend basic Physical Education classes led by Seiryo Tennan who uses these sessions to torture the young cadet.

Kiriko refuses to step in. Instead, Miki intervenes, whisking Seina away in a medical capsule. He wakes up in a lab, where he meets Miki's father, Hiroshi Manada. Both are distant reincarnations to the Sanada family. Hiroshi attempts to run some experiments on Seina. His lab explodes in the process.

While Seina is being tossed around the same Academy that welcomed Airi, Washu and Yosho many generations ago, these same surviving alumni begin wondering about Seina's whereabouts. Kiriko and Amane fan clubs run interference. Seina catches up with Kiriko after she has finished repairing the Academy computer systems.

They spend time looking out at the Academy's harbor. She is adamant about his return to Earth, but Seina has developed a strong opinion on the matter: he is staying. Rajau gets in touch with him, instructing Seina to keep to his schedule for the day. He receives the first string of bio-enhancements.