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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, Masaki Kajishima has written seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels, currently only available in Japan.

Roughly covers the period spanning the second half of episode 7 and episode 8 of the anime, with much more detail.


Chapter 1

Ringo Tatsuki, a beautiful Juraian Royal, is looking for her destination in a slum on the outer ring of the academy. Some residents try to mug her but she easily sends a couple flying into a crowd and puts the fear of Jurai in anyone else that were thinking the same.

Down an alley, Alan, Barry, and Cohen are despairing their situation, homeless after wasting any money made on their Balta Fan Club. They notice Ringo and decide they should implore her for help, having met Minaho earlier. When they get up to try, the are chased by wild dogs into a dumpster.

Ringo, a genius accountant who manages the accounts of Lady Seto on behalf of the empire, is looking for the office of Ian Northern, a property disbursement expert that won a contract to return property stolen by Widow. She negotiates the transfer of this contract to her for a letter of introduction to the "MMD," the most exclusive banking institution in the galaxy (basically a "Swiss Bank" type institution). It's an honor you normally have to work up to. She leaves and Ian realizes it was a test. He destroys the letter of introduction, setting off a sensor on the document. Indeed, by destroying it, he wins the trust of Ringo and Seto and multiple lucrative contracts from them, instead of a paper that probably wouldn't help them without the prestige to use it.

Part of the reason to do this was to keep secret that so much of the proceeds went to Seina. But Washu also needed some of Widow's property (genetic material she collected) in order to capture Widow's astral. When Ringo informs her, she asks her for the favor of learning what "MMD" stands for. Washu, Naja and their mentor, Professor Ikuma., founded it. The initials stood for some fussy old man saying that equals "don't waste money!" Naja tried to unveil a plaque with the embarrassing phrase on it and Ikuma shoved a pencil up her butt in public to stop her from doing so.

Chapter 2

Seina moves in with the girls at Amane's apartment to get used to his body enhancement. Seina is informed that his data was what caused the computer outages across the Academy. They go shopping for supplies at a popular store. They cause a scene at the store. Seiryo shows up for a beating. They're kicked out and go to Naashisu, where Airi cooks. Seina calls her 'granny' and is punished.

Amane beats on Seriyo again. She boxes him up and sends him out for delivery.

Chapter 3

When they arrive at Amane's apartment they find that Seto has arranged for Hakuren, Gyokuren, Karen, and Suiren to be assigned as full-time maids (and secret guards), complete with outfits. They all agree Seina shouldn't be alone with Gyokuren, who has an unnatural effect on men. Later on, she does indeed start flirting with him and gets scolded by Karen and Kiriko.

GXPNovel04-color-image00233 renza maids

Erma finds Kenneth's porn folder in NB she leaves it there.

Amane trains Seina by taking his limiters off and moving small objects. Amane and Erma strip him and take him in the big bath for a "sports massage." Despite his extreme embarrassment, the massage works and he falls asleep. They comment on his body covered with scars. Erma also notices that Seina's bad luck has lessened since they all got together. Kiriko comes in and gets furious.

Mikami and Airi arrive and they all have a dinner, including gifts sent to Seina from Minaho and Funaho (who feels kinship to her fellow earthling in space). Airi fixes NB.

When Airi and Mikami leave, they take an elevator to the building's own basement. A long hidden lab of Washu's, where she and Seto are already present. They discuss business. The spies with remodeled brains discovered at Seina's entrance are being found and removed. Airi tells them how Raireza discovered that Kirche was hiding in Seina's NB. Washu asks when Widow's astral can be given to her. Mikami worries about using it but Washu says that history is moving in a good direction and Seina is the key, and he needs special help. Seto and Mikami, representatives of Jurai and Seniwa, consent to Washu's plan to build the new Ryo-Ohki type ship.

Chapter 4

The next morning, Kiriko slaps Seina for his morning wood. She slaps Airi, Erma, and Gyokuren for propositioning him. This causes her to be awkward at breakfast, but she just gets angrier as Amane comes in nearly naked and tries to feed him. Kiriko tells her to at least put on an apron, but that just makes it look worse, Airi also offers to show off her own "naked apron."

As Airi, Erma, and Kiriko leave for work, Kiriko begs Karen to look after things, as she is the only one left who is sensible. She also threatens Gyokuren against making a move on Seina again.

Amane hacks Seina's NB and gives it a dirty old man's voice. She puts more porn in NB.

Airi fills Kiriko in on Kirche being in NB. She also asks her what she thinks about letting Seina date Miki. Kiriko doesn't like it. They notice how much Miki resembles Kiriko. Airi also tells everyone that it will take awhile to let Seina return to the dorms because they're still finding and removing hidden spies.

Ryoko Balta later talks to Komachi Kyo about the spies, who confirms it's Tarant Shank's doing. After they cut communications, it's revealed Seto was watching with Kyo. They are negotiating sending captured pirates to asylum in Jurai.

Chapter 5

Ringo visits Kiriko after classes and hands over Seina's huge bounty on Widow to her to manage. She also asks about meeting Seina. Kiriko, not wanting another beautiful woman around, serves her the nanomachine drugged tea that Seto used on her earlier, packs her up in a box and ships her to Seto.

Amane trains Seina more and decides another massage is necessary, this time forcing Karen to help.

Miki and Kiriko decide to confront each other but are interrupted when they hear Kenneth and Rajau talking with Miki's friends, about Seina being with Amane. Kiriko checks NB's camera and sees Karen hugging Seina in the bath (Amane had just thrown her in). Miki also sees this and sneaks into the car when Kiriko goes to confront them. Kiriko is so preoccupied that she doesn't notice her sitting behind her.

Seiryo shows up again, Gyokuren lets him in. Amane, in the bath, kicks him so hard he crashes out the window, hits Kiriko's car and falls into the ocean.

In the bathroom, Karen and Seina are acting shy with each other when Seina gets cut by some of the glass from the window and Karen licks his wound, as her race's saliva can heal minor wounds. He is understandably shocked, but not as much as Kiriko and Miki are when they walk in on the scene. They react angrily in an identical fashion.

Kiriko realizes Airi was controlling NB to watch Seina. She tries to yell at her but it is noted that she is skipping teaching her classes. Kiriko reluctantly leaves and takes Miki with her.

Amane's father and mother arrive to beg her to return to modeling. She ignores them to train Seina as they watch. Ultimately they retreat when they see the enjoyment on Amane's face as she works with Seina. Amane explains to Seina she enjoyed modeling but her father was her boss, and she wanted to do something on her own. A nice moment ruined when Seiryo arrives again, gets encased in cement and dropped in the ocean.

While doing their afternoon work, Kiriko, Mikami, and Erma talk about Miki's interest in Seina and her basically challenging Kiriko. Kiriko says says that she just doesn't want her to hurt him. Erma and Kiriko look at Miki's personal data file, which reveals that she is actually a Pinocchio, an AI in an artificial body with an astral. Miki's father never had a spouse.

Ringo arrives back on the Mikagami in the mail. Initially embarrassed, she turns the tables and grills Seto over the extra money that was added to Seina's reward for Widow. She will not accept wasteful spending.

Chapter 6

After 3 weeks, Seina finally returns to the dorms. A crowd shows up to grill him over living with the girls. They are all trampled by the wild boars that dragged Seina into the forest on his first day.

Miki's Father, Hiroshi Manada, helps treat trampled students. Kiriko has never known her father, he apparently died before she was born, and momentarily wonders if he could be her father.

Miki introduces Seina to her roommates, Kaliche and Miranda. They, Kenneth, and Rajau get box lunches and they a secret transport gate to one of the floating islands on the academy. Seina asks if this is her secret hiding place. She says she has another one and asks him if he wants her to show it to him.

Over lunch, Miki and her roomamtes say they will be leaving for their practical training soon. Miki will be going away the next day to apprentice with the dangerous Decoy Division for half a year.

Later that night, Miki sets up a meetup with Seina. Airi, Kiriko, and Amane tried to stop it, fearing it would involve "good-bye sex" (which Airi knows all about) but were outmanuevered. Miki takes Seina to another secret transport gate and shows Seina the elaborate process for activating it. It is a private area with a huge lake with bio-luminescent aquatic plants in bloom. They find a romantic view. Miki asks Seina  to take care of her father while she's gone.

Chapter 7

A week after Miki leaves, Seina is packing things in his room at Amane's when NB starts to beg for help in Miki's voice. It starts to change into her shape and freezes up like a statue.

As he's taken to school, Erma breaks the news to him that the station Miki was stationed at was attacked by Tarant Shank's pirates. They killed everyone there, including Miki. Seina is stunned but cries when he thinks about her father.

funny side story epilogue

Earlier, Seina calls Tenchi's place to complain about Airi's sexual harassment, but finds she has gotten to them and has forbidden them from talking to Seina about her. He ends up complaining to Ryo-Ohki instead.