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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. Volume seven was written by Masaki Kajishima to augment events around episode 12 of the anime. It is unavailable outside of Japan.


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The Kamidake, crippled by the pirates new weapon, is nearly captured. Alan, Barry, and Cohen, intent on self-preservation, try to give the "Original J" seed to the pirates. Unfortunately for them, they were given a fake seed and merely get themselves captured. With help from Ryoko Balta (released in order to help Seina), a tricky feint from Kirche, and ultimately the surprise arrival of Ryo-Ohki, flying solo, on her own mission.

The Kamidake is seriously damaged and the crew end up landing on Jurai to evaluate it.

To Seina's surprise, he meets Tsukiko on Jurai, who confesses her love for him and tells him all about the plan to marry him, but she disappears as quickly as she appeared. It is later revealed that this was Kuis Pantain disguise, just messing with both Seina and Tsukiko.

Ryoko is surprised to find that her grandfather, long considered dead, is alive. Even more surprising, he is ready to announce himself as King Balta, ruler of a new nation under Jurai's protection, and that Ryoko, as his only surviving descendent, is a princess.

Seina has a private cordial meeting with Emperor Azusa, Funaho, and Misaki when news is delivered that Minaho has been kidnapped. But rather than asking any security officers or the many powerful Jurians present to rescue her, everyone insists that Seina must come to her rescue. Seina is brought to a forest location and realizes that this is a set-up. Minoho is loosely tied to a tree and is in no danger and Seina is being asked to fight a meaningless duel against her "captor," Yuzaki Hirata. This is actually a traditional "Juraian welcome" for new honored guests- a fake fight to test their mettle. It's expected that the guest loses in this mock battle, but due to Seina's "trouble avoidance" abilities, he keeps dodging every attack. He has no hope of actually landing any attack on her but suddenly realizing something is wrong. He yells out that everyone is in danger and that everyone needs to retreat. Guards barely have time to retrieve Minaho when the forest floor collapses. Seina grabs onto Yuzaki and, using his ability to predict where the worst of a disaster will hit him, moves the two of them to a safe pocket amongst the fallen trees.

Yuzaki declares that she has lost the duel and in thanks for saving her (even though she probably could have saved herself) she declares that her and Kanemitsu's newborn daughter, Mikage, will be pledged to Seina as a future wife.

Later, Seina is told that the Kamidake is damaged beyond repair and has to be decommissioned. As he voices his private thanks to the ship for its service to him, a mysterious girls seems to appear from nowhere and tells him that the ship thanks Seina as well for being such a good captain for it.