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For the GXP anime, see Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

To date, there are seventeen volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! GXP series of light novels. The ninth volume in the series was written by Masaki Kajishima and features a closer look at events before the visit to Earth in episode 16 of the series. This volume is only available in Japan.


***Marked for revision, not all details are reliable.

On their way to Earth (where the runaway Fuku was heading) for an approved vacation, the Kamidake comes upon a ship in distress. It seems a sole child is the only survivor of a pirate attack, but Fuku realizes something is wrong. Using body doubles, Seina and the girls pretend to fall for a trap set my Tarrant Shank and instead, one inside the Daidalos, shoot their way out- seemingly destroying it.

Upon arriving at the Yamada house, a couple surprises await them. Neju has already arrived and a large box was delivered as well, from Seto. Inside is a knocked out Ringo, drugged and sent away.

Seina soon reacquaints himself with those from Tenchi's house. Bio-enhanced Seina, on his bike, races Tenchi, on foot down the road. Tenchi keeps pace easily but, predictably, Seina's bike falls apart and sends him crashing down a hill. He happens to land infront of the Funaho Tree, when it becomes evident that Seina can now partially hear Funaho "talking" to him, Katsuhitoreveals some secrets about the Masaki lineage and who that demon in the old story actually is.

Washu takes it upon herself to inspect Hakuren, Gyokuren, Karen, and Suiren. She discovered their specialized body enhancements and fine-tunes their enhancement settings. This is especially beneficial to Suiren, who had such drastic work done on here that people were often physically unable to see through her body's protection and couldn't see her, and was also severely damaging her own astral. If left unaltered, she would have probably eventually lost her soul- being a living body with no astral and no self.

Later, Tenchi talks with Seina, revealing a guilty secret. That, somehow, Tenchi's emerging powers has unconsciously granted near immortality to those he cares for, including Seina. Seina surprises Tenchi by not being upset at all, telling him that he's okay with it. As he sees it, it's not the quantity of life that one lives, but the quality, and that pertains to a short life or a long one. Washu and Tokimi join them and discuss how Tenchi's power's may evolve more and change things and that , even though Tenchi has seemingly already met a "future self" that that was only one possibility and the future is truly unknown.