For the OVA anime, see Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki.

To date, there are three volumes in the True Tenchi Muyo! series of light novels. Volume 1 "Jurai" was conceived by Masaki Kajishima after he and eventual co-author Yousuke Kuroda decided to canonize newly written material distinct from the previous Hasegawa arc and into something more resembling the anime episode Here Comes Jurai! [1]


Word of Tenchi's innate abilities begin reaching powerful interests, including the long-reigning Emperor of Jurai. The Emperor stages a contest for his daughter, Princess Ayeka.

But really, it is to better ascertain Tenchi's overall threat level.

The opening scenes in the novel coincide smoothly with the episodes in OVA 2, however the focus is not on the more recognizable characters. Instead, much of the light novel addresses the backstory of Azusa himself pre-1292.[2]

Also starring characters from GXP and other continuities.


Just as she said, Seto came to see Azusa whenever her time allowed, and it was not to persuade him, but to watch Azusa pout. And Azusa would see her laughing and pout even more. There were even signs Seto was making him angry on purpose. [3]


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